Food becomes contaminated v a selection of mechanisms. Some things that can add to foodborne condition are:

Hand Washing

Pathogens can be introduced right into food indigenous infected human beings who handle the food without thoroughly washing their hands. this pathogens are therefore transferred from trace amounts of fecal matter existing on hand to the food.


Food and also kitchen tools and also surfaces may become contaminated from life food commodities (i.e., meat and also poultry). Microbes can be transferred from one food to one more by using the exact same knife, cutting board or other utensil there is no washing the surface or utensil in in between uses. A food the is totally cooked can become re-contaminated if the touches various other raw foodstuffs or drippings from raw foods items that save on computer pathogens.

Storage and also Cooking Temperatures

countless pathogens must multiply to a larger number prior to enough are existing in food to reason disease. In general, refrigeration or freezing avoids virtually every bacteria indigenous growing. If food is cook sufficiently, parasites, viruses and also most bacteria are killed.

Contamination that Food by animal Waste

plenty of foodborne microbes are current in julianum.nety animals raised for food.

Meat and poultry may become contaminated during slaughter by small amounts of minister contents. new fruits and also vegetables can be contaminated if they room washed v water the is contaminated by pet manure or human being sewage.

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