Known together Music City, Nashville has actually a many to sell musical aficionados. Native honky tonks, nation Music hall of Fame, to musical night tours. If you space in the city and also are interested in learning and also experiencing an ext about the state that Tennessee and also the distinctive American art kind of country music, a day pilgrimage from Nashville to Memphis, TN is a perfect way to obtain acquainted. Keep analysis for various ways to gain there and also where to avoid along the way as well as what come see and do in Nashville.

The finest ways to make the trek native Memphis to Nashville are by taking a bus or steering a car, i m sorry is the fastest and least expensive means to travel. Federal government 40 eastbound is the thoroughfare connecting the cities. A automobile trip will take around three hrs each way.

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One-Day Itineraries

The cosmopolitan resources of Tennessee, Nashville has earned numerous nicknames end the years. These incorporate Athens of the south for being a center of higher education and the nation Music funding of the World due to the fact that of the important function that the plays within the industry. Nashville likewise has deserve a place in U.S. History. Depending upon your interests, you can use these itineraries to plan your Nashville day trip.

Music lover will gain visiting the country Music room of Fame and also Museum in the morning complied with by lunch on the Honky Tonk Highway. Friend will watch memorabilia related to celebrated performers as well as the clubs where countless of the entertainers got their start. Tour the nearby Ryman Auditorium, the mommy Church of country Music, wherein you can stand center stage in this world-famous venue. Head end to Hatch present Print to learn how their distinctive posters and also show bills are made. Learn about the multifaceted life and career that the male in black at the Johnny Cash Museum before crossing the street for a quintessential Nashville treat at the Goo Goo Shop. Enjoy an evening meal and also live music at the famous Bluebird Café.

History buffs can see a scale-replica the the Parthenon situated at Centennial Park. The attraction attributes a faithful reproduction the the 42-foot-tall statue located in Athens and also several monuments and memorials. Gain lunch at Prince’s hot Chicken, the birthplace of Nashville’s spicy signature dish. Take it a leisurely walk with Bicentennial Mall and also State Park where you deserve to learn around the society and background of the Volunteer State native the various outdoor exhibits. Reconstructed during the good Depression, ft Negley to be the biggest inland fortification built during the civil War. If the weather does not cooperate, you deserve to substitute for tours the the Tennessee State Museum, the Tennessee State House and historic Belmont Mansion. After ~ dinner, stroll follow me the riverfront, check out the iconic Shelby Street leg lit up versus the night sky and then see the neon lights of the city indigenous this top pedestrian walkway.

If you desire to take it in as many popular music sights as possible while learning about the background of Nashville, rise aboard the Old town Trolley. The tour has plenty of stops near much more than 100 attractions about Nashville related to nation music and Tennessee history. The hop on hop off privileges allow you come disembark and explore one attraction much more in-depth at your very own pace. You can resume the tour ideal where friend left off when the following trolley comes by. Speak the trolley enables you to sit back and relax while enduring all that Nashville needs to offer without having actually to navigate city web traffic or discover places come park around Nashville.

Country music, southerly charm and also a well-preserved history play a huge part in Nashville’s allure. There is so much to see and also do in this popular destination. A day trip from Memphis come Nashville is a an excellent way to experience what renders the city special and also enjoy the things that attention you the most.

Where to prevent on Your way to Nashville

You can travel a short distance turn off the highway to enjoy these renowned eateries during your Nashville job trip:

Beacon light Tea Room in Bon Aqua is open from 11 a.m. Till 9 p.m. Weekdays. The restaurant opens up three hours previously on weekends. It is closed Mondays.

Carl’s Perfect Pig BBQ in White Bluff is open from 10:30 a.m. Until 6 p.m. Wednesday through Saturday. The eatery closes four hours earlier Sundays.

B. E. Scott Bar-B-Que in Lexington is open Tuesday v Friday indigenous 9 a.m. Till 6 p.m. They close 2 hours previously on Saturdays.

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Traveling by car also enables you to prevent along the means to visit various other attractions prefer the Casey Jones house & railroad Museum the memorializes the well known train engineer.