We’ll take it a guess. You just bought the coolest silicone ring top top the market and also you’re all set to get that thing on her finger! but when girlfriend slipped it on, it simply dangled, feeling more like a game of horseshoes than a perfect fit.

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Oops! the looks choose you either must shrink the ring or discover a different outlet for her leopard print obsession.

As it turns out, we do have a couple of tips for you as you figure out just how to resize her silicone ring.


Go crazy on YouTube

Have you ever noticed, if watching a “good ol’ days” film, that the an initial response to an injury is “go boil part water!” We never do discover out what they do with it. Well… boiling water is the fix-all ‘cause that’s what every those YouTube tutorials are going to have you execute in order to DIY your ring into the perfect fit. If you walk this route, it is in careful! You might not have actually much that a ring to present for all that work-related if you mess this one up.

If you’re like many people, the DIY method will go something like this:

Boil part water.Use steel tongs to reduced your ring in the cook water.Hope because that the best!Clean up the mess while wiping away tears of bitterness regret.Buy a brand-new ring (if it’s no a Groove ring.)

The good ol’ cut-and-glue method

You probably already know what we’re gonna to speak here. Take a pair of scissors, cut a small slice the end of the ring, and use part super glue - or duct ice cream if she that man - and it’ll be as great as new… kinda. This an approach is an especially effective if you desire your ring come look choose a terminal wagon right out of the demolition derby. 


Reconsider your ring firm loyalty and also get groovin’ v Groove Life.

Let’s be honest… those previous two choices are completely a joke.

If you’re trying to shrink her silicone ring… we are simply gonna go the end on a limb and also say the you bought that from the wrong place. If she purchasing a silicone ring, i m sorry is actually made come break and save her finger indigenous injury, you need a heavy warranty backing the up.

And… that’s our cue.


At Groove Life, we market our customers a 94-Year No BS Warranty! That way whether your ring is lost, stretches out, or breaks, we’ll replace it! We also offer a 30-day exchange and also return window so you have the right to swap the ring out for a various size if it no fit ideal the an initial time! but we don’t think you’ll need that window.


Here’s the deal. We have THREE comfortable dandy methods you can measure your ring size best from her home.

Still no 100% certain you’re in? check this out. We developed the #1 breathable silicone ring on the market. Not only are Groove assets backed by a radical warranty, yet they are the many comfortable ring you deserve to find. We also make Apple, Samsung, and Fitbit bands that room flexible, durable, and also just level cool!


“But mine ring keeps stretching out…”

If did you do it bought a high quality silicone ring yet it keeps stretching out (even after we changed it), you probably searching for something through an extra level of durability. We recommend you inspect out the Zeus Anti-Stretch™. Created for athletes, adventurers, and folks who press the limits, this ring won’t wear the end on you anytime soon. Read more about the Zeus appropriate here.

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If you’re loving the Groove Life vibe and want to check out what the buzz is about, girlfriend can check out our products, No BS guarantee info, and also a BRAND brand-new product right below on ours website!

Best that luck to you in her ring-shrinking goals! we’ll be right here for ya once you’re prepared to floor on a ring that will last for life.