I think this video game is terrific but there are a few technical flaws. Mechanical errors that are just sooo bad I can"t also imagine just how they got left out.

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They space a component of some outfits. Franklin and also Michael have black animal leather gloves attached to some preset outfits. And also Trevor has the fingerless gloves offered in the Merryweather Hiest.


However, every time ns equip the black hoodie there are no gloves.


I simply can"t think it. It"s a glaring flaw the is SO straightforward TO FIX however for some factor is no in the game. The gloves room there, modelled, textured, and also existing. We cannot usage them at our own

will. What the yes, really f*ck.


I desire Trevor to have actually fingerless gloves through his default outfit.


Does anyone know any exploit to obtain them?


Similar come this (taken from: http://www.gamefaqs.com/boards/634491-grand-theft-auto-v/67444817)


Some of the premade outfits have actually gloves: Michael"s jewelry keep heist suit, and also a couple of of Franklin"s Uptown Riders motorcycle outfits. Altering this outfit will eliminate the gloves, so regrettably you can"t have actually gloves on your practice outfit. several of the premade outfits have actually things that can"t it is in worn normally, like Franklin has a couple of pairs of pants the don"t show up in his wardrobe and only which the premade outfits. However sometimes friend can gain things indigenous the outfits. Because that example, numerous of Franklin"s "ghetto" outfits have actually him attract bracelets and also a watch. Over there is no menu option come equip these, but if you pick an outfit that has actually these and then alter it to equip your own an option of clothes, he"ll still have the accessories. The exact same is true with Trevor and also the digital watch the is on few of his outfits.




On a sidenote, does anyone recognize if this screenshot is authentic?



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El Zodape

Posted may 25, 2014

El Zodape


Posted may 25, 2014

It is. I had actually Trevor making use of the Prologue outfit. Stated outfit has the fingerless gloves too. One day I switched to Trevor, and also he remained in his underwear v his gloves on, similar to in the picture.


Sadly, the gloves just stay if you leaving Trevor topless either in his underwear or through the black color cargo trousers (which space a part of the Stealth outfit, which support gloves).


Hope ns helped.

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Posted might 26, 2014




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Posted might 26, 2014

If you desire Trevor"s Fingerless gloves, then you deserve to only gain them ~ beating the story. Every you need to do is wear the Stealth outfit, put on Glasses or Hats to eliminate the ski mask. Currently you are with gloves.

You can do the exact same v the other characters, yet they look terrible with it.

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Does anyone understand an exploit/glitch to acquire the gloves?
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