Roger Eugene Maris to be an American experienced baseball appropriate fielder. He is best known for setup a new significant League Baseball single-season home run record with 61 residence runs in 1961; the document remained unbroken until 1998.

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Patricia A. Maris

m. 1956–1985

Roger and his high school sweetheart, play Carvell, married in St. Anthony’s Catholic Church of Fargo in October that 1956. Roger had actually just rotate 22, and Pat was 21. Every little thing points to a solid and happy marriage.

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Roger Maris was an ext than a good baseball player. He was a great father, a good husband and a good man. He also was a hero. He’s related to as more of one currently than in 1961 when he damaged Babe Ruth’s single season residence run record.

Cause the death:

Roger, who hosted the major league document for the most residence runs in a solitary season, passed away yesterday at M. D. Anderson Hospital and Tumor institute in Houston ~ a two-year bout with cancer, hospital officials said. He was 51 year old.

During the beforehand 1960’s when the New York Yankees reigned for five straight pennant-winning seasons, Roger Maris was all things to all people. But baseball history will mental him as the home-run twin to Mickey Mantle
, and also generations that fans will certainly remember him as the male with the asterisk in the record books: * fight 61 house runs in 1961 in a 162-game season.


Roger Maris/Place the burial

Holy cross Cemetery Association, Fargo, phibìc Dakota, united States

Maris passed away of cancer — age 51 — much less than 18 month after his hometown museum opened in Fargo’s West acre Mall. He’s buried only a pair of mile away, in holy Cross Cemetery, one of a heat of tiny burial grounds lining the south side that Fargo’s 32nd way North.

Home run record:

Roger/MLB career/Home runs


In a pressure-packed 1961 season, i get it Maris fight 61 residence runs, outdueling his an ext famous brand-new York Yankees teammate, Mickey Mantle. In a pressure-packed 1961 season, i get it Maris hit 61 home runs, outdueling his an ext famous new York Yankees teammate, Mickey Mantle.


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