The cartwheel ago flip is a tumbling sequence the you can master v practice and technique. Finding out this succession will boost your overall flow if you"re a free-runner or take it you to the following level as a gymnast. The cartwheel might seem like straightforward move, however it is not. Back many civilization can do a cartwheel, no many world can perform one properly. As soon as you have a powerful, elongated cartwheel, girlfriend can connect that skill into many other tumbling moves prefer the side flip and also the ago tuck.

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The Cartwheel

Run forward and also swing your arms to develop momentum. Use dynamic movements, lifting your left leg and also your best arm simultaneously and also vice versa. Lift her arms high over your head and also lift your lead foot slightly turn off the ground. Bend your lead leg in ~ the knee but avoid lifting it also high in the air.

Tilt your top body forward by bending slightly at the waist. Then, place your lead leg earlier onto the floor and also turn your body sideways. Bending at the waist and put her lead hand down on the floor.

Kick out your command leg and also throw her body load up into a handstand position, balancing ~ above both hands. Now, spread out your foot apart and use her momentum to lug your rolling leg back down come the floor.

The back Flip

Place your lead foot back down to the floor and also bend both foot at the knee. Lower your arms down toward your sides and also tense your body. Develop the power in her leg muscles.

Circle your arms forward and spring from her legs straight right into the air. Lug your feet together and tuck her legs up towards the center of your chest. Wrap her arms about your calves or just listed below the knee.

Hold onto your calves and pull slightly backward. Tuck tightly and also whip her body end-over-end. Together your head rotates forward, open out the the tuck position and also extend her legs. Location your feet earlier down on the ground, careful to stop stomping once you land.


Try to save your human body at complete extension, through both legs and also arms as right as possible throughout the term of the cartwheel. Keeping your body long throughout the cartwheel will give you an ext torque when you coil up to throw the ago flip. By circling your arms forward during the takeoff, you create the force essential to revolve your body out of the side-face position. Without this circling the the arms, friend are much more than most likely to do a cartwheel next flip instead.

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Only attempt this tumbling sequence in the ideal setting. It"s basic to obtain disoriented as you shift from the cartwheel to the ago flip, for this reason be certain you have sufficient room to complete both components of the trick. Attempt only under expert guidance.