Do you save pledging to begin writing diary entries and blog posts—and failing?

Even if you’re no the many naturally adept writer, writing practice is absolutely an important to her Spanish finding out progress.

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It’sthe best way to fully synthesize her Spanish knowledge.

Yet writing in Spanish it s okay a poor rap as something arduous and also complicated.Is it really the bad?

It’s sort of favor a non-runner stepping top top a treadmill—at first it deserve to feel miserable and also frustrating, choose a total grind.

But imagine if you just stepped ~ above a treadmill for a couple minutes every day? ~ weeks and months, you’d eventually have the ability to run mile without break a sweat.

Many learners think that creating in Spanish is difficult, as soon as really we’re encountering yet one more “practice provides perfect” scenario.

The an ext you write, the easier the words will begin flowing from her fingertips.

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Benefits that Getting great Spanish composing Practice

We’ve got quite a couple of options because that writing practice these days, past pen and also paper. In ~ this point, plenty of of us have learned reliable keyboard inputting from a young age (thanks, Mavis Beacon!) and also we’re continuous tapping things out on our smartphones, tablets, e-readers and also so on. So, space there services to creating by hand versus making use of technology?

It boils down to irreversible versus short-term learning. When typing, your mind skips the end on processing lot of the material, and also content goes from your ears or eyes directly to her fingers. The info isn’t handle in your brain. You deserve to avoid this rather by copying points down in your own words, fairly than creating an exact textual replica that the content at hand. Laptop computers are additionally notorious for gaining students distracted, for this reason watch out for that, too.

The upside to keying is that you’ll be able to copy things into a record quickly and also accurately due to these factors. This is far better for gaining organized and preparing neat examine materials. If you’re pressed because that time and also want to have a typed copy of your notes come refer back to later, typing might be the means to go.

Research shows us the the services of handwriting are past question. The employsour fine motor an abilities and engages various regions of the brain, switching on muscle memory and also helping united state remember words and also phrases better through repetitive gestures. When writing by hand, we’re also an ext likely to sluggish down and also write points in our very own words.

While we’re not learning extremely foreign personalities here, prefer if us were discovering Chinese, us Spanish learners advantage from the fact thathandwriting increases recall of new shapes and symbols.Those new syllable combinations, accents and Spanish letters (ñ, ll, rr) will certainly become far better cemented in ours minds. Cursive handwriting takes psychological processing strength to a whole various level, if you want to acquire serious about your Spanish writing practice. Plus, in spite of what they say this days, penmanship tho counts for something, even if it’s just a point of an individual pride.

Tips forGetting good Spanish creating Practice

Make it part of your day-to-day routine.As you’ll see below, many types of Spanish writing practice can conveniently fit right into your everyday life—you write more than you also realize.Prepare her keyboards.You’ll need to enable both her smartphone and also laptop come understand and produce Spanish writing. Keep analysis to see just how to do this!

How to Prepare Your keyboards for Spanish Writing

Before us jump to the keyboards, depending on your system, you might need to install a foreign language package.

It’s easy sufficient on a computer system keyboard: just check out “keyboard” settings in your control panel and change the “input sources.” Thereyou can either select the Spanish or U.S. Worldwide keyboard, depending upon what you prefer.

The Spanish keyboard has actually a separate an essential for ñ (where your “:;” crucial is located), ¡/¿ (where her “-_” vital is located) and also some various other symbols, butthe letters room all in the very same spot. If you’re going come be living in a Spanish-speaking country and also using computers in a library or university, you could want to end up being familiar with this key-board layout. And also if not, it’s a simple way to experience social immersionfrom home!

Your other alternative is the U.S. Worldwide keyboard, which keeps all of your symbols and also letters in the exact same spot. To enter an accent, merely hit the apostrophe an essential followed by the vowel—no hold necessary. To form an ñ, simply kind ~ adhered to by the letter “n” or “N,” again no stop necessary. The ¡ symbol is “option+!” and ¿ is “option+?”

No issue whichkeyboard you decide to use, displayingyour keyboard’s map on-screenwill be really handy in ~ first. If you want to find out the Spanish keyboard and also keep forget where certain keys space located, an additional option is come cut small papers, write out Spanish characters and also tape themonto the ideal keys.

Last however not least, pick a straightforward command together a keyboard shortcut come switch between language inputs through ease. I use alt + shiftto rotate in between inputs. This helps me move fast and also furiously when chatting with friends in Ecuador and the United states on facebook at the exact same time.

Now, your computer system keyboard is good to go. Yet what about the maker that’s in your pocket every day long and serves as your main method of communication and daily life management? Let’s obtain the smartphone ~ above the same page.

