The process of ending up being a license is granted minister v the Pentecostal Church the God has never been simpler, and we're enhancing every day.

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To part extent, transferring credentials is prefer a argorial of loyalty. But even more than that, the a symbol the validates your calling and challenges you come walk worthy the it. To it is in a credentialed minister is much more than the legitimate privilege to marry and bury; that an incentivized opportunity to locate the target and eventually launch into the deep.
I'm celebrated by a worldwide denomination

As a an international Movement v a presence in an ext than 71 nations, the Pentecostal Church of God desire to affirm girlfriend in your calling. Not just will we help you identify and clarify precisely what her calling is, however we intended to storage you follow me the way.

I'm mentored by a network of coaches

One thing we hear regularly is that the Pentecostal Church of God feels more like a household than a denomination. We've worked hard to construct a society where us intentionally connect ministers through meaningful relationships and mentoring / coaching opportunities.

I'm equipped for the work-related of ministry

We recognize from Scripture that spiritual leader are called to "equip the saints for the work-related of ministry" (Eph. 4:11-14). So, interestingly, our task is come equip you in order that you can equip others. To execute that, our credential process fosters a learning environment conducive to an individual study, great study, and hands-on experience.

I'm sent to make an eternal impact

As a global Movement, we have actually a plethora of available resources and ministry opportunities. Therefore, depending upon your distinct interests and desires, our hope is to assist in the procedure of commissioning ministers come a ar of fruitfulness—whether that be on the mission field, regional church, or in the marketplace.

​The Pentecostal Church that God uses credentials at three different levels. Every is designed uniquely to suit differing levels the Christian service. Attaining or proceeding to a brand-new level depends on one's education and experience in the field of ministry.

Level 1: Exhorter

Locate the TargetAs this is the introductory level the credentials, we mean ministers, whether in full-time vocational ministry or not, to proactively advance in faith and serve the neighborhood church while exploring their gifts and calling in a safe environment. After ~ a duration of one year and continued study, exhorter ministers may apply for promotion. Monthly Fee: $30


Level 2: Licensed

Lock Eyes with MissionThose license is granted by the Pentecostal Church that God exhibit a definite speak to by God, having currently identified your spiritual gifts and practiced them in the paper definition of Christian service. License is granted ministers proactively pursue vocational ministry, gift eligible for promo after a period of 2 years and continued study. Monthly Fee: $30


Level 3: Ordained

Launch right into the DeepOrdination is taken into consideration the highest possible goal in the credentialing process. Ministers are commissioned through the complete support and also authority the the Though ordained ministers room not required to serve in permanent vocational roles, we expect desire to remain energetic in to adjust in every little thing capacity that may be. Monthly Fee: $30

FXP is a versatile online learning neighborhood designed to help young adults (ages 17-30) take their first steps right into ministry. In 12 weeks, journey from Genesis to Revelation, uncover your identification in Christ, and also learn come walk worthy of her calling.
All three credential levels room now obtainable online. Giving a series of considerable courses, this option incorporates various articles and video clip instruction from professional scholars in fields of leadership and also biblical studies.
If you're the sort of person who prefers putting pen to paper, us still have actually the traditional study choice available. Together with reading the textbooks, friend can also fill out the printed study guides and also complete the accompanying exams by hand.
To obtain Ministry Credentials at any type of level through the Pentecostal Church that God, people must complete various education requirements and undergo an application process. ~ above receipt the the application, a date for one interview will certainly be collection by the district officials, and also upon their recommendation, the application will certainly be forwarded come the international Mission facility for final approval.

1) complete the Minister'sStudy Series

Before receiving credentials, ministers in ~ every level are forced to an initial complete the Minister’s study Series (either the classic or virtual method), which entails a particular set of readings and also accompanying review questions, or equivalent. The exhorter collection emphasizes biblical studies and theology, while the licensed and also ordained series dive deeper into spiritual formation and also ministerial leadership. All ministers must additionally be acquainted with present bylaws.Equivalency alternatives may encompass the Forerunner experience (Exhorter only) or one undergraduate degree at Messenger university or various other Spirit-filled bible college / university.

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2) Fill out the Application and Attached Forms

Upon completion of the Minister’s research Series, individuals may fill the end an application and also submit directly to your state or ar office. Unique forms room attached in the link to accommodate particular situations.(a) new applicants - must complete the application for Minister’s Credentials, (b) previous applicants - must finish the application for Reinstatement(c) existing ministers seek promotion - must finish the application for Promotion. Please fill the end every relevant and applicable type (i.e. Felony or divorce), and take treatment to incorporate the pastoral recommendation letter.

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3) send Forms and also Fees to district Office

Along with the application, forms, and pastoral reference, please also include a inspect or money stimulate made the end to the Pentecostal Church of God. Applications forms and fees have to be mailed to the proper district office (click right here to see the directory).Fees include: $25 because that background checks (some geography areas, such as new York, might be contempt higher) to add $90 breakthrough payment (covering the very first three months).If because that some factor the applications is denied, $60 will certainly be refunded to the applicant, if the continuing to be $55 will certainly be kept for handling charges. Messenger College and also Forerunner students room exempt from these application and also processing fees because that a minimal time.

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