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By Craig Harris
It's pretty lot a patent to print money, yet at least Harry Potter and also the chamber of Secrets top top the game Boy advancement doesn't feel choose a fast cash-in. This game, based upon both the film and also book versions, access time in some places and also misses in others, yet on the whole electronic Arts and also Eurocom put together a second Harry Potter that's a good, fulfilling activity adventure.

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Features more than a dozen hour search 25 sorcerer’s cards to collect Cartridge conserve (one slot) attach up through the GameCube video game Only for game Boy development Harry Potter and also the chamber of Secrets usually puts players in the duty of the an effective wizard-to-be as he return to hogwarts wizard institution for his 2nd year. But all is not well, as he's warned through a house elf the he should not return to school due to the fact that something destructive will occur to that if he does. The game actually doesn't begin for the player till his accidental expedition to Knock-turn Alley with the usage of miracle floo powder at the Weasley's place. At an early stage in the video game players will have to obtain some cash indigenous Harry's vault in ~ Gringotts Bank, i m sorry is a good very first lesson in what to suppose from the action and puzzles deeper right into the game. After ~ a few tasks grabbing specific items indigenous Diagon Alley, it's off to Hogwarts whereby the remainder of the story unfolds.

Chamber that Secrets is much more of a "task" game than an "puzzle" game, as many of the puzzles in the different locations of Hogwarts space so straightforward and simple that it's simply a matter of performing the obvious. If you see a switchblock top top the floor, because that example, there's always a cinder block in other places in the room to put there. The activity portions room a little better, with decent auto-aiming controls ~ above the standard Flipendo strike spell so players aren't fumbling over trying to hit an adversary on one awkward angle. The few-and-far-between platform levels don't endure from the isometric perspective...jumping from communication to platform calls for a confident regulate over the diagonal positions top top the D-pad, however not when did ns goof up a jump. And also besides, Harry's indestructible...even if you execute take one too countless hits, bother will just restart at the closestly save allude in the area. The controls can additionally be switched so that the up/down/left/right point out on the D-pad are the on-screen, diagonal equivalent, so no problems there.

around 99% that the game takes place in a 3/4, isometric perspective, giving the game a an ext detailed look than the GBA version of Harry Potter and the Sorceror's Stone. Chamber the Secret's graphics engine walk its project pretty well with thorough artwork and also decent renderings of all the familiar locations established in the movie and books. However it does present a specific "rough-around-the-edges" appearance, with strange, flicker results for fire, explosions, and also magical effects, and also the scrolling isn't rather as rapid or fluid as it can have been; the camera needs to chug approximately to monitor Harry around. This slow-moving camera mirrors its face most obviously when Harry needs to sneak about Hogwarts without acquiring caught: the desjulianum.neters realize the the player requirements to check out as much ahead as possible so take care of won't get captured by other students, Filch or his cat (deducting home points indigenous the as whole score), however the "camera" doesn't move fast enough to the other direction if Harry have to make a quick, emergency 180.

The developers incorporated a most the facets from the books and movie right into the game, which should certainly please those purist pan (tens of countless them, ns imagine). 25 magician Cards space hidden everywhere Hogwarts come collect, each with its own artwork and text printed on either next of the card; by collecting 5 of one kind of card, girlfriend unlock special choices in other parts that the game. Cacao frogs deserve to be captured throughout the sadventure, providing Harry one extra notch top top his health and wellness bar for every 5 collected. And those Every odor Beans room hiding roughly the campus together well...if bother snags every 100 that room tucked far behind pictures, in bushes, inside vases, drawers, desks, chests, and other places, something "special" happens. Yet even with all of these connections to the book and also movie, there appears to it is in a few missed opportunities; i can't figure out why the desjulianum.neters didn't produce a level that let you fly the Ford Anglia to Hogwarts...that would have actually been a blast.

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Quiddich is likewise in this adventure as a mini-game of sorts. Players deserve to practice up their flying skills before the enhance in a couple of challenges, favor flying through rings before the clock operation out, or catching a few flutterbys in a set amount the time. The Quiddich complement is a variation of both of these flying mini-games, wherein players lot fly through rings to boost their boost power, do the efforts to gain to the golden snitch prior to Malfoy does. These flying levels utilize a simple Mode 7-style engine the isn't fairly Pilotwings, yet it does its task for a change of speed from the common adventure.