Have you always been envious of those striped patterns in her neighbor’s lawn? have you constantly wanted come know exactly how to reduced patterns in your lawn? just how to mow stripes in a lawn, how to mow a diamond pattern? Did friend think it take it special devices or expert lawn mowing companies to attain that look? Well, good news! girlfriend don’t require either. You can produce those eye-catching patterns yourself. The specialists at custom Lawn & Landscape have actually put with each other these tips and also tricks for creating mowing fads in her lawn.

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Mowing Stripes Are straightforward to Create

It may appear that the stripes you check out are created by cutting the grass at different heights or planting different varieties of seed. The is no the situation at all. The stripes are resulted in simply because the irradiate is reflecting off the knives of grass at different angles. That’s it! due to the fact that the grass is bent at a various angle, it shows the sun differently producing stripes (or every little thing pattern girlfriend desire).

Lawn Patterns room All around Reflection

Imagine bending a solitary piece of grass over on that side. As soon as looked at from one angle, you view the whole flat next of the blade. When looked in ~ from the opposite edge you only see the reminder of the tongue (a smaller reflective surface). Now multiply that result by thousands of blades of grass.

When the knives of grass space bent away from you, the grass appears lighter in color due to the fact that the irradiate is reflecting off the the wide component of the blade. As soon as the knives of grass room bent towards you, the grass appears darker because you are looking an ext of the tips of the blades and also the shadows under the grass.

If friend look at it from different directions, those light and also dark stripes will certainly look the opposite. Of course, over there are ways to boost the patterns as well as many fads to try. Check out on for an ext details.

Tips because that the ideal Looking Mowing Patterns

While the not complicated to mow patterns in your lawn, it help to know a couple of tricks that will boost those patterns and also make her yard look sharp.

1. Mow her Grass Taller

The cheat to creating darker lawn stripes is come mow the grass in ~ a higher height. This gives the blades more flexibility come bend. Short blades will pop right back upright. Even a tiny amount can make a noticeable difference. Going from 2″ come 2.5″ or native 3 ” to 3.5″ can make a distinction in the lawn stripe pattern intensity, plus, the reduces how often you must mow your lawn.

2. Usage Hardscape attributes as her Guide

Use a sidewalk, driveway or other hardscape in her yard as a overview to help keep her lawn mowing lines straight.

3. Gain a Lawn Roller

The easiest method to intensify the strip is to bend the grass farther. The best means to perform that is to physically call it through a roller and also press it to the ground. You deserve to use a striping kit for your mower or a roller. You can buy a striping kit digital or discover instructions on how to develop one yourself. Check out this video clip “Like a ceo Lawn Striper” because that the can be fried in lawn mowing fads techniques.

4. Cool Season Grasses space Best

Certain breeds of grass will certainly bend easier and also can provide a much better stripe pattern. Cool season grasses, prefer we have actually here in Kansas City, are the species that will yield the finest patterns. Heat season grasses (found in the southern regions of the united States) are an ext rigid and harder come bend.

5. The position of the sun Will affect the watch of the Pattern

Lawn striping patterns might seem an ext intense at various times of the day and in various light levels. When the sunlight is behind you, friend will check out a more intense stripe pattern.

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Benefits of producing Mowing Patterns

Believe the or not, besides offering you the many awesome looking yard on the block, there room actually benefits to developing mowing patterns in your lawn.

1. Minimizes damage to Lawn

If you constantly use the precise same sample every time friend mow, recurring tire tracks have the right to compact grass to reduce airflow and encouraging disease. It can also start to damage certain areas the the grass. This can cause ugly dead spots and invite weeds to thrive in those spots.

Switching up your grass cutting patterns minimizes damages done by the mower tires and also keeps the grass from coming to be compacted, enabling plenty of airflow and also keeping the grass growing its best.

2. Makes for a healthy Lawn

Another benefit is that mowing her grass a little higher will in reality make it healthier. When an ext than one-third the the sheet blade is removed, over there is less leaf area come absorb sunlight required to execute photosynthesis to produce food. Consequently, the plant produces much less food, bring about a weaker tree that’s at risk to condition and insect damage.

Cutting an ext than one-third the the grass tree not only weakens the plant, that inhibits the growth of the roots, creating a small, shallow root device which cannot assistance the tree in time of drought. Grass that is enabled to grow tall will have strong, large root system listed below ground the can much better withstand dry periods.

3. Hides Imperfections in her Lawn

And, as an added bonus, cutting trends in the grass can assist hide the couple of small imperfections in your lawn. Anyone gets a localized dry spot or a little area of an illness at part point, having actually nice stripes has been helping seemingly perfect golf courses provide the illusion of the perfect lawn for years.

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Lawn striping is terrific way to set your lawns apart from the neighbors’ lawns and also be the envy the the entire neighborhood. Now that you understand the secrets, gain out there and also get striping…or diamonding…or swirling…or zigzagging!

Don’t have the time to do-it-yourself? No problem! speak to us in ~ (913) 782-8315 for expert lawn mowing in Overland Park, Olathe, Shawnee, Leawood, or the Kansas City subway area.