A broom is a device that is supplied for cleaning. Basically, when we affix fabric or cotton with a stick for the cleaning the is dubbed a broom. Mostly, it is supplied to clean the big areas choose school, and also collage halls. A broom is also an element in small Alchemy 2. It is why plenty of people shot to make a broom in tiny alchemy 2.

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But many of them, don’t know the procedures of do a broom. If friend are one of them, this write-up is because that you. For the make of a broom, first, we have to make hay and also wood. In this article, we will certainly tell you, step by step that exactly how to make a broom in small Alchemy 2.

Steps to make a Broom in little Alchemy 2:

Before informing you around the steps, we want to tell friend something about the make of a broom. Because that making a broom, first, we need to make some things, for making hay and wood. Then at the end, we will certainly mix the wood into the hay to make a broom. Follow the below-mentioned steps!
In the first step, we will make Pond:Water + Water = PuddlePuddle + puddle = PondIn the 2nd step, we will certainly make Sea:Pond + Pond = LakeLake + Lake = SeaIn the third step, we will make Primordial Soup:Sea + planet = Primordial SoupIn the fourth step, we will certainly make Life:Fire + Fire = EnergyEnergy + Primordial Soup = LifeIn the fifth step, we will make Soil/Animal:Earth + earth = LandLand + Life = Soil(Animal)In the 6th step, we will make Plant:Soil + Life = PlantIn the 7th step, we will certainly make Stone:Earth + Fire = LavaLava + waiting = StoneIn the 8th step, we will certainly make Mud:Earth + Water = MudIn the ninth step, we will make Farmer:Stone + dirt = ClayClay + Life = HumanHuman + tree = FarmerIn the 10th step, we will certainly make Hay/Wheat:Plant + planet = GrassGrass + Farmer = Hay(Wheat)In the 11th step, we will make Planet:Land + earth = ContinentContinent + Continent = PlanetIn the 12th step, we will certainly make Astronaut:Planet + earth = Solar SystemSolar mechanism + Solar device = AstronautIn the 13th step, we will make Philosophy:Astronaut + Astronaut = IdeaIdea + human being = PhilosophyIn the 14th step, we will certainly make Tree:Solar mechanism + philosophy = BigBig + plant = TreeIn the 15th step, we will make Wood:Stone + person = ToolTool + Tree = WoodIn the 16th step, finally, we will certainly make a Broom:Wood + Hay = Broom

Video indict on how to make a Broom in tiny Alchemy 2:

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