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Anthony Geary Biography

Anthony Geary is an American actor that was born and brought up in Coalville, Utah, in the United claims of America. He is finest known for playing the role of Luke Spencer ~ above the abc daytime drama general Hospital.

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He originated the function of Luke in the year 1978 and received a record eight Daytime Emmy Awards for exceptional Lead actor in a Drama series before his retirement.

Geary had a prominent supporting function in the “Weird Al” Yankovic comedy UHF (1989); other significant films include Johnny acquired His total (1971), Disorderlies (1987), Scorchers (1991), Teacher’s pets (2004) aas well as Fish Tank (2009).

Anthony Geary Age

Anthony is 73 years old as of 2021, he was born top top 28 might 1947, in Coalville, Utah, the United claims of America. He celebrate his birthday on May 28 every year and also his birth sign is Gemini.

Anthony Geary Height

Geary stands in ~ a height of 6 feet 2 inches.

Anthony Geary Education

Geary checked out the university of Utah, Salt Lake City, on a theater scholarship.

Anthony Geary Family

Anthony is the boy of Dana Anderson (mother) and Russell Dean Geary (father). Anthony’s father was a structure contractor and owner of a construction company while his mommy was a homemaker and also assisted his father in the organization as the bookkeeper.

His dad was likewise a former mayor that Coalville, Utah and also both his parents were members that the Church of Jesus Christ that Latter-day Saints. Anthony has actually two sisters; Jana Geary Steele and also DeAnn Geary Bond.

Anthony Geary Wife

Anthony is no married in ~ the moment, the has regulated to save many facets of his personal life private. It is not well-known if he is courting or not. He, however, has actually been romantically attached to women like Syren and Elizabeth Taylor.

Anthony Geary Gay

Anthony has actually been affiliated with gay legal rights for a long time now. the supports gay rights and also he believes all individuals should be listed with the rights they deserve.

Rumors had actually started act rounds that Anthony was actually gay, yet those rumors to be dismissed after that admitted to having actually a relationship v Elizbeth Taylor.

Anthony Geary network Worth

Anthony Geary has actually a net worth of $9 million dollars together of 2021. This consists of his assets, money and also income. His primary source of earnings is his career together an actor widely well-known for play the duty of Luke Spencer top top the alphabet daytime drama basic Hospital. With his miscellaneous sources of income, Tony has actually been able to accumulate a an excellent fortune however prefers to lead a modest lifestyle.

Anthony Geary body Measurements and Facts

Here are some interesting facts and also body measurements you have to know about Anthony.

Anthony Geary Photo

Anthony Geary Wiki

Full Names: Anthony GearyPopular As: Tony GearyGender: MaleProfession: ActorYears active: 1970–presentKnown for‎: basic Hospital (1963-), UHF (1989), Johnny obtained His gun (1971), Disorderlies (1987), Scorchers (1991), Teacher’s pet (2004) and Fish Tank (2009)Education‎: The college of UtahTown/City: Coalville
Nationality: AmericanReligion: ChristianSexual Orientation: Straight

Anthony Geary Birthday

Age: 73 year (2020)Zodiac Sign: GeminiDate the Birth: might 28, 1947Place that Birth: Coalville, Utah, U.S.Birthday: might 28

Anthony Geary body Measurements

Height: 6 feet 2 inchesWeight: To be updatedHair Colour: WhiteEye Colour: Green

Anthony Geary Family and also Relationship

Father: Geary’s father’s name is Russell Dean GearyMother: Geary’s mother’s name is Dana AndersonSiblings: Jana Geary Steele and also DeAnn Geary BondMarital Status: SingleSpouse: SingleChildren: None

Anthony Geary Salary and also Net Worth

Net Worth: $9 million dollars (2020)Source of Income: legislation Career, publications Sale, MoviesAnthony Geary Career

When Geary to be 21 year old, the performed on the las Vegas stage as a chorus boy v Sid Caesar and also Imogene Coca. He scared his chin when performing there.

He made his first appearance on tv in an illustration of Room 222. Later on on, Geary appeared in all in the Family, The mode Squad, Mannix, Marcus Welby, M.D., The highways of san Francisco and Barnaby Jones. Indigenous 1971 to 1972 he showed up in his first-day time function in NBC soap opera shining Promise.

Geary additionally played the personality of George Curtis, a rapist, in The Young and the Restless. Later in 1978, he was hired because that a 13-week story arc come play Luke Spencer in alphabet soap general Hospital.

