The best length to start dreads regularly depends on the technique that you room planning to usage to start your locs. Continue reading together I will provide more detailed details answering the concern of ‘how long does mine hair need to be to begin dreads?’.

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With freeform dreadlocks, you can start her locs with any kind of length that hair. The reason here is that with freeform dreadlocks, you do not manipulate her hair. All you execute is permit your hair to prosper and type knots on their own, in your own unique way.

Two-strand twist or Three-strand plait

With two-strand twisted or 3 stand plaints, many people often ask just how long does my hair need to be to start locs? Although, they might have already been putting these formats in their hair. I choose to say, if you can two strand twisted or plait her hair climate it has sufficient length to start locs.

The only concern here can be the extra care that is needed. V two-strand twist over there is always the opportunity of your hair unraveling, if you begin with shorter hair you will want to ensure that you treatment for her hair.


With backcombing, this is typically done with hair the looser textures, directly or caucasian hair. This an approach will call for a few inches the hair for the technician to work with, a size of 6 inch of an ext is the ideal length.

Starting with much longer hair will enable your hair to fall nicely as opposed to being too stiff.

Instant Locs- Crochet

The ideal length to start dreads once using prompt locs is around 5-6 customs of hair. Ideally, friend will desire to use much much longer hair, perhaps 7 inches. Frequently instant locs might be stiff and also having much longer hair will help your dreads to autumn nicely.


Hair form

If you’ve noticed, once explaining the method-length relationship, i touched top top hair type. Any hair type can be supplied to start locs. However, relying on your hair form you might require much more length.

For curly hair 4a to 4d– You deserve to start through as little as 2-3 inch of hair. The reason right here is because curly hair not only knots faster but it remains together easier as well.

For straight hair 1, 2a, 2b– You deserve to start with as small as 6 customs of hair if utilizing backcombing or immediate loc method. When these approaches won’t unravel like various other methods, you begin with much longer hair so the it look at better.

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Using a Hair Measurement and Recording sheet.

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If you are planning to start locs, climate you can begin to measure and record her hair length. Through a hair measurement and also recording sheet, girlfriend will have the ability to track your progress from before you begin your locs ideal to the end.

Tracking her hair growth is great practice to build if girlfriend are actively working to flourish your hair. That is additionally important if you have a hair length goal that you are trying to attain.


I developed the recording sheet over to assist you monitor the expansion of your hair. The sheet likewise comes through bonus sheets- ‘Loc measurement and also recording sheet‘ so that you deserve to track your loc hair expansion as well.

I have actually kept track of mine hair growth in the past in my phone or simply jottings in notebooks yet having it every on one sheet works out so lot better. Find it here.

Summary – FAQ

Can any type of hair kind start dreads?

Yes. Any type of hair type can begin dreads. However, the look at of locs, the time it takes come loc and also over all treatment may look at different.

How long does the hair have to be for 2&3 Strand twisted locs?

Many lengths job-related for starting locs with 2 or 3 strand twists. 2-3 inches of hair or more is the ideal size for using this method.

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How long does the hair must be for comb coils locs?

For comb coil or finger coil locs, 2-3 inch of hair or much more is right length.

How lengthy does hair must be because that freeform locs?

For freeform dreadlocks, you have the right to start her dreads with any length.

How lengthy does hair should be for backcombing?

For backcombing, friend will need a few inches of hair to start your dreadlocks. Starting with 6 or much more inches that hair is best.

How lengthy will it take it my locs to thrive long?

The expansion of her locs significantly depends on numerous things. It depends on your nutrition, your treatment of her locs, your water intake, and also many various other factors.


For your locs to grow long and grow rapid you should be intentional about your hair expansion journey and also take treatment of yourself and your hair. Farming your locs long also takes patience. So, it is in patient and also trust her process.

This Loc hair growth planner may help you come foster an excellent habits + it contains a attach to the hair measure resources mentioned earlier.