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A usual question julianum.netme get about marine pets is “what execute they drink”? perform they find a fresh water source and drink from that or do the whales placed their heads the end in the rain julianum.netme drink rain water?

The answer is: they perform not drink water prefer land animals do, together they don’t danger dehydration from the sun. This goes for all the maritime mammals choose whales, dolphins, seals etc. The way they get water is through their food. Most maritime mammals will certainly eat fish, and also depending ~ above what types of fish it is part have more water in them 보다 others. Most of the whales and also dolphins space picky on what they eat, they have the food castle prefer and also the food they should eat. Female dolphin that space pregnant typically needs fish that have actually a high quantity of protein and fat because that the calf growing inside of them. As soon as they have provided birth the females will adjust over to food that has a higher water julianum.netntent to be able to produce milk for her calf. She will use her body fat reservoir and also the water in the food to create this milk.

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Marine birds and also reptiles have another means of managing saltwater. Some will certainly go because that the type of food that has extra water, although others doesn’t go for water well-off food, lock drink saltwater instead. Due to the fact that birds fly in the sun, and reptiles invest time on land, they can julianum.netme to be dehydrated. How can they drink saltwater? The birds that drink saltwater have salt glands at the base of your beaks whereby they can excrete the extra salt. The totality proses is julianum.netmplicated, but in basic words they have actually a salt pump (sodium-potassium pump), that gets rid of the salt indigenous the blood and aggregate the salt in the salt gland from where it will certainly be excreted in a focused solution. In the bird the excretion is at the basic of the beak and also they will gain it out by shaking your heads, that’s why it periodically looks choose birds are crying, yet it’s only the salt julianum.netming out. Marine reptiles prefer sea turtles and also marine Iguanas likewise need julianum.netme excrete the extra salt castle julianum.netnsume.

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They acquire the extra salt with their food and also are regularly grazers that will certainly eat sea grass or algae with a high salt julianum.netncentration. They have actually a salt gland the sits in the nostrils, so they will certainly blow tough through their sleep to remove the extra salt, this looks choose a big smoke cloud.

As a julianum.netnclusion, naval mammals regulate their water intake through their food while the maritime birds and reptiles have the right to drink saltwater however will excrete it through there special glands.