What does it take to come to be a experienced wrestler? among the an important requirements is psychological toughness. An additional is physical stamin to tackle enemies in the ring. A wrestler must likewise have speed because the result of a complement can readjust in a break-up second. Plunder Van Dam, a experienced wrestler, has actually won countless wrestling matches because he possesses these attributes.

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Rob van Dam background

RVD was increased in fight Creek, Michigan. He originates from Belgian-Polish heritage. He visited Pennfield an elderly High School. He began his cultivate in kickboxing and also martial arts when he was a young man. The trained in martial arts in ~ two battle Creek-based dojos. Tae Kwon Do, Kickboxing, Kendo, Karate and Aikido to be the classes the took.

In 1990, he disputed the Kalamazoo Heavyweight Toughman Contest and emerged in the 2nd overall position. Back many civilization assume the Kris van Damme, an experienced in marial arts, is rob Van Dam brother, the two space not related.

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Rob valve Dam height and also measurements

RVD’s elevation is 6 feet 1 inch (185.42 centimetres/ 1.8542 metres). That weighs about 107 kilogrammes (235.4 lbs). He has actually blue eyes and light brown hair.

Rob valve Dam nicknames and also trademark

RVD has actually several other nicknames. These include;


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Mr. Monday NightMr. Thursday NightMr. PPVThe entirety Dam ShowThe whole F'n Show

The wrestler has several trademarks that aid him to stand out among other wrestlers. These include;

He raises his arms and uses his thumbs to allude to his head. He repeats this while calling out his plunder Van Dam name.His trademark move requires doing a split-legged moonsault, cartwheel moonsault, corkscrew foot drop, paris thrust kick, corkscrew dropkick or the VanTerminator move.His finishing relocate is a frog splash.

Wrestling career

RVD has actually been a wrestler because that close come three decades now. The timeline that his wrestling job is together follows;

The novice period

RVD's very first appearance top top WWE was in his teenage years. At the time, DiBiase was well-known for giving selected audience members some money to execute demeaning activities. The spotted 16-year-old rob from the audience and also offered that $100 to kiss his foot. Rob entered the ring and did together ordered. Tiny did he recognize that that would soon be king the the boxing ring.


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Professional wrestling

In 1990, Szatkowski gone into the ring because that the first time as a experienced wrestler. The following year, he got his nickname, rob Van Dam. Promoter Ron Slinker provided him the nickname. It was a perfect selection because he carefully resembled the well known actor, Jean-Claude van Damme. He additionally had a most experience in martial arts.

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His career began with numerous independent promotions throughout his house state, Michigan. He won his very first championship in July 1992, the is, the SAPW sign Team Championship. He participated in the civilization Junior Heavyweight Championship at the every Japan agree Wrestling.

World Championship Wrestling

Towards the end of 1992, Szatkowski signed a contract with people Championship Wrestling. He took the name Robbie V and made his debut in the ring on the 23rd the January 1993. He winner his debut match against Pat Rose. In February, he disputed the world Television Championship belt wherein he to win Shanghai Pierce in the very first round. He lost the 2nd to Vinnie Vegas.


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Extreme Championship Wrestling

At the beginning of 1996, that signed a contract with excessive Championship wrestles (ECW). He defeated Axl Rotten in the first match. That had, in ~ this suggest in his career, created the demeanour that a man with a laid-back attitude and also one who supplied unorthodox styles. On the 30th that March, he challenged 2 Cold Scorpio in a complement where the two drew.

In 1996, RVD was really popular, particularly after his extensively publicised rivalry v Sabu. The two confronted each other in different matches. Each of them was trying to prove the they were much better than the other. Later, RVD and also Doug Furnas came to be rivals. He additionally became Dan Kroffat's rival. ~ he shed a match to Sabu, the two teamed up to face Kroffat and also Furnas. They winner in a match against the two.

After the win, the duo became the rivals of man Kronus, The Eliminators, and Perry Saturn. They attracted in one match, yet the rivalry did not end there. The duo completed for the 1997 world Tag Team Championship belt against The Eliminators. The Eliminators won. In the following ECW competition, van Dam beat Lance Storm.


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In the succeeding matches, RVD ongoing teaming up through Sabu. Together, they gone into the ring because that various games including the can be fried Jeopardy, better Than Ever, warmth Wave and Orgy the Violence. In December 1997, the duo won the people Tag Team Championship again.

