Bruce Makowsky is an American entrepreneur, actual estate developer, and businessman that is finest known for listing a home he developed in Bel air on the sector for $250 million.

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He was born in 1956.

In the 90s, Makowsky and his wife founded a leather goods realm in new York selling designer handbags with their flagship brand Tignanello, B. Makowsky, and also Kathy van Zeeland Handbags.

In 2008, they offered the company to Li & Fung Ltd, based in Hong Kong. Li & Fung proclaimed that Makowsky and Kathy van Zeeland will remain co-presidents the the van Zeeland businesses.

Later, Bruce relocated to Los Angeles and founded BAM high-end Development, a world-class architecture and advancement company specializing in quality, luxury, and finer details.

In 2013, Makowsky to buy a house above the Sunset strip for $5.3 million. In April 2014, Bruce marketed the house for $19 million.

Also in 2014, he offered the “ultimate billionaire bachelor pad” to Swedish video clip game programmer and the creator that the Minecraft video game Markus Persson for $70 million. The house has actually eight bedrooms and also 15 bathrooms. Note – Markus marketed his company, Mojang, come Microsoft Corp. Because that $2.5 billion.

The Billionaire (mansion)


Bruce Makowsky – network Worth

Makowsky earned many of his wide range from serving as the head of the BAM Luxury breakthrough Group. Bruce also sold designer handbags top top QVC.

In 2008, Bruce and also his wife marketed the organization to Hong Kong-based Li & Fung because that a report $330 million. In 2019, Bruce marketed a mansion for $94 million, if in 2014, he offered a Makowsky-built residence in Beverly Hills come Minecraft creator Markus Persson because that $70 million.

”I understand just how rich civilization want to live due to the fact that I’m an extremely wealthy,” the entrepreneur as soon as said.

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Therefore, business man Bruce Makowsky has actually an approximated net precious of $400 million.