Your penny is one of the dates likely discovered in a crate of old coins and 1902 Indian head penny value starts in the $1 come $2 range. However, because of solid collector need it is becoming a an important collectible.

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Have a look at the worth charts then compare her 1902 penny with the problem "grading" images listed below to discover accurately exactly how much your Indian penny is worth. In the hobby this old pennies are some of the many sought after.

Some of the rarest and seldom encountered are what’s recognized as "uncirculated" pennies. Lock were never used. Pictured is one uncirculated 1902 Indian penny, one of just a couple of in this upstream condition and also worth well over $35 come an avid collector assembling a gem quality collection.

Only v a close check of your coin, by compare it side by next to the grading examples enables the exploration of that true worth potential. Little differences, because that example, the ribbon crossing her, if well characterized with the center diamonds clearly shows confirms a far better condition and greater value.

1902 Indian Head coin ValueCondition that CoinDateGoodFineExtremelyFineUncirculated
1902 Indian Head Penny worth Updated2021
1902 $1.48 $2.49 $7 $31

Rare enduring 1902 Indian Head coin Value

Unlikely to occur and really rare, yet there that is, a 1902 Indian penny still in the original condition it left the mint. Bright gold and also red copper, lustrous and also complete top top both obverse and reverse. More more, the coin was protected from contact with various other pennies leaving the surfaces complimentary of any far-reaching marks.

Noticed by plenty of collectors when readily available at a David Lawrence rare coin auction, their bids take it the value of this gem 1902 coin to $506. An elite condition example of one Indian coin worthy the an upstream collection.

Continued popularity and value the the collection extends come circulated coins as well. Wholesome lightly worn coins through pleasing surface are necessary parts of countless Indian coin collections. Her coin is constantly in need to fill this need.


Condition off Indian coin Value

Judging a coin’s state of conservation is known as "grading" by dealers and collectors. Exactly how well your 1902 penny survived and also the lot of in its entirety wear identify value. Conveniently recognizable features are highlighted with images and descriptions to aid classify the different degrees of wear. Comparing your coin gives its grade.


Uncirculated: High in demand and also 1902 Indian head coin value space coins that never ever circulated. Amazingly there space a select couple of known v the original bright mint luster radiating throughout the surface. Confirm your coin is "uncirculated" by examining the really highest point out of design. The end of the feathers and also her cheek room two locations that would certainly quickly appear dull and slightly smooth indigenous the lightest the wear. Revolve the coin under a light, wear reflects as a disruption in the luster as it travels around the coin.


Extremely Fine: Crisp and sharp specifies the "extremely fine" grade. You have to look near to discover the small amount that wear current on the hair just over the ear. Notification a slim flattening to the cheek below her eye, and the ribbon trailing below her headdress. Overall a pretty coin with a pleasing appearance.


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Fine: Highest parts of the design, cheek, neckline and headband space visibly worn, and also somewhat flat. However, all significant details continue to be clear, denote a 1902 Indian coin in "fine" condition. Regular roundness of she cheek and chin has actually worn away. Along the earlier of she neck many fine details separating the hair curls are now blended into one. That is vital the main area that the headdress is well defined with quite definition, headband and also all feathers separated. In total, a bold moderately worn coin remains.

Good: Extensive use has actually worn the bulk of this coin away. Most detail separating the feathers, headband, and hairline over her face is smooth and missing. Collectors and also dealers prefer a complete rim if considering a coin as getting to the "good" grade. Rest assured, her 1902 Indian head penny worth is supported by the collection popularity.