I am supplying This city by Jimmy Santiago Baca, https://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Product/I-am-Offering-This-Poem-by-Jimmy-Santiago-Baca-4576502. Accessed July 6, 2020


The speaker is offering the poem to somebody he care aboutEmphasis on the near relationshipEquates through a gift

Form and also meter:

Written in complimentary verseNo luck scheme

Stanzas: 4

Theme: True Love

I am supplying this city to you, Symbolism because I have nothing else to give.Keep it prefer a warmth coat Similewhen winter concerns cover you, Alliteration “w”or like a pair of special socks Similethe cold cannot bite through, Alliteration “c”

i love you, Repetition

commonly comes up, the speaker tries come tell the human he loves the the poem is all the love he could give

Stanza 1: (Septet) The speaker has actually nothing to give but the poem, the asks she to use it as thick socks or a warmth coat as soon as she feel cold.

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I have nothing else to give you,so that is a pot full of yellow corn Imagery: define how the corn is yellowto warmth your belly in winter,it is a scarf for your head, to wear Enjambment, Metaphorover your hair, to tie up roughly your face

i love you,

Stanza 2: (Sestet) The poet go not have much to give her, therefore he presents the poem as a pot of corn to keep her belly warm, and also a scarf to store her head and herself warm.

Keep it, treasure this together you would certainly Consonance “o”if you were lost, needing direction,in the wilderness life becomes as soon as mature; Personification and in the edge of her drawer, Anaphoraand in the corner of your drawer,tucked away choose a cabin or hogan Similein dense trees, come knocking, Personificationand I will certainly answer, give you directions,and permit you heat yourself by this fire, Repetition: ” and” and also ” fire”rest by this fire, and make you feeling safe

ns love you,

Stanza 3: The speaker tells her to sweetheart the poem and also keep it and take care of it, as if it to be a necessity.

It’s all I need to give, Hyperboleand all anyone needs to live,and to go on life inside,when the human being outside Enjambmentno longer cares if friend live or die; Oxymoronremember,

i love you.

Stanza 4: (Septet) save it, psychic it, love it, and constantly know that even if she dies and also thinks no one will certainly remember her, however he constantly love her.

Tone: Soft, beautiful, genuinely sincere, happy, and also care about a human being that he loves

Mood: Sweet and also emotinal

The truly Love in “I Am providing This Poem” by Jimmy Santiago Baca

In the poem “I Am giving This Poem,” Baca supplies the framework to current the idea that love is the most valuable component of a relationship, and does not need to be presented through the product objects we have the right to buy, however it deserve to be shown most simply.

First of all, the speaker uses tools such as symbolize, hyperbole, and repetition to express the love due to the fact that he has “nothing else” to offer. Because that example, the speaker says, “I am providing this poem to you,/ since I have actually nothing rather to give.” To present affection in the direction of a person he care about, and because he can not afford anything else, he provides her this poem. The speaker desires to make the one he lovesfeel felicity. Moreover, the speak states, ” i love you”. This is repeated four times throughout the poem. The repeat accentuates his feelings, and the emotion boosts with every time, as he never ever wants his loved one to forget just how much the does love her. Besides, the speak says, ” all I need to give,/ and all anyone demands to live,” to current genuine love, not simply infatuation, i m sorry is what he has actually been do the efforts to demonstrate throughout the whole poem. The poem is the only thing the poet provides to the one he loves. However, he states he provides a human being all the has, and also that is what a human being requires come survive. Usually, one individual demands food or money come live, however it is really exaggerated, speak the city is every a human needs come live. Overall, Baca discover the layout through symbolism, repetition, and also hyperbole, reflecting the idea that true love is offering someone with all that they require without material object.


Next, Baca to write the poem in the complimentary verse type that does not use any type of consistent meter patterns, rhyme, or any kind of musical pattern. Indigenous there, the can easily express his feelings, and it is proof that love is not in any type of order. In addition, the poem is divided into four stanzas, and also four refrains. In the first stanza, the speak proves the an initial hints the longing, and he wishes she can “keep it together a coat, or like the socks”. Over there is more seriousness behind stanza two when he shows that he desires to protect the one the loves; he wants to save his love heat in winter”to warmth your belly in winter,”. In the 3rd stanza, his emotion is even more powerful. He defines the love he is providing her, and he expects this human being to feel that his love is no temporary. Finally, in the last stanza, he portrays to his love that no matter what anyone rather thinks that this person, that will always love her, and this demonstrates a feeling of faithfulness.Therefore, each stanza shows that love can represent an important role in human life. The poet’s love is perpetual, and also he will certainly never readjust for the one he loves. Especially the speaker supplies all 3 line structures as end-stopped, enjambment and also caesura. Civilization can discover the poem as a beautiful love that presents together a pot of corn to keep her ship warm, and a scarf to store her head and also herself warmth through enjambment. Also, end-stopped and caesura are supplied to display in hope that the human receives this poem will certainly understand how deep his love is. Furthmore, the tone v the poem are soft, beautiful, genuinely sincere, and happy. The usage of words of poem is simple, but it has a deeper definition there. To amount up, the poem “ ns Am giving This Poem,” by Jimmy Santiago Baca reveals the design template by making use of structure reflects that true love is something that will never ever change, and it is something humans cannot simply dispose of, but it most most likely will constantly be there.

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