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Although numerous furniture salespeople’s No. 1 priority top top the project is to sway shoppers come take residence a new bedroom set, they’re much more than simply pitchmen. Trained furniture sales staff room knowledgeable around the production processes affiliated in the lines lock sell, the benefits and disadvantages of materials, and also the care and warranty specifics for each furnishing castle sell.

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Average Salary

Furniture salesmen generally work on a commission basis, so their revenue may vary significantly by the lot of customers their keep receives, the mean price that items lock sell and their salesmanship ability. Since of this, reported income for furniture sales representatives vary greatly. Furniture sales associates earn mean salaries that $25,943 together of January 2011, according to PayScale. reports a much various figure, with typical furniture sales jobs earning $45,000 annually.

Salaries by Region

Although furniture salespeople"s salaries differ slightly by the component of the nation in which lock work, there is just slight sports in the industry’s salaries roughly the country. Furniture sales employees who work in shop in new York obtain the greatest average yearly salaries, bringing home $44,196 each year as the January 2011, according to salary Expert. In Indianapolis, the city wherein sales staff earn the least, the average yearly wage is $36,442. Incomes ranged native $40,131 come $42,376 in 6 of the 10 urban Salary skilled surveyed.

Comparison to every Sales Salaries

Sales to represent who job-related in furniture stores tend to make much an ext money than the median retail sales worker. Retail sales positions pay an average annual salary the $23,463 yearly as of January 2011, follow to The midpoint the the earnings reported by value Expert, $41,253.50, is 176 percent that the average revenue for all sleeve sales workers.

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Comparison to all house Furnishing industry Salaries

Sales staff in the furniture market earn average wages for their sector. Interior developers employed by furniture shop earn some of the smallest salaries in the field -- $32,196 together of January 2011 -- follow to PayScale, if sales managers and salesmen earn earnings in the short $40,000s. Operations managers or store managers earn salaries between $47,048 and $62,288 each year.