The Lincoln coin is one iconic item of united state currency, and also the version from 1920 is especially preferable for collectors. At first glance, you might mistake the 1920 Lincoln because that a contemporary day coin, yet upon closer inspection you will check out there are subtle differences. That is these subtle differences and the age that makes the 1920 Lincoln penny a must-have for any collector.

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The coin’s obverse next is a lot like the modern penny in the it is overcame in the facility by Abraham Lincoln’s profile. There space raised engravings on either side of the former President. ~ above his left, you will an alert the native “Liberty,” when the 1920 year of minting is off to his right. Arching throughout the top external edge the the coin are the indigenous “In God us Trust.”

The reverse side the the coin does not have an image in the center, but rather 2 phrases. First, is the “One Cent” confront value which is followed by an engraving reading “United states of America.” Overtop, friend will check out the Latin expression “E Pluribus Unum.” ~ above both the right and also left outer edges the the reverse are two solitary stalks of wheat. This is why this penny is occasionally referred to together the “Wheat Penny.”

Grading the 1920 Lincoln Penny

For collectors, having actually a 1920 Lincoln penny is not enough; they require to have the coins that are the most well-preserved. Determining the an accurate condition the a coin is something achieved through grading. Essentially, grading involves an experienced closely analyzing the coin and ultimately providing it an official grade, i m sorry is nothing much more than a one-word explanation that its condition. Listed below will it is in a summary of the various coin grades and also what castle mean.

Uncirculated: A coin that receives an Uncirculated great is one that has never spent any time exchanging hands. As a an outcome of this, the raised facets of the coin will be perfect preserved and also look a lot like it go the work it was created. Despite the coin’s shade might it is in a little bit faded as result of age, the coin is in perfect problem other 보다 that.

Extremely Fine: A coin worthy of very Fine grade is one that might have invested a little bit of time in circulation, yet will show almost no indications of damage. Under exceptionally close investigate the coin can show a tiny scratch, yet when viewed with the naked eye these pieces will appear to it is in in near perfect condition.

Fine: A 1920 Lincoln penny the is given a fine grade was most likely circulated for a great amount the time, however is still decently preserved. Girlfriend will notification some smoothing the the raised facets of the outer edges, however all of the key imagery and also lettering will still be plainly visible.

Good: A good grade is indicative the a coin that has been greatly circulated and also shows indicators of that circulation. Having exchanged hands over multiple decades, there will be many of visible signs of damage. In fact, few of the lettering and some the the finer details might be worn away entirely.

Pricing the 1920 Lincoln Penny

When it pertains to the worth of a 1920 Lincoln penny, this is chose by both the type and great of the coin. Being that many years witnessed 3 varieties of pennies minted, there will be many of various values given to pennies the the same grade. Below is a chart that will aid you recognize the value of a 1920 Lincoln penny offered its type and grade.

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Lincoln Pennies

1920 Lincoln Penny$0.20$0.35$2.25$4
1920 Lincoln coin (D)$1$3$19$40
1920 Lincoln penny (S)$0.50$1.50$10$35
Source: Red Book

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