Connie - respectable 17

Hi. Mine names is Connie and also I"m almost 14 and also have been having s_x v my 15 year old BFfor much more than 6 months. 9 times the end of 10 we have actually unprotected s_x however he speak me he does no c_m within me. His p__s is hard and also dry when he start me and also most of the moment he is an extremely soft and sticky once we room done. My concern is how can I tell if that is c_mming within me. The is telling the truth about not c_mming inside me or am I just lucky the I have not gotten pregnant. I obtain my duration on or around the 24th of each month. However, this morning I had actually just a little pinkish liquid leaking ours of me.

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karine - respectable 17

Well...the means that friend would understand if he come inside girlfriend is if he came outside???did he....if not than yes he came inside you. And whether or not he did...it"s no a protection. Tap the money is no a type of bear control. Reason they have actually a pre-ejaculation before they get their orgasm. And you can obtain preggo. With that. And the clues of blood that you got can be her periods yet it could additionally be one implantation bleeding. Ns if were you i would certainly take a pregnant test and if your not pregnant and you do acquire your common periods....please use some kind of birth control..ask your mother for the pill..or tell your bf to buy condoms,.

Shannon - august 17

if a boy ejaculates inside you it will drain out. If it was tough going in and soft coming out he more than likely did. Unless he has a problem ejaculating. I really hope you are not pregnant. If you can"t trust youb/f don"t sleep through him. Go to the wellness department get a check if you period does no start. Walk there anyways and geet youself ~ above pills or the shot(even better)

Shana - respectable 17

Hunny sorry to to explode your little bubble, however he go in friend if he traction out and also it is limp and also sticky. You will usually feel a heat feeling, if you walk to the washroom after and also wipe girlfriend will be able to see the c_m. An excellent Luck! You should read increase on s_x and also the consequences!

Jen - august 17

Does any type of white ingredient come out when you stand up? If so, its most likely sperm and also he did come inside.

To Karine from Connie - respectable 17

What is implantation bleeding? Is this what ns having since I should not acquire my period for a week.

Tessa - august 17

I bet the blood the you see is you spotting..the only reason I recognize is the I"ve believed I to be a pregnant teenager before.But ns think that the various other peoples are right..I likewise think you require a pregnancy test.Good luck!!

!!!OUTRAGED mother - august 17

CHILDREN SHOULDN"T BE having s_x and also MAKING an ext CHILDREN. Walk PLAY ~ above THE SWINGSET.

adriana - august 17

this goes come !!!OUTRAGED MOTHER. I m really sorry hunny however unless girlfriend haven"t noticed this forum is because that pregnant teens and last ns heard you gain pregnant native s_x for this reason if you execute not great to read around "children" together you called us having actually s_x. Leave. I"ll go play ~ above a swingset. As soon a my infant is born!

Grandpa Viv - august 17

When a young "c_ms" his p___s kinda pulses, and you have the right to feel that if he is in you. Then it go limp after a minute or so. I are afraid he has not been telling you the truth. Pink spotting a week prior to your duration is often implantation. Examine www.ppowb.org/gv/ for indications you can expect later on this week. Great luck!

OUTRAGED mommy - august 17

If a son doesn"t know if a boy has actually c_m, than it is clear to me they room not wise and also mature enough to be having actually s_x. My suggest is, why space teens rushing to it is in adults? us all only live once.

To OUTRAGED mother - august 19

Accept that s_x is a component of life. It is nothing new that adolescents are having actually s_x it has gone top top much much longer than girlfriend are result in believe. They are going to perform it and also people shouldn’t shut your eyes to it. The factor why teens are getting pregnant is they space too fear to ask civilization like girlfriend for assist and advice. If us were all more open around s_x with children the world would it is in a much far better place. Ns am not saying come encourage teen s_x but a small help would certainly go follow me way. For instance Connie isn’t sure around whether her b/f is ejaculating within her. She has actually come on below to obtain advice and gets that type of answer indigenous you as soon as she is realising the her b/f might be lying come her. She is trying to prevent pregnancy with seeking help and human being here are doing precisely that and not judging her. Ns think you might be a little naive and also seen as you are a mother I hope you deserve to be open and honest with your children to stop them making comparable mistakes.

:( - august 20

TEENS!!! recognize your facts prior to you have actually s_x! What"s every this nonsense?? friend don"t recognize much about pregnancy or diseases, correct s_x is a component of life and can also mean the end of life because that some. There room AIDS, Im sure all this teens have actually heard the it yet why not safeguard themselves?? That"s why the AIDS epidemic is how it is. :(

Princetongirl818 - October 18

Hi im brand-new on this and also i have actually a question. My bf and also i make the efforts to have actually sex 2 days earlier but the came too quick and also i have actually no idea if he came inside me or not since im 18 years old and he is 19 therefore i have actually no idea if its feasible if im pregnant because i finished my duration last week. Please help

Princetongirl818 - October 18

Also i have 2 symptoms and also it was unprotected sex 

Grandpa Viv - October 18

Princeton, the fertile home window goes from cycle day 8 thru 16 (of 28) with cycle work 1 gift the an initial day of her period. Friend may have been close to ovulation frequently cycle job 14. I'm guessing he to be far enough inside when he came to be of concern. It's still not too late come take arrangement B if you room worried, yet don't wait. Symptoms deserve to be in her mind. The real ones don't begin until implantation around 5 job after ovulation.

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This man is too quickly excited. Offer him a hand job next time, and also have him return the favor. Climate you will certainly be all set to get down to major business. Purchase your very own condoms and also vaginal spermicide, usage both and also stay away from the fertile home window and you will be together safe as deserve to be.

nananiaka - December 24

Hi I'm 16 and I just had actually sex with my partner, the was utilizing a condom while we were having actually sex, yet I can't gain the question out of mine head if he came inside me or not. I observed him traction the condom out and also I ask him if he did he claimed he didn't. I'm acquiring paranoid is there anyway to tell if he come inside me or not various other than his prick being limp once he traction out. I'm really getting paranoid because what if the condom had actually a hole or something, likewise it's a day prior to my ovulation. Am ns going to obtain pregnant you re welcome help