Believe the or not, Kool-Aid powder has actually been approximately for practically 100 years, and in that time, that has come to be a clip of countless people’s pantries. You might well have actually a crate sitting in the ago of her cupboard right now that has been there due to the fact that who also knows when.

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But carry out you have to throw that out? walk Kool-Aid even expire? I’m right here to call you whatever you have to know.

Kool-Aid flour does technically expire but can frequently be safely consumed after that is expiration date as long as the is unopened and also there space no signs of spoilage. The expiration day denotes just how long the manufacturer believes the product will certainly be at its ideal quality and also is no a marker because that food safety.

In this article, we will talk about whether or not Kool-aid expires, phone call you just how to store it, and how to understand if it has actually gone bad.

Does Kool-Aid Powder walk Bad?

When Kool-Aid flour is save correctly, that is very unlikely to walk bad. It contains citric acid, calcium phosphate, ascorbic acid, fabricated flavor, salt, BHA, and sometimes sugar (depending on the variety). In your dried form, nobody of this ingredients have actually the potential to prosper bacteria.

How lengthy Does Kool-Aid flour Last?

This is kind of choose “how long is a piece of string”? There really is no solitary answer to just how long her Kool-Aid powder will last, yet it is most likely going to be for years. Over there are even reports of world drinking Kool-Aid powder from the 1980s and also having no ill results at all!

Your Kool-Aid powder will have an expiration date, however this doesn’t phone call you when your Kool-Aid powder stops being for sure to drink. There room different varieties of expiration dates.

Some that space usually uncovered on meats, medicines, dairy, etc., are use-by dates, and also these tell girlfriend the date when that is no much longer safe come eat or drink the product—eating the food after this day puts friend at threat of food poisoning.

Kool-Aid flour will have a best prior to date, and also this day just tells you as soon as the manufacturer think the product won’t be in ~ its finest anymore. This could mean that the odor won’t be as nice or the the color won’t be as vibrant, yet it doesn’t mean that it won’t be safe to eat or drink.

How to keep Kool-Aid Powder


While it is true the your Kool-Aid powder will probably be safe to use well previous its expiration date, this is only the case if it is save on computer properly. It only stays for sure while the is in its dry form, and if any kind of moisture get the powder, the will begin to walk bad.

Therefore, that is critical that you store your Kool-Aid flour in a dry place and also where the possibilities of any kind of water being spilled on it are really low. You will additionally need come make sure it is fine away from all over that insects could get come it as they deserve to burrow in and contaminate the powder.

Should I keep Kool-Aid powder in the Fridge?

There isn’t anything stopping you native storing her Kool-Aid flour in the fridge, however there is no real have to do so.

Because it is dry and also sealed, the flour is currently in a state whereby bacteria can’t acquire to it and grow. So maintaining it at a refrigerated temperature isn’t necessary.

It could additionally be possible that there will be times as soon as the inside of her fridge could get quite humid, and also this will risk introducing moisture to your Kool-Aid powder, which will prevent it from being preserved.

How Long have the right to You store Kool-Aid in the Refrigerator?

If girlfriend don’t finish every one of your Kool-Aid drink and you want to save some because that later, that is constantly a great idea to pop it in the fridge. The lower temperature will slow-moving down bacter growth, which means your Kool-Aid will certainly be for sure to drink for longer.

Kool-Aid drink will certainly last for around five job in the fridge, however you should always check come make certain it hasn’t gone bad before drink it. If you deserve to see any visible mold, or if it smells/tastes wrong, that is usually finest to litter it away and make part more.

How walk Kool-Aid Go poor After the Made?

To make a Kool-Aid drink the end of Kool-Aid powder, all you have to do is include water (and street if your powder is the form without sugar). As shortly as the water and sugar are presented together, you have developed an environment that bacteria will love. What this means is that your Kool-Aid will now have actually a limited shelf life. The an ext bacteria that flourish in your Kool-Aid drink, the quicker it will certainly go bad.

How would I recognize if Kool-Aid Powder has Gone Bad?

While the is quite unlikely that your Kool-Aid powder will certainly go bad, over there is quiet a chance that something could go wrong.

Before you make up a drink with your Kool-Aid powder, that is always a an excellent idea to check that the packaging hasn’t to be damaged in any kind of way. If that is damaged, there is a chance that water might have gained into the Kool-Aid powder, and also if that happens, bacteria can have started to grow. If the powder is clumped together as soon as you open up the packet, this is an indication that water has gained in.

If over there is any visible mold or if your Kool-Aid powder smells “off,” take it this together a sure authorize that it have to be thrown away. Friend should additionally check for any type of evidence the insect infestation.

Is It for sure to Drink Expired Kool-Aid Powder?

Generally speaking, yes, it have to be for sure to drink Kool-Aid powder the is previous its expiry date. The expiry date doesn’t call you once the Kool-Aid powder stop being safe to drink. It just tells you once it could not be quite as tasty together it was before. As long as there room no indicators that water has gained into the powder, it smells and looks normal, and the packaging hasn’t to be damaged, you deserve to go right ahead and also make a drink with it.

Can Kool-Aid Jammers walk Bad?


Kool-Aid jammers usually have an expiration day after 12-18 months, but, again, this doesn’t necessarily typical that they will be unsafe to eat after ~ that. Due to the fact that they are completely airtight in their packaging, it is very challenging for bacteria to obtain in and also spoil the drink.

Before girlfriend drink it, you should make sure that the packaging hasn’t to be damaged. If any type of holes have been do in the packaging, this will permit bacteria to gain in, and also the drink can have spoiled. If the packaging is bulging, deformed, dented, or if over there are any type of leaks, this have the right to indicate that the seal isn’t airtight, and also this means that bacteria might have got in.

Also, make sure that that doesn’t smell rancid or off and that friend can’t see any type of visible mold. If the tastes wrong or disgusting, you have to put it directly in the garbage can.

Bottom Line

Just since your Kool-Aid powder has actually passed its expiration date, this doesn’t typical that you should throw that out. It is usually totally safe to still usage it, as long as that is unopened and there aren’t any type of signs the it has actually spoiled (e.g., mold).

It might not taste quite as nice together it did as soon as it was first bought, however it won’t’ do you ill.

The most crucial thing you can do is save your Kool-Aid powder away from water. As soon as any kind of water will the powder, bacteria can start to grow, and also it will begin to go bad.

Once friend make your Kool-Aid drink, you can keep the in the fridge for about five days. Expired Kool-Aid jammers room usually OK to drink too, but, again, examine that the packaging hasn’t been damaged and that there aren’t any type of signs it has gone off.

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