We’ve obtained a complete walkthrough that the save Your Friends near mission in cool Theft Auto angry City.

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GTA evil City is a well-written, designed, and grounded game.The story has actually all the facets that make it precious replaying after every this time.

The entire story plays the end in the fictional human being of evil City and follows Tommy Vercetti together he rises to become the crime lord.

The goals do a fabulous task in capturing the significance of the story being told and put you on the front seat of every the action.


However, GTA evil City has its fair share of hard missions, and also one of castle is the keep Your Friends nearby mission.

It also happens to be the last mission that the key storyline, which just adds to the difficulty.

Here’s exactly how you have the right to easily finish the save Your Friends near mission in GTA angry City.

Of course, if girlfriend choose, you could constantly make yourself invincible or gain a at sight Punch v these vice City cheats!

GTA vice City: keep Your Friends nearby Mission Walkthrough

The mission beginning in Tommy’s office, and also right from the start, you space tasked through killing swarms of opponents charging in ~ you.

One the the easiest means to complete the mission is through stacking increase on enough ammunition before you start with the mission.

For the keep Your Friends close mission, girlfriend should simply go v an SMG and sniper rifle and make sure you room carrying sufficient bullets because that those two guns.

Sonny’s males will try to get in the office, and also it’s approximately you to kill them prior to that happens. You can hide behind the desk and eliminate Sonny’s men that come from the stairs.

After you have actually killed an ext than a dozen poor guys,Lance will utter some dialogue. At this point, follow him while shooting adversaries that come in the way.

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Rockstar Games

Lance will certainly head come the roof the the estate follow him but don’t begin shooting just yet.

You can take the adrenaline pill if you want, i m sorry will sluggish down time, make it easier to kill the Forellis and also Lance Vance.

Lance will be attract armor, therefore you might need a heavy weapon. At one time, it can feel prefer Lance is bulletproof, but he will ultimately succumb.

After death him off, you have the right to go downstairs in the little room and take the armor and also resupply your ammo.

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Finishing the angry City Story

Now, once you come out of the office, Sonny will arrive with two an ext goons at the bottom of the key staircase. To kill Sonny, use the sniper rifle mentioned earlier. This will conveniently kill him and save you from fighting Forelli’s men.

Once you kill Sonny, the save Your Friends near mission will certainly be accomplished, and also a cutscene will certainly play. You will still have the ability to roam around to do different things ~ the mission.

You can even collect every one of Vice City’s hidden Packages or complete side goals if you are looking to gain to 100 % Completion.

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And the much more daring players the end there might even pull turn off the can be fried GTA and also steal this tank.