Let’s take it a closer watch at among the most asked questions about the Siberian Husky… space huskies concerned wolves? In this article, I’ll cover precisely what science has to say on such a popular question. Husky vs Wolf? Let’s dive in!

Are Huskies regarded Wolves? The scientific Answer

Is a husky a wolf? According to science, the Siberian Husky is not technically a wolf and also they’re two different breeds the animal, regardless of sharing 98.8% (and in some cases more) that the very same mitochondrial D.N.A.Despite feather much much more like a wolf than most other dog breeds, the husky isn’t the much much more closely regarded wolves than say, a sausage dog! Some people debate that tamed dogs space not the same species of your ancestors, the gray wolf. The definition of “species” being a group of individuals who already interbreed or have the potential to would indicate that the gray wolf and also dog are in-fact the exact same species. Although, countless argue that tamed dogs should be its own species. Resource Originally, science thought the dogs to be a direct descendant native the gray wolf. But a newer study says that dogs developed separately from a usual ancestor, the prehistoric wolf. The household tree is complex and a many subgroups the the ancient wolf went extinct. It quiet isn’t clear specifically which team of wolves room responsible because that our dog breeds today.

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When walk dogs break-up from wolves?

From a 35,000-year-old old wolf rib bone discovered in the Taimyr peninsularin northernmostSiberia, researchers have found that dogs separation from their wolf ancestors at the very least 27,000 year ago. Prior to knowing this, researchers thought that the dog-wolf split only happened about 16,000 years ago. Resource (livescience.com)This separation point isn’t come be combined up v domestication. The original domestication point has no been discovered and also remains a complete mystery. Although over there is no clear date, scientific research has discovered dogs and people being hidden together as much as 14,000 year ago.

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Husky and Wolf comparison chart

Let’s take a look at the similarities and differences that huskies and also wolves v this breed comparison chart.

Siberian HuskyWolf
HeightFemale – 20-23 inchMale – 21-23.5 inch26-32 inch Adult wolf (F+M)
WeightFemale – 35-50 lbsMale – 45-60 lbsFemale – 50-121 lbsMale – 50-176 lbs
Lifespan12-14 years6-8 year (in the wild)
LocationGlobalNorth America, Europe, Asia
Eye ColorsBlue, Brown, Bi-Colored, Parti-coloredAmber, brown
CoatDouble coatedDouble coated
EarsPointed uprightPointed upright



There room a few clear visual similarities in between huskies and wolves i beg your pardon is pretty much why this question is asked for this reason much. The huskies initial appearance does resemble a wolf. The husky has a similar-looking confront structure to a wolf, follow me with similarly pointed ears. These two crucial factors are what consist of the clean visual similarities between both the them.Huskies along with wolves have actually two special coats, an undercoat i beg your pardon sheds and also a topcoat for an added layer the protection versus the external elements. These coats space both comparable in look, return the color of the coats does differ from husky come wolf.That’s actually about it… The differences now outweigh the similarities. Markings and also ColorDespite both of them having actually double-layered coats, the colour of their coats are reasonably different. Huskies have an ext defined color differences in the coat, especially in their face markings, conversely, wolves tend to screen a more gray/brown blended looking coat, much more suited for survive in the wild. Take a look at here.


EyesThe above photo also displays the distinction in eye color. Wolves often have yellow/amber/ brown eye whereas the huskies usually have actually light blue colorings. Heterochromia i m sorry huskies are recognized for go not occur with wolves. Heterochromia is just one of the many visually striking elements of the Siberian husky.HeightThe Siberian husky is taken into consideration to it is in a medium to large dog. However, the wolf can be a lot enlarge than any husky. Wolves have the right to be so large they actually host the No.1 spot for the biggest animal in the canine family. The husky is much from hold this title. The average elevation of a masculine husky is 21-23.5 inches contrasted to a male wolf which is 26 – 32 and also in some cases even taller.Snout and TeethWolves have actually a narrower and also longer snout which leads to a mouth full of bigger and sharper teeth. Both that which help wolves survive in the wild. If the husky being a tamed pet, not needing to repetitively hunt and also kill animals, go not require to have actually teeth therefore sharp. HeadAlthough the head is similar in structure and also shape, the head that a wolf if much bigger than a husky. This bigger head has a much larger brain. Having actually a bigger mind capacity enables the wolf to have superior knowledge and allows them to survive in the wild. Our domesticated husky although deemed an independent dog, would certainly fall an extremely short ~ above the survival side the things contrasted to a wolf.

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Behavior and Temperament: Husky vs Wolf

When it concerns the behavior and also temperament of huskies and also wolves, these pets couldn’t be further apart. Our huskies are domesticated, family pets and wolves are finish wild animals.Domestication is what separates these 2 animals. The Siberian husky is a warm, affectionate, social, human-loving pet who is most likely to come to you for cuddles and also playtime. This happens because of domestication, the process of transforming the behavior, temperament, and also mind the an animal to live closely with humans. Comes to your for affection and playtime is the pure last thing a wolf would ever do. This wild pet is constructed for survival and also only go anything for a purpose. Domestication has not adjusted their brain from survive mode contrasted to huskies. If they might play fight, this is a way of finding out to attack. Other than play fighting, wolves never interact in cuddles, as a husky would!A really popular concern asked by countless is if huskies make an excellent guard dogs? interestingly enough, this is only asked due to the fact that of your wolf-like appearance! The prize is the they normally make destructive guard dogs as they room not aggressive, protective or overly suspiciously of everyone or anything. The wolf is the complete opposite. Ns have whole article around huskies being guard dogs, part things may surprise you!

Husky Vs wolf FAQ’s

Let’s go through some an ext commonly request questions around huskies being wolves, and wolves being huskies!

1. Is a Siberian husky a wolf hybrid?

The quick answer is no. While they have actually unusually nearby (almost identical) mitochondrial D.N.A. They are still two various breeds the animals. Dog/wolf hybrids are when a trained dog interbreeds v a wild wolf.

2. Are husky wolf hybrids dangerous?

Huskies and also wolves have the right to interbreed and also although this is an extremely unlikely to happen naturally in the wild, we human beings love to intervein and test things. Husky wolf hybrids execute exist and many civilization are trying your luck turning them right into a domesticated pet. Huskies are completely safe in the direction of humans, however a husky wolf hybrid is different. The natural survival instinct come hunt and kill is deeply rooted in wolves and when it pertains to anything instinctual, it’s difficult to train against. World have had actually mixed outcomes trying to do a nice family members pet that a wolf hybrid. You might never be totally sure that your husky-wolf would certainly not attack you or any other small pets.

3. Why perform huskies howl favor wolves?

Wolves howl in the wild because the sound travels much additional through the air. The howl is primarily used come locate one more wolf or pack and also is often used by lost wolves to discover their way back. Once other wolves hear howling, lock will practically always howl back.Howling is instinctual and often time huskies do the same thing. Return huskies are tamed pets that live through us in ours homes, they still have actually the instinct come howl, oftentimes it’s in retaliation to sirens, babies crying, other dogs, and general noises they may mistake for another husky.

4. Which dog breed has the many wolf DNA?

While every dogs have actually at least a 98.8% complement of mitochondrial D.N.A there space some that room technically closer than others. The top 11 most carefully related dog breeds to wolf DNA are:

Pekingese Shiba InuChow Chow AkitaAlaskan MalamuteSiberian HuskyGerman ShepherdShiz StuSamoyedUtonaganCzechoslovakian wolf Dog


Hopefully, this has settled your question around Siberian huskies and wolves. If you have a husky-wolf hybrid, comment below! I would love come hear about them.

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