Move her bowels may be as well polite and also sounds strained, and also merely saying shit sounds offensive. What do indigenous speaker say then when you need to relocate your bowels, particularly when a parent asks his toddlers even if it is they have to shit?


I"ll assume you"re talking about usage in mixed firm where an excellent manners room required. Phibìc Americans seem to usage "go come the bathroom" come cover a wide selection of excretory and ablutionary functions, nevertheless of whether an actual bathroom is within walking distance. Brits can use the comparable "go come the lavatory" or "go to the loo". Us Australians will frequently say "go to the toilet" or "use the toilet" - "toilet" being a native considered almost taboo in details other societies - return "bathroom" is rise into common usage.

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If you"re talking specifically about bowel activities as protest to urination, ns wouldn"t think over there is a need to specify one or the various other in polite circles. If with close friend or family, you can say something like "do a poo" or "take a crap". There would certainly be a thousands synonyms because that "having a shit" I"m sure.

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In AmE, "Poop" is the present terminology. That is, in a squeaky voice:

I have to poop

is what the kids say these days. Adults typically don"t often tend to feel choose sharing the specific mode that ...export. They could euphemize even further and also just say "I have to go" or "I really need to go".

"Number one" for urinate and also "number two" because that defecate was the terminology i remember indigenous childhood (but is additionally not childish and also not taboo (that is, not prefer "shit", the is really plain sounding))

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As you deserve to see native the answers so far, this is not a straightforward question to answer.

We"ve had actually answers that specifically mention Australian and US usage. I"ll execute my ideal to answer for Britain return I"m afraid there will certainly be differences in various parts the the country.

In the version of brothers that ns speak I have actually known variants readjust with the generations. Ns have additionally known differences in between different families of the very same generation.

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Some possibilities.


Young child: Mummy, I need a wee! (urination)

Young child: Mummy, I require a poo! (defecation)

Mother: perform you need a wee/poo?


Farmer: John, can you resolve the cow shit native the yard? (I have operated on a farm yard so I understand this is used without there being any sense that it gift a poor word.))