Every essence is a reasonable number but a rational number need not it is in an integer. 

We understand that 1 = 1/1, 2 = 2/1, 3 = 3/1, 4 = 4/1 and so on ……. . 

also, -1 = -1/1, -2 = -2/1, -3 = -3/1, -4 = -4/1 and so ~ above …….. .

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In other words, any type of integer a can be created as a = a/1, which is a reasonable number.

Thus, every integer is a rational number. 

Clearly, 3/2,-5/3, etc. Are rational numbers however they space not integers. 

Hence, every creature is a rational number but a reasonable number require not it is in an integer. 

Let united state determinewhether the following rational numbers room integers or not:

(i) 2/5

2/5 is no an integer. Since we cannot express 2/5 without afractional or decimal component

(ii) 8/4

8/4 is one integer. Due to the fact that if we leveling 8/4 to its lowestterm we acquire 2/1 = 2, i beg your pardon is an integer.

(iii) -5/-5

-5/-5 is an integer. Because if we leveling -5/-5 come itslowest term we gain 1/1 = 1, i m sorry is one integer.

(iv) -15/2            

-15/2 is no an integer. Because we cannot express -15/2without a fractional or decimal component

(v) -32/8

-32/8 is one integer. Because if we simplify -32/8 come itslowest term we get -4, i beg your pardon is one integer.

(vi) 49/-9

49/-9 is not an integer. Due to the fact that we cannot express 49/-9 withouta spring or decimal component

(vii) -75/-20

-75/-20 is not an integer. Because if we simplify -75/-20 toits shortest term we acquire 15/4 and also we cannot express 15/4 there is no a fractional ordecimal component

(viii) 500/-10

500/-10 is an integer. Since if we simplify 500/-10 to itslowest hatchet we acquire 50/-1 = -50, which is one integer.

So, native the over explanation us conclude the everyrational number is no an integer.

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