Believe that or not, few of the most beneficial dimes room worth more than $1 million. But what renders some dimes worth seven figures while others room worth just the “TEN CENTS” challenge value stamped on the coin?

The delineation in between rare dimes and also common ones might not constantly be obvious at an initial glance. This is especially true as soon as a new collector is trying come make sense of what renders a coin rare and also valuable.

Let’s evaluation some that the most an useful dimes in the perform below, along with an explanation that why every is worth more than confront value:

1796 and 1797 Draped Bust Dimes

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1796 Draped Bust dime

The dime was very first struck in 1796, representing an early period in United says Mint federal coin production. The 1796 Draped Bust dime is extremely valuable. This is no just because it point out the an initial year the denomination was struck but additionally because the a genuinely rarely coin. Only 22,135 examples were made, and also but a portion of those survive. A 1796 dime is worth around $2,600 even in the heavily worn class of Good-4. Dimes indigenous the complying with year that 1797 also saw similarly low mintage figures and also are precious $2,500 and also up. 

Carson City Liberty seated Dimes from the 1870s


1872-CC Liberty sit dime

It seems many collectors today room reflexively intrigued by any kind of coin through a “CC” mintmark. The designated the the item was produced at the Carson City Mint in Nevada. All coins bearing the “CC” mintmark are thought about scarce by collectors today.

Tthe Carson City sit Liberty dimes struck indigenous 1871 with 1874 space exceedingly rare. All space at least four-figure coins in the class of Good-4. The most beneficial of these dimes is the 1873-CC, which experienced a mintage the 12,400 pieces and offers collectors simply one known survivor today. In among its an ext recent trades, the 1873-CC dime in mint condition fetched $1,840,000!

1894-S Barber Dime


1894-S Barber dime, likewise known together a Liberty Head dime

Here’s a valuable dime v a story. It’s believed that the san Francisco Mint had an bookkeeping shortfall of $2.40 in 1894. So, mountain Francisco Mint Superintendent man Daggett reportedly had a tiny sum of 24 proof dimes bearing the 1894 date, and also “S” mintmark, struck come balance the books. He climate gave numerous of this 1894-S Barber dimes to his close friends and associates. He likewise is claimed to have given three to his daughter, Hallie, that spent one of them top top a dish of ice cream and kept the various other two.

Only ripe 1894-S evidence Barber dimes are accounted because that today, and all realize much more than $1 million when they overcome the auction block today. 

1916-D Mercury Dime

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1982 Roosevelt dime (no mintmark)

The Philadelphia Mint began applying mintmarks come dimes in 1980. Yet in the early ‘80s, mintmarks were still personal hand-punched onto working dies. Apparently, a set of dies went into production without the “P” mintmark. Numerous of this 1982 no-mintmark dimes to be shipped come Ohio, and possibly thousands were dispersed as change at the Cedar suggest amusement park in Sandusky, Ohio.

The 1982 no-mintmark dime is a considerably scarce variety. Likely tens the thousands to be minted—a tiny percentage the the 519.4 million 1982 Roosevelt dimes the Philadelphia Mint created that year. The 1982 no-mintmark dime v a weak to win is worth about $55 in usual uncirculated grades. Those bearing a stronger strike are worth closer to $175 and also up. 

Other an important Dimes

In enhancement to the most an useful dimes provided above, there are others you need to keep an eye out for. They encompass the following:

Barber and Mercury dimes – We’re mainly focusing on the super-valuable dimes in this article, however that’s not to suggest those not listed here aren’t worth keeping. Every 19th-century coins are relatively scarce and also valuable; also those indigenous the earlier years of the 20th century are, too. It is so v Barber and also Mercury dimes, all of which room worth at least $2 and also up in worn condition. 

All pre-1965 Roosevelt dimes – These save on computer a 90% silver composition and also are worth significantly much more than their challenge value. As soon as silver trades in ~ $25 per ounce, a typical worn pre-1965 Roosevelt silver- dime has actually a silver- content value of roughly $1.81. 

No-mintmark proof Roosevelt dimes made after 1967 – many proof Roosevelt dimes made due to the fact that 1968 have actually been struck in ~ the san Francisco Mint, which locations an “S” mintmark ~ above its proof coinage. However, some contemporary proof coins native the san Francisco Mint absence this an important detail. We’ve seen this v the 1975 no-S proof Roosevelt dime, and also this is likewise the instance with specific proof dimes from 1968, 1970, and 1983. Evidence Roosevelt dimes native those years are known without one “S” mintmark, and all of these ranges are rare and worth hundreds or thousands of dollars apiece. 

1996-W Roosevelt dime – In respect of the 50th anniversary the the design, the West suggest Mint authorize Roosevelt dimes v a W mintmark in 1996. They were contained in 1996 uncirculated to adjust specially for collectors. This is quiet the only non-bullion coin ever before issued in ~ the West point facility.

Joshua McMorrow-Hernandez is a journalist, editor, and also blogger who has actually won lot of awards indigenous the Numismatic literature Guild. That has additionally authored numerous books, consisting of works profiling the history of the United claims Mint and also United claims coinage.