Carefully wiggle the tab till the seal is contempt broken, this will allow a little of gas to quietly hiss out.Once the have the right to stops hissing proceed pulling the deserve to ring up slowly to avoid any type of metal noise.

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2. Lower The Temperature that The Can

Reducing the temperature of a pressurized can will considerably reduce the air press inside the can.This method you have the right to open it with minimal hissing sounds.

You don"t need to totally freeze the materials of the can, 10-15 minute in a freezer need to be long enough to lug the air push down without solidifying the liquid inside it.Once the can has actually been inside the freezer because that long enough remove it and carefully and slowly lift increase the tab so the it doesn"t do a huge noise as soon as the seal breaks, because of the short temperature there have to be practically no hissing sound.

3. Push The deserve to Opening

Instead that pulling the tab to open the can gradually pushing the opened of the deserve to is a much quieter means to open up your can.Put the have the right to down ~ above a firm secure surface and slowly use pressure ~ above the can opening through the base of her thumb.

Keep using pressure till the seal division a tiny bit, this will permit some of the pressurized gas come escape without making the loud "pop" the is caused by several gas escaping quickly.Allow the gas to proceed to escape until it stop hissing, as soon as it has actually stopped then push the opening till the have the right to is fully open.

4. Punctured A feet In The Can

Be careful with this an approach as it have the right to be dangerous!You will require something sharp that is qualified of piercing the deserve to such together a knife or protractor.Use your chosen tool come pierce a small hole in the optimal of the deserve to which will permit the air to progressively escape.

Once the air has actually stopped coming out of the hole you can either gradually open the have the right to or you deserve to make the hole a little bit bigger and pour the liquid out of there.

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Alternatively, you might pierce the deserve to towards the bottom however be aware this can be really messy (you may obtain sprayed) therefore make certain you have containers all set to record the fluid in.This an approach will completely prevent any type of hissing noise together the wait is trapped at the height of the can and also by the moment the have the right to is empty enough for the air come escape the push has fully dropped.