ABS is the plastic pipes made use of in the building and construction of building in the drain-waste-vent pipe system, and also for insulation of electric cables and also sometimes for a warm water drainage system.

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While PVC glue is a material that is used to soften the plastic to create a strong bond, it provides your work relatively easy and also quick the you deserve to bond the plastic pipes within 30 seconds.

PVC glue is generally used top top PVC pipes and also not in exercise on ABS pipes, however some proposal its use that it works fine with ABS pipes.

Our conversation today is around the usage of PVC adhesive on ABS. We will carry out you with dependable information.

What is the difference between PVC pipe and also ABS pipe?


Before mentioning the use of PVC adhesive on ABS, us should comment on the difference between PVC pipe and also ABS pipe; the will aid us know better.

What is PVC Pipe?

One the the modern and cost-effective services for steel pipes is PVC pipe. That is a soft pipeline that offers durability, versatility, and also very basic to install.

These pipes are manufactured with polyvinyl chloride. The soft nature have the right to mold and fit at any kind of place in the building plumbing work.

Pipes room bond v PVC glue that is produced according to soft and also thermoplastic features.PVC tube are additionally known together the sewage pipes and install for watering or sewage systems.

What is ABS pipe?

ABS pipes are supplied in the plumbing job-related in the buildings, however these tube are installed at drain systems or electrical cables’ insulation.

They space rigid pipes, therefore they can not mold together the PVC pipes. This pipes space bond v special ABS glue. This pipes are produced from Acrylonitrile-Butadiene-styrene that is a thermoplastic resin.

Experts ask the you never ever use the ABS pipes v water drainage or sewage system; otherwise, friend will check out leakage and many other problems. Yet it can likewise be helpful to use for hot water.

Which one is much more rigid, PVC pipeline or ABS pipe?


PVC pipes room softer than ABS pipes; you can mold this pipes and also use lock in the building. You have the right to only usage it because that the cold or usual water drainage system.While the ABS tube are an ext rigid and also cannot mold, you have the right to use ABS pipes all over like warm water drainage and electrical cables.

Resistant against Weather:

We found that ABS tube have wonderful resistance against weather impacts than PVC tube while we compare these two pipes. So, only recommended adhesive will carry out well through the appropriate choice.

Does PVC Glue work on ABS?

You have actually read around pipes, their uses, and nature. There is a far-reaching difference in the nature and also features of both pipes.

From the information have actually learned that never try to switch between PVC Glue and also ABS glue.But sometimes we require to sign up with the link of both the the pipes; at the time we should use both of lock combine. Over there is special green glue easily accessible in the sector which deserve to use on ABS.

PVC adhesive to ABS only method connecting these 2 systems, together as as soon as water drainage system inside and also outside that the home. Just at that ar where we connect them deserve to we use the eco-friendly glue or PCV glue, however not one more place.

Is it feasible to interchange the glue in the plumbing?

No, that is strict prohibited in the plumbing rules never ever to usage the wrong glue. You can only usage the PVC glue for PVC pipes and ABS glue for ABS pipes.

Only at part points, together as once you require to affix two various pipes, you have the right to use it; otherwise, it is prohibited.

How lot time must dry PVC glue?

PVC adhesive takes just 30 seconds to dry when we use it on the pipe, and also we need to host the pipes. That takes 15 minute to end up being hardened, and you can likewise use it for the water ~ two hrs of that applying.

How much time have to dry ABS glue?

While you use the ABS glue, it takes a minimum the two hrs to dry, and also after 24 hours, it becomes hardened.

Capacity to organize the temperature because that PVC glue and ABS glue:The temperature has actually a far-ranging effect on the performance and also bondage of the glue. PVC adhesive works in between -15 degrees Fahrenheit come 40 levels Fahrenheit; friend cannot operation the pipe’s hot water.

While the ABS adhesive has an ext resistance versus temperature than PVC glue, it have the right to hold at 60 degrees centigrade. Friend can also run the warm water native the ABS glue bond pipes.

What room the differences in between PVC glue and ABS glue usage on pipes?

You can use the adhesive to the PVC tube with straightforward steps; first, measure and also cut the pipe. When you have cut the pipes, and also then make sure that the pipes are dry.

After that, apply the glue to the pipes and also insert this pipes for 30 seconds; ~ 15 minutes, castle will end up being harder and can use. But do not apply too lot glue; otherwise, bondage will be weak.

While the ABS glues required ideal cleanliness of the pipes and also after that, when you measure and also cut the pipes, apply massive glue.

ABS tube are much more rigid and also massive in weight, so they need intense bondage. When you have applied the glue, settle the pipes, and leave them a minimum for 2 hours, yet a satisfying bond will certainly be ~ 24 hours.

Can we use PVC adhesive on ABS?

The answer to that inquiry is sometimes ‘yes’ however most of the time ‘NO’ we have debated PVC glue and ABS glue and PVC pipes and also ABS pipes.

We to compare all the over with your use, products of manufacturing, effects of weather, resistance versus temperature, and also their ways of applying.

In ours opinion, you can use PVC glue only when you do the connection in between PVC and also ABS pipes. Never use PVC glue v ABS pipes in typical ways. Constantly use ABS glue for the ABS pipe if you desire a great performance.

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Final Thoughts:


PVC adhesive has countless benefits, and also it makes us able come bond the pipes for the water drainage system. It provides us with fast results, and within 30 seconds, we have the right to bond the pipes.

It also works through ABS yet only as soon as we require to sign up with both pipes, such as PVC pipes and also ABS pipes.

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But that does not work-related for the ABS tube in other uses. PVC glue has low resistance come bear temperature, weather effects, and likewise to lift the weight. So, never apply PVC adhesive on ABS.