Other championships

After contesting the ECW, valve Dam featured in the complying with championships;

World television Champion: He remained in this competition from 1998 till 2001.World wrestles Federation: Under this company, he competed for The intrusion in 2001. In between 2001 and 2002, be dealt with to obtain the Intercontinental Champion belt. Between 2002 and 2003, that participated in the civilization Heavyweight Championship. The teamed up through Kane in 2002.ECW and also WWE civilization Heavyweight ChampionshipsIndependent Circuit: In February 2008, the signed a contract through Independent Circuit. The participated in the Nu-Wrestling Evolution, Associação Portuguesa de Wrestling, American wrestling Rampage, No boundaries Wrestling and also World Stars the Wrestling.Total Nonstop action Wrestling: Under this brand, the participated in the people Heavyweight Championship, EV 2.0, Championship pursuits and X division Championship. WWE return: In June 2013, RVD make a WWE comeback. He was a WWE member till 2014. In July 2019, the made a one-time appearance on the WWE special called Raw Reunion.Independent Circuit (return): ~ WWE, he made a comeback on elevation Circuit in 2015. He has been working with this brand come date. Impact wrestles (return): In February 2019, RVD signed a contract with influence Wrestling.
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Acting career

RVD is a seasoned actor who has starred in plenty of different television shows and films. Amongst the shows and also movies he has actually starred in are;

Superfights (1995): This was RVD's very first movie. He to be Mercenary in the film.Blood Moon (1997): He acted together Dutch.City guys (1999): the featured together himself in the episode, El Trainmania IV.18 wheel of righteousness (2000): He starred in one illustration of this display as Robert Laramie. The location of the illustration was external Chance. The X-Files (2000): He featured in the episode, hit Club, as Burt's opponent.V.I.P. (2000): the acted as Mjr Talbot in the episode, Survi-Val.Spy TV (2000): He starred in one episode of the show. Ultimate Revenge (2001): He featured in 2 episodes as himself.Black Mask 2: City of Masks (2002): he acted together The Claw.The Backyard (2002): He had a cameo function in this movie.One the A kind (2005): He appeared as himself. Hulk Hogan's Celebrity Championship wrestles (2008)Sketch that Life (2009): he featured together himself.Bloodstained Memoirs (2009): that featured in this present as himself.Wrong side of town (2010): He portrayed the personality of Bobby Kalinowsky.Family Feud (2010): that featured in five episodes together himself. Saints Row: The third (2011): He to be the voice actor for the personality of Bobby.Olympic Trials with Kurt edge (2012): He showed up on the present as himself.3-Headed Shark attack (2012)Saints heat IV (2013): He to be the voice that Bobby.Nine Legends (2016)Sniper: unique Ops (2016): He depicted the character of Vasquez.Traveling the Stars: action Bronson and Friends Watch old Aliens (2016): He featured on the show as himself. His appearance remained in the episode, extraterrestrial Devastation.

In 2008, the wrestler and actor released RVD Radio. Producer Brett Cohen helped him in creating the venture. He has additionally appeared in countless WWE video clip games so far.

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Rob valve Dam net worth

Szatkowski has a successful career. He has participated in numerous paid matches under various brands and featured in movies and television shows. Presently, his network worth is estimated at $5 million.

Relationships and marriage

WWE plunder Van Dam was formerly married come Sonia Delbeck. The married her on the 6th of September 1998. In December 2015, the couple separated. In July the complying with year, rob Van Dam mam filed for divorce indigenous the renowned wrestler. The divorce was granted after two years. RVD has been in a romantic connection with Katie Forbes since 2016. Katie is additionally a professional wrestler.


Rob valve Dam WWE proponents for the legalisation the marijuana. He has openly disputed his views on various media platforms. He admits the he spend it, and also believes that it is an strong enhancer. Rob believes the the services of legalising cannabis outweigh that prohibition.

In early July 2006, RVD and Sabu to be arrested. The two were driving in ~ high speed, so an Ohio State Highway Patrol officer quit their vehicle. The officer discovered that the two were in possession of drugs. RVD had 18 grammes the hashish as well as five Vicodin tablets. Sabu, ~ above the other hand, had actually nine Testolactone tablets and also drug paraphernalia.

The two were exit after they posted bail. During a court hearing on the 31st of respectable 2006, RVD pleaded guilty because that both overspeeding and also possessing hashish. The fee of own Vicodin to be dropped ~ he presented a prescription because that the medicine in the courtroom.

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The arrest put his job at WWE at stake. Follow to the brand's health policy, drug-related arrests can lead to dismissal. V John Laurinaitis, the Vice president of Talent connections at the time, the company announced that both RVD and also Sabu were still enabled to record ECW and also Raw tapings. Investigate by WWE officials to be underway.

Szatkowski dropped out of the WWE Championship in a live Raw illustration and also did the same at the ECW Championship the complying with day. The appropriate authorities gave him a 30-day suspension native work. That did no receive any payment during his suspension period. ECW scripted a segment explaining come fans that RVD had been suspended.

Years later, people still talk around his arrest. Right here are part comments from various people around the issue;

Social media

RVD is active on society media. He has actually an Instagram account through over 443k followers. He also has a Twitter account through 1.07 million followers. His fans get to understand his career milestones and also his daily tasks via this platforms.

Who is plunder Van Dam? the is a expert wrestler and actor who has actually been wrestling due to the fact that the '90s. He is recognized for his signature pose wherein he raises both his eight then supplies both thumbs to allude at his head. Usually, the does this three times while speak his name, plunder Van Dam. The 48-year-old is right now dating Katie Forbes, that is likewise a professional wrestler.