For over 40 years, Medals that America has actually been the top source for army medal mounting, awards, and decorations. Our company was built about serving our nation’s heroes and also helping them placed together their awards v ease and also confidence, and we still honor our foundation.

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As a veteran owned and also operated company, Medals the America understands the prominence of your placed medals rack. Her medals should be placed in bespeak of precedence, have the correct attachments in the correct order and also placements, and show the high quality you deserve. We have actually perfected the art of military medal mounting and ribbons and take pride in our craft.


Mounting your maritime Corps Medals for the annual Marine Corps round is a vast deal because that us, we share the excitement you have of getting your uniform together and also updating or re-purchasing placed medal racks. We know the importance and also timeliness the requires and will always work with you to make sure you have actually your medals before the big night.

How your Medals space Mounted

We have taken the time and also dedication to develop our brand-new online medal rack builder to be perfect down to the last information including staggered mounting and order the precedence for multi-branch company members. Pick your current branch the service, the size medals you want, and also the medallion’s finish, i beg your pardon is traditional or anodized.

Building her Rack

When selecting your medals for her rack, girlfriend don’t have to worry around selecting lock in stimulate of precedence, that’s our job. When you usage our virtual medals rack builder the medals space automatically collection in stimulate of precedence, so you have actually one much less thing to worry about. If girlfriend forget a medal, it’s no problem. If you choose your nationwide Defense business medal critical it will certainly be in the correct order when you check out your rack.

Even if you served in a branch prior to the maritime Corps and need multi-service medals, us are already one step ahead. Our medal rack builder is totally integrated to identify multi-branch medal racks, so girlfriend don’t have to worry about choosing the order of precedence.

Adding your attachments come your maritime medals are now much easier than ever. When selecting your medal, push “Configure Medal” listed below the image of your medal and from there you are able to allow any attachments your branch enables and as numerous as friend need.

Before your rack gets sent out to ours mounting department, you space able to preview your accomplishments and make any final adjustments. When you submit her order, your Marine medals rack is turn off to our mounting department.

A lot of Marines knife “Ribbon Only” awards that are worn in tandem with their an installed medals on their uniforms. The ribbon just awards are included in the digital mounting process as well together if friend call and get your awards made.

If you want a an ext personable approach to structure your medal rack, our military Awards Specialists are basically a walking, living, breathing medal rack builder. They will aid you recognize how many bronze stars you need on your marine Corps great Conduct Medal and also your nationwide Defense service Medal.

Your placed medals are mounted with a pen clutch backing that we have been using for decades and also will resist the check of time No matter just how impressive your an installed medals are, they’ll look at perfect and also won’t move an inch on your uniform.


Military Medal Mounting Process

At Medals of America, us take the time to carefully and also expertly craft your medals starting from the ribbons and medallions design by the institute of Heraldry. Every medal has a various length drape it hangs from, and we measure up twice, cut once for this reason every medal is certain perfect and holds as much as our standards and also yours.

Once the ribbons are reduced the medallions are placed on every ribbon and clasped together, every medal is mounted in order of precedence and also following your branch’s regulations. Because that Marines, the number of medals identify how many medals are placed per row and also how many rows each rack has.

The medals space measured and placed evenly and perfectly and also the bottom the the medallions space evenly. The ribbon awards space worn on the best breast ~ above the uniform v the placed medals on the left breast.

Finals Steps

After her medals room expertly and carefully mounted, lock are high quality checked by our veteran staff of military Awards Specialists. Every medal is inspected for precedence, the all awards space present and also on the exactly medal, and also there are no flaws in the medallion.

Each medal set is signed off as good to go and is sent to it is in vacuum sealed and packed to be sent out to you. Walk we simply say “vacuum sealed”?! We sure did!

Every collection of medals, full size or miniature, is vacuum sealed nice and also tight, so her medals don’t jangle and also bang about in the delivery process. Us wouldn’t contact ourselves the best in the company if we jeopardize the verity of your mounted medals during delivery. Medallions are heavy, and we all recognize cross-country delivery isn’t a smooth ride, therefore we are taking extra actions to guarantee that your medals look together pristine in her hands and also on her uniform as they perform the 2nd after we mount them.

Our Guarantee

At Medals that America, we have actually been mounting the medals the servicemen and servicewomen because that 40 years and also have continued to it is in the leader in military medal mounting since of ours precision, dedication, and hard work-related making certain every medals and also ribbon collection is perfect before it leaves our doors and also arrives in ~ yours.

If, for any reason, your awards are not approximately your standards, offer us a call at 1-800-308-0849 and also talk to among our army Awards professionals to gain squared away.

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We abide through the steal Valor Act and also protect the integrity of every one of our medals and also what they average to you, her service, and also your love ones. As soon as purchasing a silver- Star Medal and higher in precedence approximately the business Cross, Air pressure Cross, or marine Cross, we require proof of gift awarded the medal– it’s no that us don’t think you, we just want to save the verity of valorous and also meritorious medals.