In a larger than life fight film prefer "300," the villain has to be extra-larger 보다 life. Xerxes, the king that Persia, is depicted as 7 feet tall. Actor Rodrigo Santoro is just 6’2". Not too shabby, but the various other 10 inches space special effects. Come look the part though, Santoro had to let go of vanity.

"I had my whole body shaved," that said. "We began waxing, and also I had actually a many respect for women after that, yet I left for the girls that part, because it just hurt so lot that the next day ns asked for a razor and shaved my totality body. Yet here we in reality tried some prosthetics top top first, do the efforts to readjust my forehead or something prefer that. Climate Zack simply said, ‘No, no, no, I simply want Rodrigo the method he is.’ yet the eyebrows were in reality the makeup artist’s idea simply to cover through prosthetics."


"300" is candid Miller’s version of the fight between Sparta and Persia, through all its heightened monsters and also creatures involved. Santoro want to know a tiny bit about the genuine Xerxes prior to he went off into fantasy land.

"I’d heard prior to when I was in school. I constantly loved history so it was something that i was conscious of however I go researching in the good historian book, Herodotus, which was the best source. There to be a lot of there, actually around the battle, and also there was a lot about Xerxes. He’s an extremely controversial, Xerxes, according to Herodotus. Over there is a piece of info there that i found really interesting. It actually helped me v the character, because he says that Xerxes’ father, has, ns think two more sons, and also the power might have to be passed to any kind of of them. For part reason, it checked out Xerxes. That doesn’t explain and also he thinks it’s very controversial."


This distinction seemed to permeate Xerxes legacy, for this reason it sustained Santoro’s performance. "There is a sculpture in the palace of Persephone of Xerxes in former of his father’s sculpture through an inscription saying that he was his father’s choice. Therefore he wanted to make certain that everybody knew the was meant to be the king. That type of made me think the underneath that was an extremely insecure.

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That was an extremely scared of everything. And it helped me, this open minded Miller vision the he is this god king, and also I think he placed out this figure in order to safeguard a most insecurity and also a the majority of stuff underneath."