How becasue Atton always has his pressure pointer at the middle and he cant use a lightsaber, and does this work-related for the Handmaiden aswell?

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Everyone can weild the force, other than for Mandalaore, T3, and HK-47.Visas is a giveaway, and also depending ~ above if you"re male or female, you obtain either Handmaiden (male) or Disciple (female).... Because they don"t prefer real names.
Disciple walk Jedi is simple, speak to the mofo sufficient times and make him feeling wanted. Eventually after asking the right questions and giving light-side natured answers, that asks you to train the in the means of the force.Pretty lot the same thing v Handmaiden, only you need to spar with her 3 times, and to obtain all three matches, ns think you have to raise your character level come 20 something.Mira too, if you ask she why she looks choose a caged animal on plank the Ebon Hawk, after doing the talky-talky regime till friend get whatever out of her about her past and what taken place with Hanhaaaaaaar. Then put her in your party and also walk around the big ring area in Nar Shaddaaaaaa.You had a vision right here that Kreia guided girlfriend through, and also you"ll guide Mira through hers.Bao-Dur have the right to only become a jedi through elevating experience. Basically, this way doing good deeds if he"s in your party. Sucks, cuz if you have others in your party, occasionally they react instead of Bao", and also they obtain the influece, not Bao". Boots them off right rapid to ensure Bao" gets influenced. When you have actually enough, you deserve to ask him more questions. Not too hard, if friend play indigenous the gain go as a female, it"s possible to turn everybody capable, into Jedi after and during Nar Shaddaa. (if male, afterward would certainly be bringing back Mira, and finding Disciple, unless you perform Dantooine first- female, simply bring earlier Mira. However, periodically Atton can need more encouraging to gain sufficient influence since most is used on either him, or Bao Dur at this time, unless you don"t walk to Nar Shaddaa first).Atton demands to it is in questioned, after you walk to the refugee sector that Nar Shaddaa, 2 twilekki males will tell friend they know of Atton. Speak to them, periodically you have to pay if you haven"t helped much that the refugees yet, and hear what they say about Atton. Then on the Ebon Hawk, inquiry Atton. Give great natured replies, and also if sufficient experience, Atton speak you the totality story, and also asks to be trained in the methods of the force.