How to transform Joules come Watt-hours

To convert a joule measurement come a watt-hour measurement, division the energy by the conversion ratio.

because one watt-hour is same to 3,600 joules, you can use this an easy formula to convert:


Joules and watt-hours are both units supplied to measure up energy. Keep reading to learn more about every unit that measure.

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The joule is the power equal come the pressure on things of one newton at a street of one meter.<1> One joule is equal to the heat energy dissipated through the present of one ampere v one ohm of resistance because that one second.

One joule is likewise equal to the energy needed to relocate an electrical charge of one coulomb through a potential difference of one volt. In addition, one joule is also equal come the one watt-second.

The joule is the SI derived unit for power in the metric system. Joules deserve to be abbreviated together J; for example, 1 joule can be created as 1 J.


The watt-hour is a measure up of electrical energy equal to one watt of power over a one hour period.

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Watt-hours space usually abbreviated together Wh, although the formally embraced expression is W·h. The abbreviation Wh is additionally sometimes used. Because that example, 1 watt-hour deserve to be written as 1 Wh, 1 W·h, or 1 Wh.

In formal expressions, the focused dot (·) or an are is offered to separate units offered to show multiplication in one expression and to protect against conflicting prefixes being misinterpreted together a unit symbol.<2>

Joule to Watt-hour switch Table

Joule measurements converted come watt-hours Joules Watt-hours
1 J 0.000278 Wh
2 J 0.000556 Wh
3 J 0.000833 Wh
4 J 0.001111 Wh
5 J 0.001389 Wh
6 J 0.001667 Wh
7 J 0.001944 Wh
8 J 0.002222 Wh
9 J 0.0025 Wh
10 J 0.002778 Wh
20 J 0.005556 Wh
30 J 0.008333 Wh
40 J 0.011111 Wh
50 J 0.013889 Wh
60 J 0.016667 Wh
70 J 0.019444 Wh
80 J 0.022222 Wh
90 J 0.025 Wh
100 J 0.027778 Wh
200 J 0.055556 Wh
300 J 0.083333 Wh
400 J 0.111111 Wh
500 J 0.138889 Wh
600 J 0.166667 Wh
700 J 0.194444 Wh
800 J 0.222222 Wh
900 J 0.25 Wh
1,000 J 0.277778 Wh
2,000 J 0.555556 Wh
3,000 J 0.833333 Wh
4,000 J 1.1111 Wh
5,000 J 1.3889 Wh
6,000 J 1.6667 Wh
7,000 J 1.9444 Wh
8,000 J 2.2222 Wh
9,000 J 2.5 Wh
10,000 J 2.7778 Wh


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