10 Worst episodes Of The secret Life the The American Teenager, follow To IMDb The an enig Life the The American teenager was recognized for that is melodrama, and, according to IMDb, this 10 illustration were an especially melodramatic.

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The secret Life the the American Teenager was a teen drama on alphabet Family, now Freeform, from 2008-2013. Developed by Brenda Hampton, The mystery Life"s protagonist is a high institution student called Amy Juergens. Amy finds out in the first episode of the collection that she is pregnant. Episodes follow her pregnancy and also birthing experience and then move on to she life juggling motherhood v school and also relationships.

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The ensemble cast is simply as vital as Amy is in the show"s story. Other characters become pregnant, gain into bad relationships, and also attempt to find out who they are along the way. If that sounds bad, it"s because it periodically is. Here are the ten worst episodes of The an enig Life that the American Teenager.

The worst thing about this season four episodes is the it"s boring. Lot of of episodes of The an enig Life are drama-packed, however this one doesn"t really move anything essential along. Ben and also Adrian space over, for this reason Ben go on a date with Dylan, who desires to know all around his previous relationships. Meanwhile, Grace and Jack shot to be friends.

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Grace"s brother, Tom, it s okay pulled over because that driving a automobile with nothing however a fishing license. The authors often exploit Tom"s Down"s syndrome and also make that look choose he can"t assist but obtain into trouble. That problem alone puts this illustration on the worst ten lists, and IMDb agrees. Lastly, Ricky expresses to Amy that he desires the 2 of them come marry.

In this season 5 episode, Amy"s selfish "I desire to go to university in new York" plot bring away off. She paris out there because that a campus visit, and Adrian"s boyfriend, Omar, is top top the exact same flight. This episode simply feels too much like the display is winding down, which that was. The bright side is the there"s a brand-new pregnant teenager in town named Kathy, and also she is adorable. She make the efforts to guardian a troubled boy named Ethan in math.

ago in the third season, Adrian and Ben have sex. Amy has actually just discovered out in the previous episode that they did this and also that Adrian is pregnant. The plot simply keeps gaining messier as Amy"s sister, Ashley, discusses she feelings for Ricky, the boy who got Amy pregnant. Together is the rhythm of The an enig Life of the American Teenager.

7 The Text ideal Thing (5.5)

A many things happen in the fourth season. Later on on, anne Juergens comes out as a lesbian, yet her husband/ex-husband George starts suspecting it in this very episode. Concerned that plot, Amy choose July fourth as her and also Ricky"s wedding date. Anyone starts calling that a "gay holiday." In various other news, Ben starts having silly conversations through his girlfriend"s annoying friends.

Ricky who? Amy is dating Jimmy in this season 2 episode. Lock kiss, and so carry out Grace and Ben. Ashley wants her immature parents to begin being romantic again, however they can"t be faithful to every other. Adrian"s mom and also dad, top top the other hand, are ready to make a commitment. Amy"s life is pretty out of control, and her infant is still pretty new at this suggest in the series.

5 Chicken tiny (5.5)

In the third season, Ashley doesn"t just have actually feelings for Ricky, but she"s also into a mysterious man named Grant... Who likewise dates Grace, of course. Adrian is top top the prowl in this episode, and she and also Ricky share a kiss. This episode attributes lots of arguing and also yet one more cringe-worthy next plot entailing a boy"s sexuality.

In this season three shocker, Amy is precise the last person on the planet to understand that Ben gained Adrian pregnant. Adrian has actually just made decision not to have an abortion and will provide birth to the infant instead. Somehow, Ashley is just one of the first to know, and also she in reality tries to safeguard her sister native the news—everyone does. Amy will uncover out in the succeeding episode.

3 Allies (5.3)

This season 4 plot involves Amy failing she summer institution classes in the summer before her an elderly year. Meanwhile, Madison and Lauren repair a rift, but Henry, Alice, and also Ben can"t execute the same.

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The worst part of the totality episode is that two of Amy"s friend from brand-new York—of whom we"ve never ever seen or heard before—come visit she unannounced and also expect her to drop whatever to invest time with them. They additionally pay no fist to their toddlers, which casts teenager moms in yet another poor light.

The stunner story in season 5 is that Amy has actually bought herself an ugly wedding dress, and also she thinks it"s going to be amazing. Adrian psychoanalyzes the totality thing and also essentially points the end that Amy would certainly not buy an ugly dress if she actually wanted to get married Ricky. Kathy, the younger pregnant girl, faces the possibility of moving home to Texas after her baby is born.

1 say thanks to You and also Goodbye (3.0)

The season finale of The mystery Life has one atrocious rating the 3.0 from IMDb. The last decision is for this reason disappointing. Amy leaves her life and loved ones behind to walk to university in brand-new York. She practically dumps Ricky and also their son, John, to shot to it is in a typical girl. The closing scene of Ricky reading to John top top the couch, simply the two of them, is a negative reward because that watching this drama for 5 seasons.

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