Both iPhone and also Android users should go through the very same process. First, find your “keyboard settings” screen. Generally you can long-press a switch on your key-board to get there. Pick Spanish together a second input method. As soon as you’ve excellent that, you can long-press your an are bar at any time to run to Spanish.

If you desire to take it all a step further, go to “settings” to accessibility your phone’s “language and also input” screen. There, you have the right to swap your whole phone’s English operating system for a Spanish version.

11 an innovative Ways come Get daily Spanish creating Practice

1. Acquire to blogging!


It’s exceptional the things we’ll do when we’re assigned deadlines and threatened with bad grades. One thing I did? I wrote many, numerous blog posts. Looking back over these blog posts, ns was absolutely dazzling to read my old thoughts and perspectives in my own voice. You’ll never regret starting that blog, even if you write terribly—but youwillregretnotstarting a blog. So, begin today!

WordPressis a blogging favorite, many thanks to that is easy-to-use interface. Friend can produce incredibly polished, professional-looking blogs here without gift a total blog expert.

Bloggeris clean, basic and connected to her existing Google account. It’s the easiest means to create and manage lot of blogs, interact with other people in the real world and also keep track of interesting write-ups inan exceptionally neat and also tidy newsfeed.

Tumblris positively best for the non-committal blog writer. This is a an excellent place to simply fool around, have fun and also post any multimedia content that records your eye. You have the right to write lengthier write-ups if the mood strikes you, however on the various other hand can write-up hilarious cat photos with one-word comments attached. If you’re reluctant to start a blog, start here. Odds are good that you’ll find something exciting to post and comment ~ above every day! Read much more about discovering Spanish with Tumblr here.

2. Discover writing buddies.


HelloTalkis like WhatsApp because that those of us without any kind of friends who space Spanish natives. You’ll get all the fun of one international, multimedia message service, yet with a language learning spin on things. It’s essentiallya society media site built specificallyfor the needs and desires of language learners.

Meeting world is beyond an easy here, together users room a specifically enthusiastic and committed crowd. You deserve to search for a other language learner who fits the invoice (someone who’s a indigenous Spanish speaker) or plug in your information and also let them uncover you (or both)!

Spanish is among over 100 language alternatives offered here, for this reason you can chat with someone in Spanish and also offerthem communication in whatever other language you recognize well. Send messages earlier and forth, make totally free phone calls and connect yourself v the Spanish-speaking world.

Not sure around making call calls come a brand-new person right away? HelloTalk is made for modern-day social media users—it will review every text post you get out loud in traditional Spanish pronunciation, therefore you’ll get a great sense that the natural circulation of Spanish even if girlfriend neverring someone’s phone. You can likewise speak Spanish straight into the app and also have it typed out effectively for you. HelloTalk will also go therefore far regarding correct your grammar and also spelling along the way—hoorah! and if you’re in ~ a full loss, simply speak or compose in English and HelloTalk will pop out a perfect Spanish translation.


italkiis frequently recommended come Spanish learners who are seeking tutors and also chat buddies, yet one often overlooked attribute is the italkiNotebook.It’s prefer a blog for language learners, however much, much less complicated than your usual blogging platform.

Simply make her profile and start creating entries. The longer the better, since users here really take your writing exercise seriously. The longer you write, the more in-depth feedback you’ll obtain on your work. Return the favor to the community and correct some English language posts as well!

You have the right to then decide to schedule some time through a complimentary language exchange partner or a paid, exclusive language tutor below on italki, and also they can check out her writing, correct it and also offer girlfriend feedback.


WhatsAppis a multimedia messaging organization used in Europe and several Spanish-speaking countries. If you’ve obtained friends that speak Spanish, take advantage of this relationship! Chit-chat top top WhatsApp in your spare time, don’t forget to try outits microphone icon that lets yousend brief voice recordings to her friends.


Redditisn’t simply for browsing varied internet content, it additionally boasts a huge, diverse ar that you can connect with. Shot subreddits for details countries andregions (such together /r/latinoamerica and /r/ecuador) or for the Spanish language chin (/r/spanishand /r/espanol).Heck, girlfriend can even go ideal ahead and lie your confront off about your knowledge and also life experiences. Tell stories that never happened come you. The doesn’t issue if you’retelling fake story to internet strangers. The necessary thing is the you’re practicing your Spanish writing.Readmore around learning Spanish through Reddit here.

3. Stay in touch!

We’ve all encountered some Spanish speaker in our lives, no matter where us live. Possibly you understand an exchange college student from Argentina in your neighborhood, or you had actually a ChileanSpanish teacher in high school.

