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Jennifer Tilly
Jennifer Ellen Chan
63 years old
16 September 1958
Harbor City, Los Angeles, California, joined States
1.69 m
64 kg
Sam Simon (m. 1984–1991)
Yes (Phil Laak (2004–))
Actress, voice actress, and also poker player
$30 million
November 2021

Jennifer Tilly is one American-Canadian that is not only a famed actress but likewise an award-winning poker player. Tilly is best known for showing the personality of Olive Neal on Bullets end Broadway. As result of that, she was a nominee for Academy compensation in the classification of best Supporting Actress. Tilly won the bracelet at the World collection of Poker Ladies’ Event.

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Maybe girlfriend know about Jennifer Tilly an extremely well yet do girlfriend know exactly how old and also tall is she, and what is her network worth in 2021? If you perform not know, We have actually prepared this article around details of Jennifer Tilly’s quick biography-wiki, career, expert life, an individual life, today’s net worth, age, height, weight, and much more facts. Well, if you ready, let’s start.

Early Life

Jennifer Tilly to be born as Jennifer Ellen Chan on 16th September in 1958. She birthplace to be Harbor City, Los Angeles. She is the firstborn of she parents, take care of Chan and also Patricia. Her mom was a stage actress before ending up being a schoolteacher while her father is a used vehicle salesman. Her three siblings room Steve, Meg, as well as Rebecca.

Tilly’s parents divorced, which brought about her mother, remarrying. As a result, Jennifer thrived up v her mum and John Ward, her stepfather. That was no for a lengthy time, and also after the two separated, Tilly and also her mommy left Texada Island, british Columbia, for Victoria.

She saw Belmont High School. On completion, she to visit Stephens College, Missouri, wherein she earn a Bachelor the Arts degree in Theatre.

Personal Life

Jennifer to be the wife of Sam Simon between 1984 and also 1991. Sam is not just the developer but additionally the producer the The Simpsons. Due to the fact that 2004, Tilly and also Phil Laak have remained in a romantic relationship. Phil is a experienced poker player.

Age, Height, and Weight

Being born on 16 September 1958, Jennifer Tilly is 63 year old together of today’s date 15th November 2021. Her elevation is 1.69 m. Tall, and weight is 64 kg.


Tilly started with small roles, and also she got a guest function as Gina Srignoli in the Hill Street Blues (1983). She illustrated the exact same character in both Cheers and Frasier. She and also Fisher Stevens appeared on an essential West after she appearance in it is Garry Shandling’s show as Garry’s girlfriend.

Tilly had actually a significant character, complied with by she breakthrough duty in Let the Ride and The Fabulous Baker Boys. She acted in addition to Kim Basinger and also Alec Baldwin in The Getaway (1994).

She had actually a lesbian role when she starred in the 1996 Bound. Jennifer acted together Gina Gershon. The following year, she acted together Samantha Cole in “Liar Liar.” some of her appearances in the 2000s incorporate Dancing in ~ the Blue Iguana, The Cat’s Meow, out of Practice, and also Empire that Silver, amongst others.

As a poker player, she has had a fantastic journey, no doubt. The walk was great until she announced her retirement in December 2008. She blamed the many variants once it pertains to the game. That state did not last since she resumed the job in January 2010.

Awards & Achievements

In 2005 top top 27th June, she winner not only a bracelet but also an ext than $158 thousand. She has had actually 13 and also 11 finishes in the World collection of Poker and also World Poker Tour, respectively. Together an actress, she has clinched a Fantafestival, DVD to exclude, Award, mountain Diego movie Festival, and also TheWIFTS structure International Visionary Award, simply to cite a few.

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Net worth & salary of Jennifer Tilly in 2021

MrkoolioMarch 22, 2021 in ~ 8:32 am

Ummm….she likewise got a the majority of money from the divorce….from the male who produced the SIMPSONS….a very tiny show on tv.