Are you previous the stage of renting a violin and would like to have actually your own? If you have currently learned the basics and would prefer to build your skills further, having actually your very own violin is the next logical step. But how lot does a violin cost?

The price of a violin ranges from about $100 come $100,000. Part rare violins that space centuries old can cost several million dollars. If you space a beginner, friend will need a much more suitable violin to your existing level without being as well expensive. A spending plan of around $400 to $2,000 will be decent enough.

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There is a wide selection of violin costs due to the fact that of the many factors that come into play in determining your prices. For instance, violins for students space definitely more affordable than violins for skilled musicians who play in symphony orchestras.

Read on come learn much more about the price of a violin, components that recognize the cost, and also the price selection for different species of violins.

How lot Does a Violin Cost?


The price that violins ranges from $100 to $100,000. Violin prices space that large and broad because plenty of factors recognize their really costs. No all violins space the same. There are violins because that students and violins for expert musicians.

Obviously, the is no wise for a beginner come buy a an extremely expensive Stradivarius as they are just starting to learn just how to play the instrument – uneven they room wealthy. Likewise, it is wrong because that a violin in a skilled symphony orchestra to use a college student violin during a payment performance. It is why the prices of violins space that wide apart.

As a student discovering the violin, it is wiser to spend between $400 and also $2,000 because that your first violin. Come economize, girlfriend can additionally start through a smaller sized violin. And then, as you construct your an abilities further, you deserve to upgrade to a bigger violin the is a little bit pricier.

It is best to purchase your own violin once you have actually reached a details skill level. Once you are at this stage, girlfriend can take into consideration violins that variety from $1,000 to $3,000. This is the referral of Matthew Fritz, the director of sales at Carriage residence Violins.

Average price of Violins follow to skill Level

It is best if you could match a particular violin come your existing skill level. Here are the price of violins that you can expect for players or violinists’ certain skill levels


Parents who desire to watch if their children will take to the violin have the right to buy a cardboard violin. For small children, the size is 1/32. If you have the money, you can buy a genuine violin in the same size. This will be enough until her kid reflects interest in play the instrument. The most you should spending plan for this is $100.


A beginner violin is ideal for those who really want to play the instrument. The price that this kind of violin varieties from $70 come $270. Over there are more expensive ones, but at this point, over there is yes, really no must buy them due to the fact that of quality.

If someone is marketing you a supplied violin, inspect if there room warps or crack on the instrument’s body. Examine if the neck is still straight and if yes sir no difficulty with the ribs. It’s ideal if the bow and also the situation are included in the price.

Intermediate Students

There is a wide range of price of violins because that intermediate students. Part cheaper models deserve to be had actually at $350, consisting of the bow, strings, and case. The an ext expensive ones, several of which are handmade, will cost you around $1,450.

Advanced Students

Those that reach this ability level already know what castle need. They have mastered the fundamentals and also are now occurring an artful way of doing it. Quality and craftsmanship room the stimulate of the day when you reach this level.

The price variety of violins in ~ this level is indigenous $3,000 to $6,000. This violins offer a better and wider dynamic range. Violins in ~ the peak price level are frequently antique tools that space well preserved.

They are frequently with a pedigree in the 1900s. As soon as wood matures, the value of the tool rises. Stradivarius replicas room the many appreciated through violinists at this ability level since of their sound quality.


These types of violins space the contemporary ones you see being supplied by numerous pop music artists. They space the modern versions of the classic violins. You can gain a great violin the this kind at approximately $170. But, it won’t produce any kind of sound uneven you hook it increase in an amplifier. A good quality amp generally costs around $130.

Factors That recognize the cost of a Violin

Many things affect the final price of a particular violin. Together you can see from the above, the prices of violins are very dissimilar and an extremely wide.

Here space the factors that affect violin prices:

1. Brand

Buying a music instrument since of its name recall is not constantly a good thing. However, over there is also some value in considering the brand. The height brands in the industry have made a surname for themselves due to the fact that they have actually proven their musical instruments’ quality and also durability v the years.

It goes to say that the much more respected and popular the brand that the violin is, the higher its price will be. So, remember to examine the brand of the violin the you are thinking the buying. But don’t neglect cheap imitations since they are also built based on the layout of the original. Just don’t forget the top quality of the craftsmanship and also the sound the violin produces.

2. Size

Violinists have various sizes ranging from small to large. The violins’ size that every of lock plays will need to be adjusted according to their body sizes. This is the factor why violin manufacturers develop different sizes of violins.

There space violins for short people, violins because that tall people, and also violins because that average-sized people. So, there room baby violins, partial or fractional dimension violins, and also full-size violins. Infant violins space for tiny kids, partial violins space for children and also smaller adults, and full-size violins are largely for adults.

Baby and partial size violin don’t cost as much as full-size violins since of 2 reasons. The very first one is that children using baby and partial size violins might need to profession their starter violins together they grow up. And also then this violins do not create the very same sound high quality as the full-sized ones.

The violin sizes and the civilization that they room designed for are the following:

1/32 dimension – the the smallest violin for youngsters aged 1 to 3 years old.1/16 dimension – for children from 3 to 5 years old, with an arm size of roughly 14 inches.1/10 dimension – for 4 to 5 years old child, v an arm length of around15 inches.1/8 size – for youngsters from four to six years old, v an arm size of 17 inches.1/4 size – for 5 to 7 years old musician, with an arm length of18.5 come 19 inches.1/2 size – for children seven to ripe years old, through an arm size of 20.5 inches.3/4 size – for youngsters nine to twelve years old, through an arm size of 21 inches.7/8 dimension – this is a rare violin size and not straightforward to find, with an arm length of 22 to 22.5 inches4/4 size – this is the full-size violin, with an arm length of 23 come 23.5 inches. This is the violin size for world who room taller 보다 5 feet.

