read the previous messages on actors iron tub removal. I have actually a cast iron bathtub from 1950. I likewise want to remove it. Does anyone have actually a approximate idea how much these tubs sweet if I save it all in one piece?Thanks,

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More than this old guy have the right to handle anymore. Probably roughly 300 pounds or so. I use an appliance dolly to go up and also down the stairs with one male on the top and one ~ above the bottom.
Dave is right, when you get it the end the weight will be forged on the bottom and it will be real close to 300 lbs.

I simply did this job. 300 lbs is about right. If the bath tub is to it is in disposed the you have the right to break it easily with a couple of an excellent wacks with a sledge hammer (wear goggles). They rest cleanly and also into managable chunks. If you require to handle the tub without a dolly you have the right to make a sliding monitor with four 2 x 4"s and a small vaseline. Put the wood choose a leap frogging rail track and grease it up. The bathtub will slide really easily. This is also a good way to slide a cast iron tub into the wall surface pocket when you room installing one just in that situation use a broad sectin of hardibacker board through some slidin" ingredient on it.

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300 lbs is completely accurate. Lock are heavy mothers. I simply busted one into pieces critical week and also carried the pieces out, and just around got a hernia lifting the end just fifty percent of the tub.words that caution: 1) if you bust it right into pieces with a sledgehammer (with SEVERAL good whacks, not simply a couple) be really careful due to the fact that the edges are sharp, and also the end up on the bathtub becomes favor flying shards that glass. Cover your head, eyes, stay a mask, and use good gloves.2) if you eliminate it in one item be certain it doesn"t touch your floor. The load of the tub will damages any form of flooring if you effort to skid it across the floor. Mary"s suggestion in one more post is a an excellent one. Usage runners.3) if you have to take it down a trip of stairway this would certainly safely it is in a 3 person job. One human at the height of the stairs offering stability, and also two civilization to ease it down the staircase ~ above a dolly while sharing the complete weight of the tub.4) perform NOT think that you have the right to tie a guide line come a radiator, bannister, etc. Because that stability and leverage while guiding the bath tub down the stairs. It will certainly yank it ideal out that the wall and send the 300 lb bathtub and the plan stabilizer careening under the stairs in ~ lightspeed ruining everything in it"s path. (i recognize someone that did this with a radiator and virtually killed himself, and ruined the flooring and also got burned from the cook water). I know not everyone is this stupid, however it warrants a point out at least. =)Good happiness! Gabriel