Yogurt is commonly used together a snack or sticking in a kid’s having lunch for school. I have frequently wondered just how long the stuff will last since it sometimes sits in our refrigerator for several weeks and also in a lunch bag because that a couple of hours. Ns did some comprehensive research, and also this is what i learned.

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Refrigerated (40 ºF) unopened yogurt deserve to last as much as 2 weeks after its “sell by” date. In ~ room temperature, that will commonly last for about 2 hours. Once opened, yogurt deserve to last for approximately 2 weeks in the fridge. It deserve to be frozen (0 ºF) for approximately 2 months, however the quality and texture may be altered.

TypeIn the frozen fridge (40 ºF)In the Freezer (0 ºF)At Room Temperature
Regular YogurtUp come 2 WeeksUp come 2 MonthsUp come 2 hours
Drinkable Yogurts or “Go-Gurts”Up come 2 WeeksNot recommendedUp come 2 hours
Greek YogurtUp come 2 WeeksUp come 2 monthsUp to 2 hours
Frozen YogurtN/AUp to 2 MonthsN/A
Info listed by the USDA

The remainder of the article will cover the topic in greater information so you can know whatever you should know around how lengthy yogurt lasts.

How long Does Yogurt last Unopened?

Unopened yogurt can last for 2 weeks after ~ its sell-by date, providing it is refrigerated for the majority of the time.

You can also freeze yogurt if you require it to critical longer. Freeze yogurt is recommended for up to 2 months. After 2 months, the yogurt will still be safe to eat yet will it is in of lower quality. After ~ thawing your yogurt, you must use the immediately.

How lengthy Does Yogurt Last as soon as Opened?

Once opened, yogurt will commonly last for half the time it would if it had not been opened.

Refrigerated, opened up yogurt deserve to still be safe to eat for up to 1 mainly after the sell-by date on the packaging. However, the is constantly smart to check your opened up yogurt for any kind of signs of decay, such together mold, prior to consuming. Depending upon the form of yogurt, it deserve to sometimes go bad quicker 보다 expected.

If you decide to save yogurt once it is opened, I extremely recommend using an airtight container. This will aid ensure the it remains edible for as lengthy as possible. Simply make sure you get a top quality one, favor this type found ~ above Amazon. It may take an extra minute or two to transfer it to the container, yet it is well worth it. Especially if you buy yogurt in huge packages.


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How long Will Yogurt last in the Fridge?

Unopened yogurt will last for approximately 2 weeks after the sell-by date.

If the is stored in the refrigerator consistently, opened up yogurt will last for 1 week from the job it was opened if refrigerated consistently. That is vital to keep in mind that the sell-by and use-by date on the packaging are various things. If her yogurt is previous its “use by” or “expiration” date, the is not safe to eat and also should be discarded.

How long Does Yogurt critical Unrefrigerated?

It is usually agreed that yogurt should only be kept unrefrigerated for 2 hrs or less. If save in regular temperatures, the yogurt could start to prosper bacteria after 2 hours. If the yogurt is save in temperatures over 90 degrees Fahrenheit (32 degrees Celcius), it should be consumed within the hour.

How long Does Yogurt last After finest by Date?

Unopened yogurt will last for up to 2 weeks ~ it’s ideal by or sell-by date, offering it is refrigerated. Once you open up a yogurt, the finest by date will no much longer apply. Opened up yogurt will certainly last because that 1 week native opening, if refrigerated.

Can you Eat Yogurt ~ the Expiration Date?

If your yogurt has an expiration date, that is safest not to eat when it has passed. However, if your yogurt only consists of a sell-by date, friend will need to open the yogurt to referee whether the is safe to eat or not.

If the yogurt look at watery, smells sour, or contains mold, it is no safe come eat, and also you must throw the yogurt away.

How carry out You know If Yogurt has actually Gone Bad?

Yogurt has live bacteria. This way that, as soon as the yogurt walk bad, that is not safe come ingest it. Luckily, numerous indicators have the right to tell girlfriend if yogurt has actually gone bad;

Texture- The yogurt looks watery or contains more liquid than you would expect it to.Smell- The yogurt smells cake or “off.”Mold- The yogurt consists of mold or discoloration.Expiration Date- If the yogurt is an ext than a pair of weeks previous its expiration date.

If your yogurt contains any of the 4 indicators, it has likely unable to do bad, and you have to not eat it.

Keep in mind the the USDA recommends keeping yogurt in the fridge no longer than 2 weeks and the freezer no much longer than 2 months. However, that is likely they room being too many conservative through these recommendations. Use good judgment prior to consuming any kind of product. Following usual sense indications that the may have gone poor should it is in a matter of course.

Can Yogurt do You Sick?

If you eat one expired yogurt, you might fall victim come food poisoning. This can reason stomach cramps, vomiting, and also diarrhea. If this happens, be certain to drink lot of of water to aid flush out the toxins and stay hydrated, specifically if you space experiencing diarrhea.

If you space experiencing severe, persistent stomach mouse and/or vomiting, that is finest to seek clinical attention come ensure you have the right to receive therapy if needed. FYI, the variety of poison control is (800) 222-1222.

If you experience disease or sickness after eating yogurt, regardless of the expiration date, contact a medical experienced as you may be experiencing from lactose intolerance or allergy to a certain ingredient in the yogurt.

How to effectively Store Yogurt

Yogurt deserve to go bad really quickly if that is no stored. Friend must always keep yogurt refrigerated, together it can start to flourish bacteria after ~ 2 hrs out of the fridge.

If you have opened the yogurt, make sure you seal it so that it is airtight before returning it to the fridge. That is advised that you save yogurt in ~ the ago of the fridge and also not in the door, together it is much cooler at the back of the refrigerator, i m sorry will stop unwanted bacteria.

How can I boost the Shelf Life that Yogurt?

The only true means to rise the shelf life that yogurt is to freeze it at home. Frozen yogurt will certainly last for approximately 2 months and also can be thawed. ~ thawing, yogurt should be spend immediately and also cannot be refrozen. It is vital to note that freeze yogurt will often reason a decrease in the quality and also texture that the yogurt and that many professionals only recommend freeze yogurt if it is to be offered as part of a recipe such as a cake or a smoothie.

You certainly need to use a freezer-safe container specially designed because that the purpose, choose these that ns recommend from Amazon. They likewise work well because that the fridge, yet definitely just freeze that if you arrangement to use the ingredient in a recipe down the road.

How lengthy Does Homemade Yogurt Last?

There are many recipes because that homemade yogurt, and it is often an ext comforting come know precisely what is within of the food you space consuming. The shelf-life the homemade yogurt is very similar to the yogurt offered in stores. Homemade yogurt will certainly last for as much as 2 weeks, as long as the is refrigerated. It have to be provided that the longer you leave her homemade yogurt, the stronger it will certainly get. You may discover that your homemade yogurt tastes much stronger 보다 it originally did after a week.

Final Thoughts

Ultimately, how long yogurt large comes down to appropriate storage. Make certain your refrigerator is ~ above the right setting and make certain you avoid those stroked nerves cold spots where food can become icy. Otherwise, girlfriend will finish up v some monster tasting or “freezer-burn” tasting yogurt. Yum.

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Also, if placing yogurt in her a kid’s lunch, make sure they aren’t walking to be storing that in a yes, really hot atmosphere or eating it a lot later on in the day. Not just is heat yogurt quite nasty, however it’s likewise unsafe. In mine humble opinion, it’s no worth the risk.