If you want to say “put” in Spanish, the most generally used verb is “poner.” You can say “Voy a poner un florero en la mesa.” which means “I’m going to put a flower vase on the table.” the note, “poner” has actually an rarely often, rarely yo conjugation in the current tense. Let’s take a look:

Yo pongo = i putTú pones = you putÉl/ella/Ud. Pone = the or she putsNosotros ponemos = we putVosotro ponéis = You all putEllos/ellas/Uds. Ponen = castle put

“To put” can additionally be express with other verbs. You’ll likely hear “colocar” and “dejar” supplied in conversation. “Colocar” is supplied to define positioning (or putting) other in a particular spot, when “dejar” has tendency to be supplied when expressing leave (or putting) miscellaneous behind.

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Getting comfortable with a verb that has several Spanish translations have the right to take part time. Yet remember, you don’t have to tackle them every at once. Together you relocate forward on her language journey, you’ll find out to identify which alternative to use v the context of the sentence.

When you begin your journey, there space some straightforward building blocks that are a good place come start. These are essential words and also phrases such as who, what, when, where, why, yes, no, please, and more. Mastering these basics deserve to put friend on the route to having day-to-day conversations in Spanish. This is a much more complete list of the an easy words and also phrases:

¿Quién? = Who?¿Qué? = What?¿Por qué? = Why?¿Dónde? = Where?Hola = Hello = YesNo = NoMe gusta = i likeNo me gusta = ns don’t likeAdiós = GoodbyePor favor = PleaseGracias = thank youLo siento = SorrySalud = Bless you

And this is the good news: if you currently speak another significant European language, discovering Spanish need to go smoothly. Due to the fact that English, simply as Italian and French, has deep root in Latin, and these languages every share countless words with modern-day Spanish. These mutual words are dubbed cognates and also have far-reaching similarities in spelling and/or pronunciation. That’s why you’ll notice that there are plenty of English words and phrases choose the native “normal” that sound remarkably comparable in French (normale), Italian (normale), and also Spanish (normal).

To improve your pronunciation, you’ll need immediate feedback on your efforts. Feedback will guide you in making required corrections. Rosetta stone helps girlfriend dial in her pronunciation v our TruAccent™ speech-recognition engine. TruAccent compares your voice come native and non-native speakers—in real-time—so you acquire the feedback you require for the many accurate pronunciation. It’s additionally adjustable, which permits you to tweak your accent as needed. TruAccent is a powerful tool because that helping you learn and speak the Spanish language.

Once you have learned to pronounce straightforward words and short phrases, it’s a natural transition to relocate to the longer phrases that consist of so much of day-to-day conversation. Rosetta Stone’s focused, 10-minute lessons are developed in just this way—first teaching the basics, then tackling the much longer phrases. This method helps you get the skills to speak Spanish v confidence.

Surround yourself v Spanish whenever, wherever v the Rosetta stone app .

Download a unit and knock it out on the train or a flight. Choose a 5-10 minute lesson and sneak that in while you wait in heat or for your ride to display up. And explore dynamic features, prefer Seek and Speak, whereby you can suggest at things in the real world and also get a translation .

The best part? friend don’t have to pick between application or desktop. Both come with your subscription and also sync, therefore you can switch between devices seamlessly.



I've been making use of Rosetta stone for years to gain basic competency in many languages including German, French, Italian, and recently Chinese and Russian. Starts through the very basics teaching basic vocabulary and also grammar without any kind of memorization. I've even impressed part locals in mine travels v pronunciation and fluency. This is great place to start if interested in beginning to discover a brand-new language or to brush up on one learned year ago.

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I to be trying out Rosetta Stone, to watch if it will assist out v the correct grammar and also conversation (as well together learning just how to read and write the language). In ~ a week, i can currently master the sentence structure and start discovering the grammar through particles. The local ar is for this reason excited to see that i am beginning to find out their language. The end of all the language discovering tools the end there, ns 100% introduce Rosetta Stone!


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