NASCAR Diecast Values

June 19, 2018
Roger Carl

Top Ten Most valuable NASCAR Diecast Collectibles

Today"s NASCAR diecast collectorsoften think about the value of their diecast collection. Why? because buying NASCAR diecast needs a significant investment. Long gone room the days once one could buy a new collectible NASCAR diecast for $19.Buying a new 1:24 NASCAR diecast from Lionel (the existing marketer the NASCAR diecast) will collection you ago $55 because that the base ARC model, and nearly $100 or more if you desire to acquisition the even-more-collectible RCCA upstream model.

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Accordingly, today"s diecast collector ismuch an ext likely come ask "What is the value of mine diecast collection?" Fortunately, this is basic question come answer. Diecast it is registered ( is the top provider ofracing diecast collection monitoring tools, and also their virtual diecast price guide is the most accurate and complete listing available. Simply add your diecast into your garage, and you willsee the existing market worth of every diecast in your collection, and also the overallvalue that your whole diecast collection.The data shown below comes indigenous the Diecast registry price overview - with their permission the course! Enjoy.


Most valuable NASCAR Diecast

Dale Earnhardt Sr.#3 Brooks & Dunn 1998 Chevy Monte Carlo1:24 activity RCCA ElitePrototype

This diecast was never approved for production, and therefore only prototypes exist; 6 prototypes are believed to have actually been made. Once prototypes are included in the searchof the Diecast it is registered price guide,this is thesingle most an important NASCAR diecast,as fine asthe many expensive Dale Earnhardt diecast. This rare Dale Earnhardt diecast has a book value of about $4,500.


Most ValuableRegular-Production Diecast

Dale Earnhardt Sr.#3Daytona 500 Winner1998 Chevy Monte Carlo1:24 activity RCCA EliteGold

When prototype and also samplediecastare excluded, the most valuable regular production NASCAR diecast is theDale Earnhardt 1998 Daytona Winner yellow Elite. Just 100 instances of this rareDale Earnhardt diecast exist. Obtaining your hands on one is really difficult. This NASCAR diecast has actually a publication value of around $2,500.

The remainder the the diecast showing up in this perform are continuous production diecast. Tolearn the values of more prototypes and also samples, please view the www.DiecastRegistry.comdiecast price guide.


Most ValuableJimmie JohnsonDiecast

Jimmie JohnsonLowe"s 250th Start2003 Chevy Monte Carlo1:24 ActionARC color Chrome

This diecast diecast commemorates Jimmie Johnson"s 250th NASCAR Cup collection start i m sorry took ar in the financial institution of America 500 at Charlotte motor Speedway top top Saturday October 11, 2008. The repaint scheme is in reality a preview the what the 2009 Lowe"s paint scheme to be going to look like, and also carries a one-of-a-kind decal honoring Johnson"s 250th start on the decklid. This diecast was sold trackside at Charlotte engine Speedway beginning on Thursday October 9th, and quickly offered out... No one were available by gyeongju day. The book value the thisJimmie Johnson diecastis~ $2,500.


Most ValuableTeam CaliberDiecast

Mark Martin#6 Valvoline19991:24 Team Caliber gold Exclusive

When this diecast to be released in 1999, it to be the lowest manufacturing quantity diecast ever before made. According to the Diecast registry website, just 24 dare were made for the Valvoline large Brothers huge Sisters charity event.You deserve to learn much much more about this diecast in the Diecast it is registered price guide. The publication value that thisrare mark Martin Team Caliberdiecastis~ $2,100.


Most ValuableDale EarnhardtSr Diecast

Dale Earnhardt Sr.#3Bass Pro1998 Chevy Monte Carlo1:24 activity RCCA EliteGold

Excluding the over Dale Earnhardt diecast, the following most valuable on his exceptional list is this rarely example.According come the Diecast it is registered website, "One hundred24K yellow Elites were spread to Bass agree Shop customers throughout the country through a Gold rush Sweepstakes promotion."This rarely Dale Earnhardt diecast has a book value of around $1,800.


