I know a bunch of people who are an extremely smart and good at school, but somewhat lacking in the wit department. I"m in search of a method to explain them that doesn"t finish up definition that they"re stupid. Give thanks to you!

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Consider Pedestrian

Defined in the OED (subscription required)

Of writing: prosaic, dull; uninspired, undistinguished. Also, that people and also things: commonplace, ordinary.

The OED gives an example from 1938:

P. Kavanagh Green Fool "Without the small touches the roguery a cobbler is just a level pedestrian thinker who have the right to never scale the heights where fairies that every handmade dwell."


There space those v no learned skills at every whose only skill is to show up witty. Civilization who have actually not learned exactly how or carry out not invest their time functioning at appearing witty have the right to be called: Uncomplicated, Redoubtable, Vital, Genuine, Sincere.


So you"re referring to those only great with scholastic intelligence and also not street smarts/ using their wit in actual life occasions. If that"s the case, then here are part words:

dull-witted dull naive slow-moving simple-minded ignorant gullible dense obtuse naive unimaginative


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