In the 1970s, Little house on the Prairie and The Waltons were two of the most renowned shows ~ above television. Both to be depictions of family members life throughout supposedly easier times — countryside Minnesota throughout the late 19th century in the instance of Little House and also Depression-era Virginia because that The Waltons. But the shows have actually something rather in common. Richard Thomas, one of the command actors top top The Waltons would at some point go on come play Charles “Pa” Ingalls, a personality made famous by Michael Landon in Little home on the Prairie.

Michael Landon play Charles Ingalls in ‘Little house on the Prairie’

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Michael Landon as Charles Ingalls | NBCU photo Bank

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Little residence on the Prairie premiered in 1974 top top NBC. The collection — which would certainly go on to run for nine seasons — was based upon a collection of famous children’s publications by Laura Ingalls Wilder. The publications were inspired by her own life growing up ~ above the American frontier in the decades after the civil War. 

Bonanza star Michael Landon play Charles “Pa” Ingalls in the series, the father of Laura (Melissa Gilbert) and Mary (Melissa Sue Anderson). Landon also directed numerous episodes the the show and was among the show’s executive, management producers. Landon stopped showing up on Little residence after season 8 and also later starred in Highway to Heaven. He passed away in 1991. 

Richard thomas played John-Boy Walton ~ above ‘The Waltons’ 

Ralph Waite as john Walton and also Richard cutting board as john Boy Walton in The Waltons |CBS via Getty Images

From 1972 come 1977, Richard cutting board played John-Boy Walton top top The Waltons. John-Boy was the oldest son of man Walton (Ralph Waite) and Olivia Walton (Michael Learned). As soon as the collection begins he is 17 year old and dreaming of ending up being a writer. Together the present progresses, he ultimately leaves home, attends college, and becomes a published author. (The character to be played through Robert Wrightman in later on seasons that the show.) 

After leaving The Waltons in 1977, Thomas ongoing to act. He play the older bill Denbrough in the 1990 TV miniseries It and showed up in illustration of Law & Order, touch by an Angel, The Practice, and numerous other shows. One of his most memorable current roles was together FBI agent Frank Gaad ~ above FX’s The Americans.  

Richard Thomas also played Charles Ingalls 

For fans of the Little home on the Prairie series, it’s hard to imagine anyone else play Pa. Yet he’s not the only actor come portray the character end the years. In fact, thomas himself stepped into the Charles Ingalls duty in 2000 for the CBS tv movie Beyond the Prairie: The True Story the Laura Ingalls Wilder and that is 2002 sequel, Beyond the Prairie, part 2.

The former star the The Waltons played Laura’s father in the adaption, i beg your pardon covers the last three books in the Little residence series: The long Winter, little Town that the Prairie, and this Happy gold Years, and also the posthumously released The first Four Years. Meredith Monroe played Laura and Waltor Goggins play Laura’s husband Almanzo Wilder. Unfortunately, the TV movie aren’t obtainable to stream, though a DVD variation is available to acquisition Amazon.

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Reviewers on that site had actually a greatly favorable reaction come the movie. Several said it hewed closer to the story in the book than the previously TV show.