I"m not sure how old, I would certainly guess it to be purchased approximately 1999 or 1998? so somewhere around 10 years old. I"ve NEVER had actually to administer any sort of maintain or repair. The damn thing simply keeps on working.It"s been relocated from apartment come apartment to home to its present resting place. Up and down stairs, in the back of moving trucks, put in warehouse for number of months and yet the keeps top top working.This is a big capacity washer so you deserve to just throw whatever in over there at once and also do only one wash. Of food you have to make sure it"s balanced because if not, that does have actually a exorcist like shake that you will certainly encounter if no balanced.Clothes come the end clean and fresh. Optional bleach pool is quite and also has always worked. 2 thumbs up. Ns hope that lasts another 10 years.

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we bought this washing device from the neighborhood Sears outlet keep in may 1997. Us have had it because that over 11 years and also have had very little problems v it. I had to replace the timer around seven years ago which to be a very easy solve requiring an easy hand tools.The timer now sticks again however it pole right prior to the to wash cycle so i haven"t solved it because that is as soon as I placed the cloth softener in. The maker has a seperate receptacle for softener yet it has not worked since the device was about a year old.We to buy this particular model since of it"s large capacity. We can wash a lot much more clothes at one time which saved us top top electricity and also water. This machine has several setups which regulate the quantity of water used during the cycle. Once we purchase the machine, we had actually two middle school aged kids so us were washing a lot of apparel every week. Currently that the youngsters have grown, we have the right to use the smaller fill option ~ above the machine to conserve water. This device also permits you come select any kind of water temperature for washing and also rinsing. The has 4 speeds to select from for normal, heavy duty, permanent press and also hang dry. It has prewash and also soak choices and also has a 2nd rinse option.Overall us are an extremely pleased with this machine the only downside of that is the it is not very quiet. I would not recommend this model for someone in a small house or apartment that doesn"t have it"s own laundry room that deserve to be closed turn off from the rest of the residence as this is a noisy machine.

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mine husband and also I to buy this washer in ~ Sears in February 1996 as soon as we moved right into our first house. We carried it with us as soon as we moved in 2001. We now have actually 10 year old pair boys and our trusty Kenmore washer ultimately played the end after 12 1/2 year of dependable service. It has definitely seen its same share the dirty laundry! last week it simply stopped in the center of a load. The turn cycle never started and the water would certainly not drain. We decided that the would price too lot to speak to a repairman come the house considering the washer"s age. We researched the new front-loading models online, but just might not justify the cost difference. I found out indigenous my neighborhood Sears appliance saleswoman that Whirlpool currently manufactures Kenmore and also Maytag. She assured me that all three of this brands usage Whirlpool technology, so there is very tiny difference between them. Us purchased a Maytag top-loading 3.2 cu.ft. Machine with a stainless stole basket for just under $500 to be yielded in 2 days.Only time will tell if it will last as long as our Kenmore did. As for now, ours 12 1/2 year old Kenmore dryer is quiet going strong, and also I would recommend their appliances come anyone who"s feather to acquire their money"s worth the end of a washer/dryer!

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we moved right into our house four years earlier and this an equipment came with the house. I wasn"t sure that it would last because it looked older and I didn"t know exactly how long the vault owner had it. The has continued to occupational well because that us during that four years and also does not have any type of problems. We execute at the very least ten lots of wash a week for this reason it it s okay a fair amount the use and also abuse. We have actually not had any kind of problems v it and enjoy the capacity to select the pack size and also the various settings for our clothes. I favor being may be to use the fragile or heavy duty settings. This permits us to wash his dirty occupational clothes and my vulnerable summer wear! my husband has actually a handyman business and often comes home covered in dry wall dust and other assorted dirt and also debris. I have been really pleased v the Kenmore brand and would definitely consider buying an additional Kenmore appliance when this one attract out. In this day and age where points seem to it is in made to it is in thrown the end as shortly as something division (and it seems to it is in something tiny that breaks shortly after purchase), it"s nice to have actually a trusted washer.

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my wife and also I purchase a pair of Kenmore 80 collection Washer and Dryer in 2003. Us have had actually nothing however trouble. Our very first service speak to to replace a timer ($180)in the washer was quickly after the year guarantee expired. A few months later the dryer broke down an additional service call($75). A year later we had a switch changed ($75)in the washer and year and also a half later the timer shed out of the washer again ($180), and today the transmission shed out top top the washer ($45 company call). To change transmission is over $300, so we bought another washer.We had the washer solved 3 times and also the dryer once because we to buy this pair the Kenmores. Us will avoid Kenmore in the future and advise others to command clear. The evident question is why did us keep obtaining the washer fixed instead of junking it a long time ago. The price rests in the time of the breakdowns and where us were through finances at the time. It to be cheaper to pay the appliance repairman 보다 spend another 400 or 500 dollars. The course, we hoped that the repairs would last. Lock didn"t and we lastly purchased one more brand. We purchased a Whirlpool ~ above the advice that the repairman, v the stipulation of acquiring one with couple of options together the much more options you gain the much more likely it will certainly breakdown. Wish us luck.

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ns purchased this washer maker in 1997. It still works well! I have actually two small children and a husband in the construction business. Together you might imagine, I have actually a the majority of laundry! I execute at the very least one load EVERY day. It has actually a bleach dispenser and fabric softener dispenser. I don"t have to worry around bleach clues on my garments or forgetting to add the towel softener.It is large enough to to wash blankets and a full load of large bath towels. It has a water level reset switch that I discover I usage often. I might start the to wash off as a tiny load and then discover some dirty apparel in my children room at the last minute. V the water level reset switch, this is no problem. Over there are 5 cycles: hefty Duty, Pre Soak, Delicate, irreversible Press and Normal. The is yes, really all girlfriend need. It loads from the top and the lid needs to be closed prior to it will relocate to the rinse cycle. As whole it is a good buy and also the power is excellent.I never ever expected the washing an equipment to last this long. My husband and I will never ever purchase a brand other than Kenmore. The is a brand we can trust.

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