Did you ever live abroad in a Spanish-speaking country?Then I’m willing to bet you still have actually some Spanish natives ~ above your facebook friends list, chat application contacts or email call list. Gain in touch! A quick message saying “Hola, qué tal?”might open up a people of exercise opportunities.

Write her old homestay household a lovely postcard or letter, and also then ship that off via snail mail.It’s never ever too so late to revive old connections, and also people are always thrilled to view that someone thought of them.

4. Usage social media because that good.

Social mediais a simple solution if you’ve gained friends that speak Spanish out there ~ above the internet. It also works for making friends and also discovering brand-new resources. Oh, and also you can constantly broadcast your Spanish think to the world without real-world friends acting together your audience. You can even create a separate Twitter, PinterestorFacebookaccount to monitor Spanish pages and post her thoughts.

5. Turn routine writing tasks into Spanish practice time.

On a day-to-day basis, what do you commonly write? are you one obsessive list-writer? execute you do pro and also con list when challenged with large decisions? do you favor to keep notes or keep track of her schedule via day planner or calendar? Most world keep note of part kind, even if it’s only a grocery shopping list.

Start managing your life in Spanish! Every small bit of exercise counts. Plus, it’s to be proven the thinking, speaking and writing in a foreign language helps you be an all-around far better decision-maker.

Worried the writing precise notes is too vital to chaos up with rudimentary Spanish? Well, that just bumps up the stakes and also makes writing wonderful Spanish that much an ext important!

6. Begin some personal projects.

A an individual writing project might be a diary, dream journal, scrapbook or nature journal (documenting the wildlife and plants in her backyard and beyond—yes, I’m a science nerd).

Writing is an extraordinarily valuable tool for self-reflection. Remember how we’re better decision-makers when operating in international languages? turns out that doesn’t just stop at decisions—putting in some extra mental processing strength whileforming sentences usually helps united state to be more thoughtful, insightful and also careful with our words.

And, when this is rather up for conflict in the psychological community, speaking a 2nd language can actually give you a entirely different perspective on the world—and yourself. You’ve expanded your etymological and cultural horizons by finding out Spanish and, to part extent, are finding out to see the people through a Spanish lens.

That can just average that you write out your thoughts more eloquently or romantically than you can in English (I mean, Spanish is rather a flowing, beautiful language). The might additionally mean you’ll it is in approaching her thoughts, ideas and also feelings from a whole various angle.

Plus, all your an individual projects will acquire an included layer that privacy protection if your nosey small brother doesn’t speak Spanish. Unfortunately for me, my little bro started finding out Spanish roughly the same time i did. Sigh.

7. Get lots of great reading material.

Reading dramatically improves international (and native) language composing ability.So, start applying this to your Spanish now!

Want to know what you can read?

Come on, you read some little thing every day. If you live ~ above the internetlike the remainder of us poor souls, that method that you’ll read much, much more. As a full-fledged citizens of the internet, I’ll admit that i blitz v newspaper articles, essays, literary pieces, study journal publications, memes, blogs, BuzzFeed funnies, webcomics, emails, society media to update and an ext on a constant basis. Now, I may not retain all that information, but I’m absolutely getting substantial exposure to language.

Now, let’s change the language of every this content. Discover your favorite sources of details in Spanish. All large internet enterprise are prolonging their reaches to the Spanish-speaking world, for this reason you’ll be able to enjoy BBC, CNN, Vice, BuzzFeed, Vogueand an ext popular information sources digital in Spanish. Easy.

Equally necessary is unplugging and also getting offline for a if every day, as much for your Spanish advancement as for your mental, physical, emotional and also spiritual well-being. Seriously, acquire off the suturing internet. Over there are great Spanish language publications out there because that beginners,intermediate learners and advanced learners approaching fluency.And if you’re yes, really resistant to placing down the technology, you could constantly resort to analysis ane-book!

8. Keep writing apps handy.

As lot as I want you to acquire off the tech for a tiny while, apps are simply too comfortable to ignore. Lock can help you stay focused on creating on a everyday basis.Blogging appswill keep you constantly associated to your blog, it is in it ~ above WordPress, Bloggeror Tumblr.

A straightforward notekeeping appor word processing appis an excellent for keeping track of ideas when incentive hits and also you’re not close to your computer. There space plenty of great, work and cost-free apps choose these because that both iPhone and also Android.


If you like using your phone or tablet for composing (this is appropriate for irradiate travelers), you could even usage an application for journaling. Day Oneis the cleanest, best organized and all-around most aesthetically-pleasing application designed for this purpose.

