Louisiana native Trace Adkins" life is one heck of a story and it"s quite astounding the the "You"re Gonna miss out on This" singer is quiet walking this Earth!

Trace Adkins, 57, emerged onto the nation music scene in 1996 as soon as he released his debut album, Dreamin’ the end Loud. Prior to his music career, the distinctive bass-baritone singer operated as a roughneck in the lucrative oil industry. The hung that up after experiencing multiple serious injuries, including having actually a pinky finger severed sewed earlier on, and getting trapped on an offshore rig throughout a violent hurricane in the Gulf the Mexico. Likewise during map Adkins’ life before fame, he almost had both legs crushed by a bulldozer and also landed in a neck brace after flipping his truck over on an icy overpass.

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Saying that the country star is no stranger come injury is an extreme understatement— his background of mishaps goes earlier to his youth. In ~ the tender age of 17, Adkins was affiliated in one automobile accident in which his 1955 pickup van smashed into the back of an empty school bus. This incident resulted in a bag lung, fractured ribs, and the reminder of his nose being ripped off and also then reattached.

photo: trace Adkins Facebook
Adkins’ stint as an offensive lineman on Louisiana tech University’s football team was quick lived because of a knee injury. The left the team after his freshman season without ever before playing in a game. The future star dropped the end of university to walk to work and also marry his hometown sweetheart, Barbara Lewis. The couple had 2 daughters together, Tarah and also Sarah, however their union ended in divorce after only 4 years.

Speaking that ex-wives and near death experiences, in 1994 the crooner was shot in the chest by his 2nd wife, Julie Curtis. The pair acquired into an epos fight end Trace’s drink habits and his wife grabbed the family’s handgun and as he told People in a 1997 interview, “Being a macho guy like ns am, i tried to fear it out of her hand,” that explained. “I said, ‘Give me the gun, or I’m gonna take it it far from you and also beat her damn brains out v it.’ I would certainly never have actually done that, yet I told her in really hopes that it would scare her.” instead the gun walk off. “ went with both my lungs and also both ventricles of my heart,” stated Adkins. How amazing enough, the singer didn’t press charges against Curtis and also the pair divorced after three years the marriage.

Two broken marriages didn’t deter the singer from acquiring hitched again. In 1997, Adkins married Rhonda Forlaw, a former publicity manager in ~ Arista documents who helped catapult trace to country music fame. The pair have actually three daughters together Mackenzie, Brianna, and also Trinity. The pair split up for an excellent when Rhonda filed for divorce in beforehand 2014. Trace and also Rhonda relocated the divorce proceedings out of the general public eye and officially cleared up up throughout private mediation in mid-2015.

photo: AP
The can be fried downfall that their virtually two decade long marriage occurred during a really tumultuous time in trace Adkins’ life— the crooner’s fight to maintain sobriety, time in rehab, his father’s death, and a swirl the hurtful cheating rumors.

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Fast front to 2019 and also Trace Adkins’ life is on one upswing! The star has actually been busy v his music and is currently on his headlining Don’t protect against Tour! that is likewise sharing a tour v fellow nation star Clint Black.

DON’T protect against TOUR 2019 SCHEDULE

May 24 – shooting Star Casino – Mahnomen, MNMay 25 – Prairie Knights Casino & resort – fort Yates, NDMay 26 – Tree Town nation Music Fest – forest City, IAJune 13 – hard Rock Hotel & Casino – Tulsa, OKJune 15 – Kansas Star Casino – Mulvane, KSJune 20 – The big Huntington – Huntington, NYJune 21 – Penn’s peak – Jim Thorpe, PAJune 22 – Hollywood Casino – Charles Town, WVJune 27 – country USA – Oshkosh, WIJune 28 – Jack Cincinnati Casino – Cincinnati, OHJuly 2 – mountain Diego county Fair – Del Mar, CAJuly 3 – Alameda ar Fair – Pleasanton, CAJuly 5 – LRS Music Festival – Paulina, OR*July 6 – Montbleu resort Casino – Stateline, NVJuly 10 – America an initial Event center – Cedar City, UTJuly 12 – Chumash Casino – Santa Ynez, CAJuly 18 – great Jones ar Fair – Monticello, IAJuly 20 – country Thunder – pair Lakes, WIJuly 26 – Shawnee Bluff Vineyard – Eldon, MOJuly 27 – joined Wireless Arena – evade City, KSJuly 28 – Paramount theatre – Denver, COJuly 30 – Sweetwater county Fair – rock Springs, WYJuly 31 – Montana State fair – good Falls, MTAugust 3 – Inn that the hill Gods – Mescalero, NMAugust 17 – chase County same – Imperial, NEAugust 22 – Genesee county Fair – mountain Morris, MISeptember 10 – Spokane County interstate Fair – Spokane, WASeptember 13 – Blue door Theater – Shipshewana, INNovember 13 – royal Caribbean poll Deck – an essential West, FL