Lime and Lemon (Lima and Limón) in Latin America: A pair that words through a particularly complex relationship.

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English speakers finding out Spanish should come to be familiar with some of the typical vocabulary pitfalls, embarazada and also embarrassed being one of the most notorious. These are referred to as false friends - the etymological - not the human variety. Likewise known as false cognates, they are words that sound comparable in both languages yet do not have the exact same meaning.

When it concerns food a couple of more involved mind: Tuna is a prickly pear in Spanish, when tuna fish is atún - although part now contact it tuna in Spanish too. Cola is a tail, not a carbonated drink. One abogado is a lawyer, no an avocado. Meringue is suspiro, no merengue, the Dominican national dance.A pair that false friends v a particularly complicated relationship is lemon and lime in Spanish.

Lime and lemon in Spanish

You’d think the in Spanish lemon would be referred to as limón and also lime would be lima.

But it’s no that simple.

In an effort to make sense of this, I discovered that in nations where limes are more common – like lot of Latin America - castle are dubbed limones, while lemons space sometimes recognized as limas. This is the situation in Mexico at least. In various other places, choose the Dominican Republic, limón is supplied for both lemon and lime.

The common lime eaten in the DR is the the Persian lime variety. The scientific name is Citrus×latifolia. As lemons (Citrus×limon) are less common, lock are called by the more descriptive surname of limón amarillo.

In Spain, whereby lemons are much an ext common 보다 limes, lemons space limones and limes space limas, and this is confirmed by the real Academia definitions that explain limones together yellow and limas as green.

The beginning of words "lemon" is assumed to be center Eastern, indigenous the Arabic laymun and from the Persian limun, the share term for citrus fruit. The really fruit source in Asia and it is claimed that Columbus himself lugged the very first seeds to Hispaniola in 1493.

Lemons room a subtropical/tropical crop, but they rarely appear in markets and supermarkets in the Dominican Republic. It would certainly be exciting to uncover out even if it is this is since they can’t prosper here. Maybe it’s simply that no one is cultivating them commercially. Although lemons do have actually a contempt different, softer flavor that goes much better with details things, top top the whole, I prefer limes.

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In Dominican cooking, limes are provided in juices like jugo de avena and morir soñando, and in marinades for chicken and fish.