There are all kinds of services to keeping a digital diary or journal. If you choose an awesome application like day One, your journal is portable, automatically backs itself up and also stores duplicates in instance of emergency, allows you develop rich multimedia entries and also even offers you the alternative to publish and share if you’re emotion social.

9. MakeGoogle analyze your reliable companion.


So, let’s say you’re top top board with all these great daily writing ideas, however are quiet daunted through the job of actually creating in Spanish. If you’re at a high-intermediate or progressed level that Spanish and also your writing skill is lagging behind, Google Translatecan teach you come write prefer a boss.

Some will certainly argue that this is cheating, or not good practice, yet I’ll personally testify to the services of making use of Google interpret to teach you to write.

Write what you want to write in your indigenous language, or choose any kind of old text in your native language, and also then copy-paste it right into Google Translate. Translate that sucker into Spanish. Ns know, it already feels like cheating. Currently you’re walk to walk through and also carefully editthe text, paying close attention to syntax, diction and grammar. You require to acquire this text to sound as close to natural, native-levelSpanish composing as possible. Once done properly, girlfriend can develop a glorious, smoothly-flowing Spanish text with this method.

If you’re submitting a document for a classroom assignment, execute not straight translate released English content—you should recognize better, that’s plagiarism, fool. If you’re a beginning of the person or if girlfriend don’t feel completely familiar with herbal Spanish syntax and language usage, don’t walk this route. This is good for higher-level learner who’ve acquired Spanish reading, speaking and listening under pat, as they have the right to employ their existing knowledge to get texts perfectly translated.

10.Time your composing activities.

It’s as simple as the sounds. Put push on yourself, include structure and come up with a little daily challenge. Time yourself for 10, 20 or 30 minutes and also create a goal for the time period. Say, “I’ll create one quick blog article in 20 minutes,” or “I’ll explain the café roughly me in 10 minutes while ns sip this latte.” host yourself to the allotted time and see what you have the right to come up with!

Don’t be fear to integrate this tactic through your other chosen daily Spanish composing practices. For example, if you’ve preferred to create blog posts, diary entries or dream newspaper notes, provide yourself a time border in i m sorry to perform this.

Without a time limit, you can never also get started due to the fact that the possibility of creating a page of Spanish is also intimidating—it sounds favor it can take two hours to accomplish. When you have actually in mind the the task will just take 10 quick minutes to accomplish, it’s much easierto get urged to start.

11. Narrate your day-to-day activities.

This is a wonderfully an easy activity that requires no extra work. It’s an excellent advice for writers in general, due to the fact that it gets you thinking creatively every day long. You’ll continuous be functioning on generating new Spanish sentences and also descriptions.

For example, together you walk about the grocery store store, describe the people and things roughly you in Spanish. As soon as you’re debating purchase something, mentally conflict it in Spanish. ~ something hilarious has actually just occurred to you, think around how you’d describe that occasion to someone in Spanish. Jot down any type of particularly good word selections or sentence in her notebook or note-keeping app for later on use!

This isn’t just an excellent for motivating your writing—you’ll also get an excellent practice informing stories and jokes in Spanish, i beg your pardon is essential for fun and also fluent conversation!

After all, the whole point of discovering Spanish is to connect well through people, right?

Start incorporating these straightforward resources and tasks into your daily life, and also Spanish composing will shortly become 2nd nature!

And One more Thing…

If you"ve made that this far that method you most likely enjoy discovering Spanish through engaging material and will certainly then love

various other sites use scripted content. uses a natural method that helps you ease right into the Spanish language and culture over time. You’ll discover Spanish as it’s actually talked by actual people. has actually a wide selection of videos, as you can see here:

* brings aboriginal videos within reach through interactive transcripts. You can tap on any type of word come look it up instantly. Every meaning has instances that have been created to assist you understand how the native is used. If you check out an interesting word you don’t know, girlfriend can include it to a vocab list.


testimonial a finish interactive transcript under the Dialogue tab, and find words and also phrases provided under Vocab.


find out all the vocabulary in any video clip with’s robust learning engine. Swipe left or ideal to see more examples of the word you’re on.


The best component is that keeps track of the vocabulary that you’re learning, and also gives you extra practice with challenging words. It"ll also remind you as soon as it’s time to review what you’ve learned. Every learner has a truly personalized experience, also if they’re discovering with the very same video.

start using on the website v your computer system or tablet computer or, much better yet, download the app.

Download: This blog short article is available as a convenient and portable PDF that youcan take anywhere. Click below to gain a copy. (Download)

If you liked this post, something tells me that you"ll love, the best method to discover Spanish v real-world videos.

experience Spanish immersion online!

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