FLEETWOOD Mac frontwoman Stevie Nicks was once married to she late friend's companion Kim Anderson.

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The two were married for three months prior to Nicks realized she had actually made a mistake.


Stevie Nicks and Kim Anderson married in 1983Credit: Getty pictures - Getty

Who to be Stevie Nicks married to?

Stevie Nicks married Kim Anderson in 1983, the widower that her best friend Robin.

The marital relationship was short-lived, as the two came to the conclusion the they weren't a match after the pair stopped grieving.

Nicks admitted that her three-month marital relationship to Anderson to be a blunder, together she was devastated by the loss of her finest friend who was bring away by cancer.


Nicks married Anderson that was her best friend Robin's partner prior to she diedCredit: Getty photos - Getty

Two days before Robin died, she gave birth to a little boy named Matthew.

“I go crazy, absolutely crazy when Robin died," she told Woman's very own in 1990.

"The just thing I might think that to do was try to take it the load off Kim by marrying him and also helping raise their son. I think in she heart Robin knew ns would seek Kim."

"I had actually known her for twenty years and him because that five, and also I felt this baby belonged to me almost as much as it did to them."

How go Stevie Nicks and Kim Anderson meet?

The pair met v Robin. Robin and also Kim Anderson date for 5 years prior to she died.


Nicks claimed she was 'so wrong' because that marrying Anderson after ~ Robin diedCredit: Getty photos - Getty

“It to be so the dorn thing. To take it husband was so past insane.”

"A many of people refused to pertained to my wedding, they assumed I’d lost my mind, which i obviously had at the time."

What has actually Stevie Nicks said about not having children?

Nicks doesn't have any children, but she when referred come herself as the "rock and roll mama."

In one interview through In format in 2002, she said children weren't in her life plans.

"It's like, do you desire to be an artist and also a writer, or a wife and also a lover? v kids, your emphasis changes. I don't desire to walk to PTA meetings," she said.


Nicks has never had any children of she ownCredit: AP:Associated Press

Don Henley when admitted that Nicks fell pregnant v their child and that the track Sara was title after the surname they to be going to give their baby.

Nicks called Billboard in 2014 that Henley's join was partially true.

"Had ns married Don and had the baby, and had she to be a girl, ns would have actually named she Sara," she said.

"But there was another woman in my life named Sara, who soon after that became Mick's wife, Sara Fleetwood."

Why is Fleetwood Mac's song dreams trending?

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Dreams featured top top Fleetwood Mac's 1977 album DreamsCredit: Michael Ochs Archives - Getty

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