3. Origin

Most that the violins that are under $1,500 are made in China. From 1995 come 2005, the quality of the violins do in this country was listed below standards. Now, things have changed. China workshops that develop violins revolve out the finest instruments within your price ranges.

Many Chinese violins have actually won yellow Medals in violin-making contests organized by the VSA (Violin culture of America). Aside from Germany, the nation that produces violins in consistently an excellent quality in China.

4. Age

The period of the violin is also considered in determining its price. Usually, the older a violin gets, the greater its price will certainly be due to the fact that it is becoming rare. However, this should not it is in the sole factor why you should buy a violin.

You should also look in ~ its condition. Examine for excessive wear of varnish and cracks and warps. If these imperfections space present, the violin need to not be so expensive. And always check if the sounds it produces space still vibrant, wide, and dynamic. 

5. Craftsmanship and also Material

The appearance of the violin will likewise determine if the price will certainly be high or low. If the artistry the made the violin high-quality, refined, and smooth, it will command a high price. Additionally, the type and quality of the wood used in the violin will likewise influence its price.

6. Problem of the Instrument

The price that a brand brand-new and high-quality violin will certainly be high. It is a good investment. However, one old violin, which has actually retained its initial sound top quality with a human body that stayed intact, will additionally be high-priced.

In general, the price the a provided violin is about 30% to 50% reduced than a new one. However if the offered one’s brand and quality space high, it may still command a hefty price.

7. Keep or Seller

The store where the violin is sold likewise influences its price. All things considered, if that is a trusted store, you can expect the price the the violin to be higher. There’s likewise some worth to buying a violin native a dependable store.

They will likely assist you uncover the best violin because that your ability level, size, and budget. The save staff have the right to also assist you gain the accessories that you will have to play the violin.

8. Accessories

When buying a violin, that is no the just thing you should buy come play it. You will need a bow, a set of strings, an ideal case, and all the forced accessories. These things will also add up to the final price that the violin.

There are some accessories that you can buy later on. Yet there space accessories that you have to buy at the exact same time that you purchase the violin.

How much does a good violin cost? The price the a an excellent violin different from around $1,000 up to the numerous thousands the dollars. These really expensive violins room antique or historic instruments do by well known violin makers.

Next, let’s look at the price varieties for different species of violins.

Price ranges of Different species of Violins

Now you know why the price the violins is large and wide-ranging. Below are the species and characteristics of violins that you can buy at details price ranges:

$200 come $500

These room the cheapest violins the you deserve to buy in ~ music stores. They space entry-level violins that room usually China-made.

$600 come $1,000

These are much better quality violins, usually hand-finished and made the high-quality wood. Lock are great for intermediate violin players.

$1,000 to $2,000

These violins are usually hand-finished with refined craftsmanship. Their hardwood grains space attractive, enhancing the aesthetics the the instrument. Castle are more suited for advanced students.

$2,000 come $3,000

These are the violins that are made of high-quality wood and also built by skilled craftsmen. Castle produce enhanced tones and also overtones. In this price range, you need to buy a different bow and also case.

$3,000 come $5,000

These violins are commonly owned by violinists who have actually been play for over 5 years. They room also good backup instruments for experienced violinists.

$5,000 to $10,000

Violins the this price variety are usually made in Europe. They room for violinists who have been play the instrument semi-professionally or professionally for more than ten years.

$10,000 plus and also over

Only around 2% to 3% that violins existing in the civilization are in this price range. This is what most semi-professional and professional violin would favor to play and own.

How much Should friend Pay for a Violin?


The best violin is suitable to your present skill level, budget, and the feasible performances wherein you will use it. Pick a violin that will certainly last for plenty of years, even if the is slightly more than her budget.

It should be a violin that you can flourish into. The much more you pat it, the greater should be the intricacy of the sounds the you will have the ability to create. Through violins that cost an ext than $2,000, over there will just be around 2 come 4 craftsmen labored to bring it to life.

For a $3,000 violin, the is much more likely that only one person developed it. The is important a labor of love. Girlfriend should likewise consider the cost of a violin bow because, at this price level, there can be no accessories included.

With violins that price anywhere between $400 and also $1,000, there is a high probability that before a violin comes into being, that was functioned over by numerous people. That way if there is a weak attach in the chain, the violin’s quality will it is in adversely affected.

Conclusion: just how Much carry out Violins Cost?

A violin’s expense can variety from $100 come $100,000 depending on the size, make, brand, and also other factors. Violins that are centuries old can cost as high as numerous million dollars. The price of a good quality violin have the right to be everywhere from $2,000 to $5,000. For a beginner, the violin most suited come this ability level have the right to go from $200 to $2,000.

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How much does a good violin cost? The price of a an excellent violin varies from about $1,000 up to the hundreds of thousands the dollars. These yes, really expensive violins are antique or historic instruments make by famed violin makers.

Studying exactly how to pat the violin and also actually obtaining to play it is a pretty interesting journey! however first, you have to decide what type of violin you should get. Explore your options, and also keep in mental the following components that affect a violin’s price:

Brand SizeOriginAgeCraftmanship and MaterialCondition of the InstrumentStore or SellerAccessories

So, it is that! good luck on finding the violin that’ll companion you on your musical journey!