acetone - 0.209 gal/kg/nbeer - 0.267 gal/kg/nbutter - 0.243 gal/kg/nethyl alcohol - 0.209 gal/kg/nflour - 0.151 gal/kg/nglycerine - 0.333 gal/kg/nmilk - 0.272 gal/kg/nsugar, beet - 0.211 gal/kg/nsugar, granulated - 0.185 gal/kg/nsugar, powder - 0.148 gal/kg/nsunflower oil - 0.243 gal/kg/nwater - 0.264 gal/kg/n kg = 0.264 gal

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acetone - 4.79 kg/gal/nbeer - 3.75 kg/gal/nbutter - 4.11 kg/gal/nethyl alcohol - 4.79 kg/gal/nflour - 6.64 kg/gal/nglycerine - 3 kg/gal/nmilk - 3.67 kg/gal/nsugar, sugar beet - 4.73 kg/gal/nsugar, granulated - 5.41 kg/gal/nsugar, powder - 6.76 kg/gal/nsunflower oil - 4.11 kg/gal/nwater - 3.79 kg/gal/n gal = 3.79 kg
kg to gal switch table:1 kg
=0.264 gal21 kg=5.55 gal41 kg=10.8 gal70 kg=18.5 gal
2 kg=0.528 gal22 kg=5.81 gal42 kg=11.1 gal80 kg=21.1 gal
3 kg=0.793 gal23 kg=6.08 gal43 kg=11.4 gal90 kg=23.8 gal
4 kg=1.06 gal24 kg=6.34 gal44 kg=11.6 gal100 kg=26.4 gal
5 kg=1.32 gal25 kg=6.61 gal45 kg=11.9 gal110 kg=29.1 gal
6 kg=1.59 gal26 kg=6.87 gal46 kg=12.2 gal120 kg=31.7 gal
7 kg=1.85 gal27 kg=7.13 gal47 kg=12.4 gal130 kg=34.3 gal
8 kg=2.11 gal28 kg=7.4 gal48 kg=12.7 gal140 kg=37 gal
9 kg=2.38 gal29 kg=7.66 gal49 kg=12.9 gal150 kg=39.6 gal
10 kg=2.64 gal30 kg=7.93 gal50 kg=13.2 gal160 kg=42.3 gal
11 kg=2.91 gal31 kg=8.19 gal51 kg=13.5 gal170 kg=44.9 gal
12 kg=3.17 gal32 kg=8.45 gal52 kg=13.7 gal180 kg=47.6 gal
13 kg=3.43 gal33 kg=8.72 gal53 kg=14 gal190 kg=50.2 gal
14 kg=3.7 gal34 kg=8.98 gal54 kg=14.3 gal200 kg=52.8 gal
15 kg=3.96 gal35 kg=9.25 gal55 kg=14.5 gal300 kg=79.3 gal
16 kg=4.23 gal36 kg=9.51 gal56 kg=14.8 gal400 kg=106 gal
17 kg=4.49 gal37 kg=9.78 gal57 kg=15.1 gal500 kg=132 gal
18 kg=4.76 gal38 kg=10 gal58 kg=15.3 gal700 kg=185 gal
19 kg=5.02 gal39 kg=10.3 gal59 kg=15.6 gal900 kg=238 gal
20 kg=5.28 gal40 kg=10.6 gal60 kg=15.9 gal1000 kg=264 gal

gal to kg conversion table:
0.1 gal=0.379 kg2.1 gal=7.95 kg4.1 gal=15.5 kg7 gal=26.5 kg
0.2 gal=0.757 kg2.2 gal=8.33 kg4.2 gal=15.9 kg8 gal=30.3 kg
0.3 gal=1.14 kg2.3 gal=8.71 kg4.3 gal=16.3 kg9 gal=34.1 kg
0.4 gal=1.51 kg2.4 gal=9.08 kg4.4 gal=16.7 kg10 gal=37.9 kg
0.5 gal=1.89 kg2.5 gal=9.46 kg4.5 gal=17 kg11 gal=41.6 kg
0.6 gal=2.27 kg2.6 gal=9.84 kg4.6 gal=17.4 kg12 gal=45.4 kg
0.7 gal=2.65 kg2.7 gal=10.2 kg4.7 gal=17.8 kg13 gal=49.2 kg
0.8 gal=3.03 kg2.8 gal=10.6 kg4.8 gal=18.2 kg14 gal=53 kg
0.9 gal=3.41 kg2.9 gal=11 kg4.9 gal=18.5 kg15 gal=56.8 kg
1 gal=3.79 kg3 gal=11.4 kg5 gal=18.9 kg16 gal=60.6 kg
1.1 gal=4.16 kg3.1 gal=11.7 kg5.1 gal=19.3 kg17 gal=64.3 kg
1.2 gal=4.54 kg3.2 gal=12.1 kg5.2 gal=19.7 kg18 gal=68.1 kg
1.3 gal=4.92 kg3.3 gal=12.5 kg5.3 gal=20.1 kg19 gal=71.9 kg
1.4 gal=5.3 kg3.4 gal=12.9 kg5.4 gal=20.4 kg20 gal=75.7 kg
1.5 gal=5.68 kg3.5 gal=13.2 kg5.5 gal=20.8 kg30 gal=114 kg
1.6 gal=6.06 kg3.6 gal=13.6 kg5.6 gal=21.2 kg40 gal=151 kg
1.7 gal=6.43 kg3.7 gal=14 kg5.7 gal=21.6 kg50 gal=189 kg
1.8 gal=6.81 kg3.8 gal=14.4 kg5.8 gal=22 kg70 gal=265 kg
1.9 gal=7.19 kg3.9 gal=14.8 kg5.9 gal=22.3 kg90 gal=341 kg
2 gal=7.57 kg4 gal=15.1 kg6 gal=22.7 kg100 gal=379 kg

Nowadays this unit is same to eight pints. Pint is one old measurementunit too and also it is not used worldwide. But you will never ever say in UnitedKingdom: "Please provide me one liter that beer". You must say "Pleasegive me one pint of beer". This type of liquid is no measured usingmetric device here. Eight pints that beer or wine is totally enough forperson. So usually it is offered to suggest a relatively big amount ofliquid because that one person.
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