I"ve watched both "лу́чший друг" and "вéрный товáрищ" provided online to median "best friend" and I was wondering i beg your pardon is much more commonly used. Is the last only supplied in details contexts?



V.V. ~ above товарищ gift outdated. While historic association through communism and Soviet period is indeed strong, word товарищ is supplied not just in ironical context. It"s just that it"s differ from what it expected at the Soviet duration (sort the communistic analogue of sir or monsieur - by gender-agnostic) and is used in it"s original meaning.

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That is, "товарищ" is a buddy, a human you have nice relationships with, one you can rely on, however not have to friend. So ns agree v
V.V. On "лучший друг" gift the most relevant translation.

Other words and phrases worth 2 now:

Закадычные друзья - really closed friends, also закадычная дружба.Друзья не разлей вода - idiomatic, because that close friendship.Корефан, кореш - slang words for close friend.

Вéрный товáрищ has actually connotation of war situations or various other difficulties. It means somebody that does not betray girlfriend or leave you in tough circumstances. Continues to be faithful despite the hardships. Ns would analyze it "faithful comrade".

Лу́чший друг simply way best friend, somebody through whom you space in an excellent mood and also like to spend time.

It is feasible that лу́чший друг betrays you and stops being лу́чший друг. At the same time вéрный товáрищ cannot betray since the an extremely phrase means somebody that does not betray.


Лучший друг would be a much better choice nowadays.Товарищ through or without qualities is not outdated but used less frequently. That is still supplied in historic background, books,films,etc. Though words itself is not to blame because that its politics past, that is rather being avoided nowadays. Друг, друзья, приятель space the usual choice.


One an ext point: лу́чший друг we usually use when we desire to make stress on indigenous лу́чший. Because we have the right to have a the majority of friends, but this one is the finest one. This human is closer than other. I expect this is essential thing.

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