Anthony Geary On basic Hospital

In basic Hospital, Anthony played as Luke Spencer. Luke is the middle child the the late, Tim Spencer and his late wife, Lena Spencer.

He to be born and raised in port Charles, brand-new York come a low-income household near the docks. He to be street smart and would constantly protect his sister Bobbie when they were cultivation up.

Luke’s father to be an alcoholic, and he frequently physically abused both Luke and also Bobbie and their mom Lena. After ~ the death of your mother, Lena, your father walked out on them. Anthony obtained the role of Luke in 1978 and also later left the present in 1984.

In 1991, he changed to basic Hospital together Luke’s cousin and look-alike bill Eckert, because of the actor’s desire come play something other than Luke.

However, early to bad feedback native the city hall public, the character was killed off and Anthony resumed the role of Luke in 1993.

On Friday, may 8, 2015, that publicly announced that he would certainly be leaving his role on basic Hospital. He finished taping his critical scenes top top the general Hospital collection on Tuesday, June 23, 2015. His last air day was July 27, 2015. On might 4, 2017, the made a non-speaking cameo appearance to facilitate the retirement of co-star and former on-screen mam Jane Elliot.

Anthony Geary Movies and also TV Shows

Alice and the Monster – GeorgeFish Tank – van ManGeneral Hospital: Night transition – Luke SpencerCarpool man – Carpool GuyTeacher’s pet – man / JuanPort Charles – Luke SpencerBurke’s regulation – Clayton ColeRoseanne – Luke SpencerWhistlestop Girl – AndyGeneral Hospital – bill Eckert (Also played by Geary in a double Role)Night of the Warrior – LynchScorchers – PreacherSunset to win – Uncredited RoleMurder, She wrote – Eric provide / KGB Lt. Fyodor AlexandrovUHF – PhiloNight Life – man DevlinDo You know the Muffin Man? – Stephen PugliottiHigh Desert death – Dr. Jim ColeCrack residence – DockettYou Can’t hurry Love – TonyPass the Ammo – StonewallIt bring away Two-WheelDangerous Love – MickeyP.I. Personal Investigations – LarryDisorderlies – Winslow LowryPenitentiary III – SerenghettiPerry Mason: The instance of the Murdered Madam – Steve ReynoldsYou room The Jury – Sam BillingsKicks – boy name CheeversHotel – Eli Gilmour / Phil Tanner|Sins of the previous – Lt. MalovichThe Impostor – CadeAntony and also Cleopatra – Octavius CaesarIntimate Agony – Dr. Kyle RichardsGeneral Hospital – Luke SpencerThe Return of Captain Nemo – BorkProject U.F.O. TV collection – Darryl BiggsStarsky & hutch – DelanoThe six Million Dollar guy – ArtaMost wanted – ChopsBarnaby Jones – Deputy Blake Jeffries / Nelson Mosley / WilsonThe streets of mountain Francisco – Gary Jelinek / Cajun / Joe MarkhamDoc Elliot – Dennis GrahamSorority kill – TonyMannix – Eddie DeckenShaft – David OliverThe Young and the Restless – George CurtisBlood Sabbath – DavidThe mod Squad – JohnsonThe Partridge family – Greg HouserMarcus Welby, M.D. – man GavanelliBright Promise – David LockhartAll in the family members – RogerJohnny acquired His total – RedheadRoom 222 – Tom WhalomFrequently inquiry Questions around Anthony Geary

Who is Anthony Geary

Anthony Geary is a renowned American actor renowned for his long term function as Luke Spencer on the abc daytime drama general Hospital.

How old is Anthony Geary?

Geary is an American national born on

How tall is Anthony Geary?

Geary stands in ~ a elevation of 6 feet 2 inches.

Is Anthony Geary married?

He is no married as of 2020, the has been in a lengthy term connection with Elizabeth Taylor however julianum.net can not confirm whether the pair is still together or not.

Is Anthony Geary gay?

He supports gay rights yet has not shown to the general public whether the is gay or straight.

How much is Anthony Geary worth?

He has actually an estimated net worth of approximately $9 million.

Where does Geary live?

He lives in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Due to the fact that of defense reasons, Geary has actually not mutual his an accurate location that residence. We will instantly update this information if we gain the location and also images the his house.

Is Geary dead or alive?

He is still alive and in good health. There have actually been no reports the him being sick or having any kind of health-related issues.

Where is Geary now?

He took time off acting. The is in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

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