Most ValuableNon-Stock-CarDiecast

RCR Richard athletic Racing2001 1:4 scale Winston Cup Engine - Autograph Series

When us excludestock car fromour search, we are left with allsorts of exciting NASCAR collectibles such together airplanes, boats,figurines, haulers, helmets, pedal cars, trains, and trucks.Themost an important in this eclectic group is this RCR enginethat is autographed through Richard Childress, Fred Wagenhals, andDale Earnhardt Sr. This NASCAR engine has actually a publication value of$1,500, and a wholesale worth of around $600.


Most ValuableJeff GordonDiecast

Jeff Gordon #24 Honoring ours Soldiers 20101:24 action RCCA EliteWhite Gold

At the optimal of the hill because that the most valuable Jeff Gordon NASCAR diecast is this stars & stripes repaint scheme he drove in the Coca-Cola 600 to honor American soldiers.In fact, every one of the 2010 Honoring ours Soldiers models developed by action Lionel are in really high demand.ThisJeff Gordondiecast has actually a publication value of about $1,500, and a wholesale worth approaching $700.


Most ValuableDale EarnhardtJr Diecast

Dale Earnhardt Jr.#3Wrangler2010 Chevy Monte Carlo1:24 action RCCA EliteGold

What"s the most an important Dale Earnhardt Jr diecast? Currently, the most expensive Dale Earnhardt Jr diecast is the 2010 Wrangler 1:24 RCCA elite Gold, of which 33 devices were produced.According to the Diecast it is registered website,Dale Jr journey this paint scheme in the Subway Jalapeno 250 at Daytona Speedwayon Friday July 2nd, 2010. Earnhardt started the gyeongju in 5th position and also led just 33 laps, however those to be the last 33 laps the the race to earn the victoryThisDale Earnhardt Jr diecast currently has a book value of around $1,300, and a all valuejust under$700.


Most ValuableWinners CircleNASCARDiecast

Jeff Gordon #40 Stanton Challengerwith Youth photo 19971:64 Winners Circle

The most an important Winners one diecast is also the many valuable1:64 range diecast do by any kind of manufacturer. This title belongs come therare #40 Stanton Challenger Sprit automobile with the map insert include the Jeff Gordon "youth photo" viewed here.A couplehundred are believed to have actually been produced prior to Gordon"s camp garbage its release due to the undesirable photo.ThisJeff Gordondiecast has a publication value of around $1,000.Interestingly, these popular music up ~ above auctions sites native year to year with a $5 to buy it currently price due to the fact that most collectors are unaware the this variation is different from the mass-produced version.


Most ValuableKyle BuschDiecast

Kyle Busch #18 Bristol Sweep2010 1:24 activity ARCSet

The most an useful Kyle Busch diecast is additionally the many valuablemulti car set ofdiecasts ever produced.Thisset the Bristol Sweepdiecast has actually awholesale value of about $500.While the value of plenty of other diecast appearing in this perform is decreasing, the value of this collection is INCREASING. Below is a sneak-peak in ~ the diecast worth trend chart from the Diecast it is registered price guide:



Most ValuableRichard PettyDiecast

Richard small #43 STP 1974 evade Charger 2010 1:24 ActionRCCA elite White Gold

This diecast was created to commemorate Richard Petty"s hall of call induction. Just 25 devices were produced. This diecast has a publication value of about $800, and also a wholesale value over $350.While this diecast is at the peak of the list, the Diecast registry price guide showsmany other Richard small diecast v a sector value just below this example. Examine it out when you have a chance.


Most ValuableKevin HarvickDiecast

Kevin Harvick 2010 #2 Tide pods Truck1:24 ActionWhite Gold

Aside from Harvick"s 2006 lucky Platinum upstream inserts (of which just two instances were made), this diecast is Kevin Harvick"s most an important NASCAR diecast. Only 25 units were created in a beautiful white gold finish. This diecast has actually a publication value of around $750 and a wholesale value of $300.

The 2007 Kevin Harvick Elvis diecast is close, but it is not as expensive as this white goldsupertruck.

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Most ValuableHot WheelsDiecast

Don Prudhomme 1970 The snake Legends come Life Funny Car

The most valuable Hot wheel racing diecast produced in the modern-day era (i.e. Article 1989) is this Legends come Life diecast which has actually a tape-playing base that produces sounds from his famed Snake funny car. This diecast has actually a book value of around $625, and a wholesale worth of $475.