Poptropica Cryptids Island officially introduced on Monday, December 20, 2010 to paid members after month of rumors and also speculation. Leading as much as the launch over there were many sneak peek screenshots and even a sneak preview of the Loch Ness portion of the island. Right here are every the cheats for Cryptids Island, consisting of a complete walkthrough the will present you step-by-step exactly how to beat Cryptids Island ~ above Poptropica.

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Non-members will have to wait till January 17, 2011 come play Cryptids Island.

Video Walkthrough

Want come see just how to fix Cryptids Island? Here’s a video clip walkthrough that offers you every the cheats and strategies for finishing this complicated quest and also earning the island medallion.

Part One

Part Two

Part Three

Part Four

Cryptids Screenshots

Here room some screenshot from Cryptids Island.


Nessie up close and personal.


Another fortune hunter takes off in his balloon. Could he be related to Balloon Boy?


Meeting Harold Mews in Poptropica


Scale the Himalayan hills with your hill sherpa guide.


The Chupacabra watch mean!


The Jersey evil one at night.


Rescuing Bigfoot from Gretchen Grimlock.

FAQ for Cryptids Island

Here space answers to few of the generally asked questions around how come beat Cryptids Island. This ar covers some of the hardest and trickiest parts of the quest.

Where do you obtain the camera?

You’ll need a camera to obtain a photo of both Nessie and also the footprint in the eye at the top of the Himalayan mountain. You acquire the camera in the Loch Ness area by helping the man with the truck the is stuck under the bridge. Talk to him and also then click the tire. A screen will come up v a close-up the the tire. Move your mouse cursor rapidly roughly the wait inlet because that the tires to deflate the tires so the the truck have the right to pass under the bridge. Once you’re done, the guy will provide you his camera as a reward because that helping him.

How execute you catch the Chupacabra?

After you tempt the spotted goats right into the center area in Puerto Rico, girlfriend still require to get a farmer’s aid to catch the Chupacabra. To carry out this, go earlier to the very first farmer friend met. He’s the guy who loaned you the jeep down in the bottom-right corner of the map. The following time you visit the after herding the goats right into place, he’ll say the he’s going to go trap the Chupacabra. As soon as you return to the center area on the map, he’ll be there with his van and help you set the trap.

How carry out you see inside the home with the Jersey Devil?

You’ll need to visit both the Himalayas and also Loch Ness before you deserve to see inside the house where you find the Jersey Devil. The monk in the monastery will offer you a lantern and you’ll uncover a publication of matches to irradiate it top top the respond to inside the Pub at Loch Ness. When you have these two items, you have the right to use the matches within the Jersey adversary house to irradiate the lantern and see. It’s still really spooky, though!

About Cryptids

You might be wonder what in the heck cryptids are. Well, they room creatures or plants who existence has been said but not known officially by scientific consensus. So legendary creatures like Bigfoot, unicorns (they’re real, i swear!) or the Loch Ness monster are referred to as cryptids. BTW, the Loch Ness monster gift a component of the new island describes why a Scottish castle showed up as a sneak peek screenshot long prior to the island to be officially announced.

Pre-Launch Promotions

Cryptids Island was announced come Poptropicans in a an extremely mysterious fashion, befitting the template of the island–strange creatures who space mysteries and whose existence cannot easily be proven. Prior to the island to be officially announced, a quick promotional image showed up on the Poptropica residence page.

But after ~ just about an hour or so of being on the house page, it was mysteriously removed. And then on the main Poptropica blog, there was a strange and mysterious article from the Creators that mentions the leak but didn’t carry out a straight answer about whether the new island was yes, really going come be called Cryptids.

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Finally, castle made it official and also Poptropica to update the main blog through a short article saying that the official name of the brand-new quest is Cryptids Island. They additionally created a brand-new info page around it here. This is the the page needs to say:

An eccentric billionaire is promising a big reward come whoever deserve to prove the presence of cryptids — hidden creatures. The hunting is on for Bigfoot, Nessie, and also other legend beasts. But watch out: you’re not the just one looking for these monsters…and your rivals will stop at nothing to uncover them!


Hey, tho looking for more help v Cryptids Island? browser the comments on this post, or head over to the Poptropica keys Forum for more tips and also advice from other players: Poptropica Island assist Forum.