It’s been over a month because Tejano music legend tiny Joe Hernandez announced he had actually tested confident for COVID-19.

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SAN ANTONIO – It’s been over a month due to the fact that Tejano music legend small Joe Hernandez announced he had tested positive for COVID-19.

A few days later on his wife, daughter, niece and also some the his employee members additionally tested positive.

“It began with the aching feeling favor the flu, body aches and stuff, yet the sweats, the fever, that terrible,” Hernandez said.

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He got really concerned when he started having some breathing problems.

“Gracia a Dios (thanks come God) that it came and went,” Hernandez said.

Everyone has since recovered but Hernandez is still taking care of some lingering lung problems.


“I hope that the human being that have actually not yet suffer it will certainly really take care of themselves since it’s not simply one’s self, it’s ours family, our loved ones, our friends,” Hernandez said. “This is no a remedio kind, mexican remedy sort of illness that you deserve to control, so it saddens me that some don’t take it it serious.”

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While still unsure as soon as he can be able to perform again he claims he has actually something brand-new he’s functioning on.

“I’m planning something very, really special the I have actually not done, I favor challenges,” Hernandez said.

While he didn’t get into too much detail he did speak it can include his brothers who are also musicians.

During his downtime best now, Hernandez has actually been enjoying the success the his brand-new biography, “¡No Llore, Chingón! an American Story The Life of little Joe” i m sorry was freshly announced as a finalist for two worldwide Latino book Awards.

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“It’s so much much more than my family’s story, that the story of millions of world that came to this country, to Texas,” Herandez said. “I hope the it will inspire and motivate the reader and I would really evaluate if the young generation would check out the book and also think about who lock are and also their roots.”

Watch the video clip below to hear more about the biography that is currently on revenue on Amazon and also the little Joe y La Familia website.

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